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Cody Kessler - Wednesday, December 12, 2018

(On the Washington Redskins) "Washington is a great team. Obviously they've had injuries, it happens all around the league. It happens all the time. Week in and week out, it's a new opponent and you treat it the same. We're excited for the opportunity and to get the taste out of our mouth from last week and kind of improve from that. [I] had a nice weekend and kind of watched film and got a jump start on Washington, so it's going to be a good game."

(On what he must do to jump start the offense and get points on the board) "That's the biggest thing right there – we have to put up more points. That starts with me making the right reads and getting the right plays and helping out in protection and getting to the right guys. That's something I'll work on improving this week and I think continuing with me especially getting in a rhythm with those guys and getting comfortable with the offense … Last week I think we had some good flashes and had some good things happen, but we just have to put points on the board."

(On what he sees that gives him hope about the team) "There is obviously a lot of skill guys on this team and a lot of guys that can make plays, and just getting them the ball. Dede [Westbrook] and Donte [Moncrief] and Rashad [Greene Sr.] got in there a little bit. Keelan [Cole] made a big play. Obviously the backs with Leonard [Fournette] and T.J. [Yeldon] and Carlos [Hyde]. It's just finding the right plays, getting them the ball and making those plays when they're there. The opportunities are there, we just have to make them, and we have to do our jobs and be consistent. I think the biggest thing for us is also third down – staying out of those third-and-longs. I think we had seven or eight third-and-10-plusses in the game, and that's something that really helps stall drives and doesn't help you put points up."

(On if he thinks more time on task with Scott Milanovich calling the plays will help) "I think just getting more comfortable with Scott calling the plays. That starts with me and him obviously, but the whole team [will]. I think everyone is kind of understanding his play style and his play calling. Like I said, we made some big plays last week, and there are plays that we should have made as well. There was stuff that we left out there, but I think we're starting to get more of a rhythm under Scott and getting more comfortable. I'm excited to see how this week especially, and then obviously how the next few go."

(On taking shots down the field against Tennessee) "For me obviously, the comfort level as well … It being my second week starting and getting more comfortable, but also we had some shots there that I could have taken the previous week as well. This week we were kind of letting it fly. Like you said, even early in the game. We wanted to try and put up some points and make some big plays. We hit some and we were close on a couple of them, but to be an explosive offense, you have to hit at least 80 or 85 percent of those and make those big plays when they come."

(On who stands out on film for the Redskins defense) "I think all of them. Their front seven is guys that get to the football and guys who find a way and really put pressure on the quarterback and can create havoc in the run game. That's something that we really have to be on-point on this week – protection-wise. Also, in the run game getting to the right guy with the different fronts they have. Their DBs in the back end hold up really well, and I think that helps the front seven."

(On if he is getting comfortable being the starting QB in practice) "Yes. The guys have been awesome in embracing that and working with me. Practice, I've gotten more comfortable as well, and I'm going into the third week as the starter. Things start to flow a little bit better, and for me I feel more comfortable in practice. But the biggest part is that transition to the game. I think last week I felt a lot more comfortable, and I think that had to do with practice. Even though it was a short week, kind of a quick turnaround. This week, I'll continue to do that."

(On the benefit of playing after a Thursday game) "The recovery and the stuff and everybody getting their body right. Hopefully, we get some guys back from injury. Also, getting a jump start on Washington. All weekend I watched the film and was getting ready for this week. We had a little practice Monday, which we normally don't, but it went a lot more fluid and was better with that weekend off, because you kind of got a head start on everything."