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Cody Kessler - Wednesday, November 28, 2018

(On his reaction to being named the starting QB for this Sunday's game against Indianapolis) "As a competitor, I am excited. It is tough to get opportunities in this league. To have one, I am very excited. We have had a close quarterback room, so when things happen like that it is part of the business, but at the same time it is a little rough. Just moving forward on this side. It is a great opportunity for me this week. Hoping to get the guys to rally around me and turn this thing around. I am really looking forward to it."

(On how he found out about starting) "I talked to [Head Coach] Doug [Marrone]. Doug called me in and told me this week I was going. It was real brief. I told him I was excited, and I was ready to go. It was real positive."

(On how much he anticipates Scott Milanovich's offense this week to differ from Nathaniel Hackett's) "Obviously they are different people and personalities. It is still the same offense and a lot of the same reads and a lot of the same concepts. That makes it easier for me. You can't really install a new offense in the middle of the season. It will be exciting to work with Scott. We have already met a lot this week and have been talking a lot about different game plan stuff. It will be exciting. We have a couple practices this week and then we get to the game. We will be on the same page with where we want to go with things."

(On his knowledge of the game plan for Sunday) "You get all the big stuff installed and get started on Thursday on red zone and stuff like that, just like every other week. You start off with base and then you move throughout the week. We have a really good idea with what we want to do with the base game plan and continue to do that moving forward."

(On facing adversity throughout his career when given the opportunity to play) "Yes, that is something that I have always dealt with back in college, changing around. It is part of the business no matter what level you are at. It is always a next man up mentality, whether you are a coach or a player or whatever it may be. Adversity, or whatever you want to call it, it is exciting. It is a new opportunity, and it is something as a competitor that you look forward to."

(On if he's cognizant of the team's limited resources on offense as he gets ready to make his first start with the team) "I don't believe that. We have some great guys on this team. There is a reason that every single player is here. You obviously want to have every guy out there that you can, but when you can't, it is the same thing. Next man up and we have guys that are going to be ready, and whoever is out there, everyone is competing, and everyone is given an opportunity. I am excited. Everyone is here for a reason, and we are going to be ready to go."

(On the last time he received starter reps in practice) "As a backup you get one or two maybe every other week, every week here and there. This will be exciting the next couple days of practice. Hopefully get on a rhythm with the receivers, tight ends and the backs and communication-wise with [Tyler] Shatley and the rest of the [offensive] line. The next couple days I think will be really important. It is exciting."

(On if training camp was the last time he had extensive reps) "Yes, I have never really been with the ones. Running this offense, I would stay after and throw with Scott or go through the script on my own. It is a little different doing it live, but I have stay in tune to this offense, stayed extra as much as I can, so it is nothing too different."

(On if it is a crash course in getting in rhythm with the offense) "I still throw with some [of the ones] throughout the week whether it is routes here or there or stuff like that. It is obviously not live reps. It is something we can pick up really fast, and I know these guys, especially the receivers, will want to stay after and maybe get some extra throws in and get on the same page with some of the unique routes."

(On Scott Milanovich) "Scott has been great. He has coached a lot of other places. He is a true football guy. He loves the game and the amount we have talked and how much he has studied and put into this game plan the last couple of days makes me feel very comfortable and hopefully he feels the same with us on a communication level. He is a great coach, and I am excited to work with him."

(On if Milanovich's first time calling plays will give the team an advantage because defenses haven't been able to prepare for how he will call the game) "I am not sure about all that. Like I said, it is a lot of the same concepts, a lot of the same stuff we have been doing. We are not completely changing everything. There is some stuff we have talked about that he likes that I am on the same page with him this week that might be a little different. Other than that, everything has gone really fluid. Everything has been very comfortable from both of us."

(On what he learned from his starts in Cleveland that will help him this week) "In Cleveland, that was awhile back, it wasn't the greatest situation there. There was a lot adversity. A lot of tough things. It is kind of the same thing here right now, 3-8 and a lot of frustration. At the same time, I have always believed it is a new week, a new opportunity. Getting these guys to really play for me is something that I really want to prove this week and show them I am ready to go. I don't really care about the record. I am just going out there [with this] as an opportunity. I want to go out there and ball and just have some fun."

(On Blake Bortles' role as the backup) "Blake has been great. We have already talked a couple times and even in the meetings and stuff he has been in there helping me out. I told him if there is anything I miss or something that might be better done this way or something you have seen before, just let me know. He was the same way back. He said if there are any questions you have or anything I am right here, and I am going to help you out. We have really built a relationship over the time I have been here. There is really no one else I would like to have in the quarterback room helping me out as well."

(On what he brings to the team that gives them the best chance to win) "I have always taken pride in being a leader, whether it was vocal or showing it on the field. Getting these guys going and not being afraid to let it rip. That is something me and Doug talked about. He said go out there and have fun, let it rip and hopefully push the ball down the field, make the plays if it is there. If not, check it down and be smart with the football. Give our team the best chance to win."

(On what the offense has to fix) "It is all around. Everything. Third down is a big part for us right now, extending drives, being able to call some of these shot plays and putting ourselves in a better situation. Obviously on first and second down making third down more manageable. Overall, just continue to protect the football, be smart. We have a really good game plan that we feel comfortable with. I am excited. It is an opportunity that I have been wanting for a while ever since you get in the NFL. It is going to be fun."

(On if he thinks about the long-term opportunity of starting) "No. I am not thinking about any of that. I love Jacksonville. Everyone has taken me in and it has been awesome. I would like to stay here as long as possible, but I am taking it one week at a time. Today this practice, then the rest of the week leading up to the game."