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Doug Marrone - Friday, April 26, 2019

(On what Jawaan Taylor brings to the offensive line and if there are any holes in his game) "No, I think it's one of those things, you're going through, you really don't know what anyone else is thinking during the draft. There's a lot of stuff that's always out there. He was a kid that we brought in, we met with him, we worked him out and felt really, really good. [Offensive Line] Coach [George] Warhop really liked him. All of our scouts, we had really, really good grades on him. All of a sudden, you just watch the draft and as it goes and gets closer you're like, 'Hey, we've got an opportunity to go get him.' We knew it would be close. Credit to [EVP of Football Operations] Tom [Coughlin] and [General Manager] Dave [Caldwell]. They made a decision to move up and get him. I think that if we didn't, we probably wouldn't have gotten him. We're happy that we have him here. For all you Florida fans in the room, we did it for you guys, too."

(On if he was familiar with Bob Palcic with whom Taylor worked out) "I know who he is, but we worked him out. When he came up here, we spent a lot of time with him. Hardworking kid, humble, played against great competition. He's a really good football player. Now we're going to get him. Like I told him, I said, 'Hey, we're looking forward to you coming up here so we can work you and get you into this offensive line room and see what you can do. Hopefully you'll be able to contribute to this football team.'"

(On how he graded against Josh Allen) "He did well. You look at those films, you look at the opponent real quick and then you just kind of go, 'Good battle.' I think they'll both tell you that. Two good players."

(On if he agreed with the scouting report that Taylor's first punch stood out) "I think to be good in this league you have to have a couple of traits. I think all those traits that you have are going to need to develop to the next stage for really all the players. I think that's the difference with playing in college and when you get to this level. There's things where a single trait, like maybe it is a punch, that if you're really good at you can get away with for a long period of time, but guys are going to study and know how to take that away from you so then you're going to have to have the foot speed. Then you're going to have to have the redirection. He has enough things that we feel he can be a good football player. I think when you look at everyone, whether it's Josh [Allen] coming in at defensive end or outside linebacker or you look at Jawaan, we as coaches look at them and say they have these skills and we're going to develop them and make them better so they can be very productive in this league.  

(On what stands out about Taylor's run blocking) "For me, when you look at run blocking, anyone that can get good hand placement, quickness off the football, really drop their hips, roll their hips and actually take someone from the line of scrimmage and move them off the football; that's a very difficult thing to do especially in the NFL. You're dealing with guys, you see them all the time, they're big cats out there. In high school you see someone roll someone off the ball three or four yards. Then in college you might see that sometimes, depending on the game and the mismatch, but you don't see that in this league a lot. There's not people knocking people four or five yards off the football from the line of scrimmage in a three-point stance. That's one of the things, he did a nice job of that, but he'll be challenged here. That's one of the toughest things. That's what I remember the most. In high school you're dominating. In college you've got a couple of games where you're doing it. In the NFL you're like, 'Geez, how am I going to knock this guy off the ball?'"