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Doug Marrone - Friday, November 16, 2018

(Opening Statement) "Obviously, it looks like Ereck [Flowers] will be starting at left tackle and then Patrick [Omameh] will be behind him swinging to both sides. If A.J. [Cann] can't go, then it will be [Chris] Reed. It's 50-50, but I feel like the questionable guys will be ready to go."

(On how A.J. Bouye looked in practice) "He looked good. He came back and wasn't really limited much during the course of practice and really took a lot of reps. He looks like he is focused. He looks like he is ready to go. It's always good to have him back, especially against a team that has multiple weapons."

(On how the team looked this week in practice in terms of being emotionally invested) "Definitely they are. They understand it's going to be a real physical game. I think yesterday we had some things to clean up, some tough situations, tough looks, which is normal. We were able to clean it up today, come in focused, get it done, so from that standpoint, I feel good about that. We just have to go forward and carry that stuff forward from the practice point on to the game field. It's a performance thing and be on the money with obviously … We understand obviously the physicality, things I have talked to the team [about], but just a lot of the little things, too, that give us an advantage and tips and things like that. We have to be on top of our game to beat a team like Pittsburgh."

(On how JuJu Smith-Schuster has improved since the 2017 postseason) "I've always thought he was a good player. I thought he was a good player coming out, watching him. I think that he's really come along well. When you're in the system like that, there is a lot of trust and obviously the quarterback has a lot of trust in him. He's not that far behind Antonio Brown – he is a great player – as far as receptions, but at the end of the day, I see him as a complete receiver. I think he will go in there and get dirty and be physical and really make those blocks. That's the one thing you notice on film or I notice about him. I think the other stuff is easy to see – the plays he makes down the field, the run after the catch, matchups. He's really becoming a heck of a player."

(On if he alters his game plan with A.J. Bouye coming back) "We are going into the game with everything. In other words, they have everything that they need. There is no limitation from that standpoint."

(On how much offensive injuries have played a role in the team's overall efficiency) "I'm never … In my career, I'm never been on a … What are we on, our fifth left tackle? At the same point, I feel comfortable. We have Ereck Flowers being ready to go. If something happens, we have 'Pat' [Omameh]. I don't think a lot of places have that much depth. When you look at it, it's part of it. I can't really put it to words because there are just so many. I think what makes it even tougher is there are so many at one position. I think that's what kind of gets you. That is what's kind of tough. It has been the tight end position, and it has been the left tackle position. It's been other positions on the inside one game and one game is nothing. You can get by with that when you have depth. Obviously, the running back situation … It's always tough when you have multiple injuries within one position group. It's challenging because really when you have to go back out – and when I say back out, outside of the practice squad – usually those are developing players that have to be ready to play. When you start going outside the building, that's tough. There is not a lot out there."