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Doug Marrone - Friday, November 29, 2019

(On if he was pleased with how LB Myles Jack practiced today) "I thought he looked better than I thought he was going to look coming out on the field. I still think we just have to make sure we make a good decision on whether he's up or not, but I thought he looked better."

(On how they will replace S Ronnie Harrison) "We have a couple guys, we're looking at some things, both every down, situationally. We're trying to get [Marcus] Gilchrist up to speed, but it'll be just kind of like it was when he went out. Andrew [Wingard] will be there, and J-Dub's [Jarrod Wilson] back there."

(On how practice went today) "We all understand it. We're disappointed and upset and going through the same type of feelings as everyone else, so we understand. The only way to get rid of that is to fight your way [out] and get a win. We're at home, and we talked about being at home and haven't done a good job for the fans, and the sponsors and we understand that. So, we want to make sure that we go out there and win a football game and try to get this thing right."

(On the progression of LB Quincy Williams) "I've seen improvement. I think you're always going to want more, and I think that comes from both, the player, the coaches. You're going to want more, but we feel very good about him. He's a runner. He can hit. You saw that the other day when he sees it and diagnosed it. He can make those plays, those big plays, that may change momentum or change games. So, I think early on the injuries probably set him back a little bit, but we worked like hell, and he's worked hard, so I think he's definitely progressing in the right direction, but to a point where that consistency will be up there, and that's what you're looking to do with each player."

(On how P Logan Cooke has progressed in his second year) "I think Logan's [Cooke] really made a big step when you think about it. I think that, as far as being number two [in the NFL] with net [yards per punt] which is important, that's what you really look for. I do as a coach. I'm looking for the net, what yardage we're actually getting, and I think he's done a good job. I think he has a good repertoire of different types of balls that he can kick. I think he has good command. I think he's a good athlete. So, I think he's been great. I think what people probably don't – maybe aren't able to know, because they've never played – is that when you put both on a player, a young player, when he's doing kickoffs and doing the punting. I think he's shown that he has ability to do both, because Josh [Lambo] had that injury, and I think he's handled it extremely well. Because we just kind of just take it for granted. When I say, 'We,' I'm talking about me as a fan, and even me as a coach sometimes, when you watch a player and he's doing dual roles for the punter, of kickoffs and punting. A lot of times you're going to lose some type of consistency in one part of that game or the other, and he puts a lot into it, and I think he's done a really good job with it."

(On if he's had any conversation with former LB Telvin Smith since the start of the season) "No, I haven't. I was aware of the situation and like I said, I don't have any of the facts or anything that's going on. But no, I have not been in touch with him since last before the season ended."