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Doug Marrone - Monday, December 3, 2018

(Opening statement) "Obviously the schedule is so different when you're playing on Thursday. Immediately after the game you see your family then you walk right back in and get back to work. We worked through the night and most of the day. We changed the schedule up. Obviously, the players are getting here much later. So I'm ahead because it's really like a Thursday when you're trying to get ready to play. My mind is on Tennessee even though it's the follow up [from yesterday], so I'll do the best job I can to answer any questions. Normally after the game you watch the game again quickly, then immediately you get on your opponent."

(On if he saw open shots downfield in the Indianapolis game that Cody Kessler could have taken) "There were a couple. I'm sure he wished he had them back. That happens with a lot of things. There's a lot of things I think a lot of people want to take back and do a better job of when the game is over, even more so when you go back and look at the tape. We're hoping to be able to do a better job of it. Obviously that's what we're looking for."

(On if Cody Kessler running instead of passing a product of rust or lack of confidence in the offensive line) "I thought of it as a point of not forcing anything and turning the ball over. I would say that would be the first thing that comes to my mind."

(On if he can live with those decisions) "Rather than turn the ball over, yeah, but I'd like to be able to get the ball down the field."

(On what changed communications-wise defensively between this game and previous games) "I just saw what they're capable of doing. There weren't many mistakes on the defensive side. I thought they were doing a really great job of communicating. You can see it on film. When they do that, we know the type of players we have, they can play extremely well."

(On his message to Leonard Fournette upon his return to the team) "I've been in meetings all day. I just went and checked, though. He's back. I haven't had a chance. I apologize for that."

(On if he'll speak to Leonard Fournette or treat his return as business as usual) "I talked to him three times before he left. Yeah, I pretty much talk to everybody."

(On if Leonard Fournette is still a captain) "Yes, because of the same reasons I said before. It's not something I can take away because it was voted by the team. The team would have to take it away."

(On if the players have come to him and asked that it be taken away) "No. No one has come to me."

(On if the defensive effort yesterday was validation of his leadership style through this losing streak) "No. Credit all to the players and the job that they've done. They did a good job sticking together, and I don't think it was just defense. It was really good effort, maybe not the production you want [offensively], but it was good effort across the board. Maybe not good execution at times. Guys get beat. One thing is that in all three phrases I thought we played extremely hard."

(On if he's impressed with how the team stuck together through a seven-game losing streak) "I don't know. I keep trying to do the best job I can. We've still got four games left. There's still a lot of football out there. We're on a short week. I really haven't put a lot of thought into a lot of these types of questions. I appreciate the question, but like I told the players, a lot of the credit goes to the assistant coaches and the players. We've always worked extremely hard and gone out there and put forth a good effort."

(On if the team should take motivation from how they've played Tennessee the past three times) "Probably a better question for them. That's something to ask them. I know that this team has pretty much beaten us soundly. Last time, defensively we had a good effort, but we didn't do well offensively. They're a good football team. We're going to their place on a Thursday night so it will be a tough environment. We've got to do the best job we can this week to get our guys ready. It's tough on a short week because, like I said before, as you're outside, it's not like you're out there practicing and banging away and running around. You're trying to get everybody's bodies right so they can go out there on Thursday and play at a high level."

(On Ronnie Harrison's first start) "Good, good. He had a big play at the end, pressuring and going. Early on you could see it was his first time playing, meaning that hey, a little bit late getting lined up and things of that nature. Once the game started going he did a nice job."

(On the mix-up on the long pass to Dontrelle Inman and Jalen Ramsey's reaction) "I think so. A lot of times when someone makes a play and has some bad body language, which is something that we don't want to do. We just have to do a better job and cover it better, but that guy's got to make plays too. You know, in the areas of the coverage that are weak, you understand that and try to make some plays."

(On if he's suggesting there was a miscommunication on that play or if it was a guy just getting beat downfield) "I think it was just a guy making a play."

(On why yesterday was the day Ronnie Harrison got the start) "I thought it would give us the best chance to win. I thought it was the direction we needed to go."

(On if Ronnie Harrison needed to learn more of the defense before starting) "No. We thought he would be a better player at that position and help us win. I wouldn't look that far into it."

(On Dawuane Smoot's performance) "I thought Smoot played well. I thought he gave us some really good rushes in there. That was good to see. That's something that can help us and hopefully that will continue. I did notice that."

(On how the coaching staff handled everything last week leading up to the win) "I just look at them to do their job. I really do. We've got to be professionals. We've got to go. We've got to take all that stuff out of it. I expect all the coaches to prepare every week and get themselves ready and motivate the players and get them going."

(On if there is an advantage being home on a short week versus having to travel) "I think there's probably something out there. I don't know how many teams went on the road on Thursday and have won. I think maybe two. Someone mentioned that negative stat of course."

(On what else he can do to emphasize the personal fouls) "It's my responsibility. I'm not going to stand there. The team reflects the head coach and obviously I've done a really poor job in that phase. It's on me. You don't have to look at anyone else. I'll just keep trying to educate. It's my fault."

(On if it helps on a short week that he's facing a division rival with which he's familiar) "I think it does more than someone who is maybe out of conference or in a different division. I think a lot of that stuff would have been done before or particularly on a bye week if you have one prior to the Thursday."

(On if he's concerned about Jalen Ramsey playing this week) "I feel good about him this week because he's from Tennessee (laughs)."

(On an injury update from the game) "Abry Jones has a contusion. We listed him today that he would not have practiced. He took a shot. It's a contusion, nothing structurally damaged."

(On Carlos Hyde's game yesterday) "It was unfortunate that the ball got punched out. That's something we don't want to have happen. Other than that, we're tr