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Doug Marrone - Monday, July 30, 2018

(Opening Statement) "We signed a defensive lineman, Kaleb Eulls. Obviously, [Kapron] Lewis-Moore [was waived]. Unfortunately, [because] he was doing a nice job. We had to waive him. We are just trying to keep 90 players and keep everybody out there. Today is the start of the toughest stretch that you will go through – five days [straight of] practicing. We are getting in there today and starting. I think a lot that happens in this week is working on building that identity of what you want to be. I think more of the mental toughness comes in this week because somewhere along the lines, for everyone, your body is going to be tired and your mind is going to have to overcome it. It is a challenging week, but that is what we like."

(On if Jalen Ramsey is in the building) "No."

(On if there is an update on when Jalen Ramsey may be here) "When he is ready to come back, [he'll be back], I really believe that."

(On if Jalen Ramsey's family is doing OK) "You will have to ask him. I am not going to talk about someone else's personal family situation."

(On if there is anything else preventing Ramsey from being at training camp outside of his newborn daughter) "I am not going to talk about anyone's personal situation. When it comes down to things of that nature, that is a different situation."

(On Marqise Lee's health status) "You will see him and [Donte] Moncrief, they will be on the side today. They will just be day-to-day, those guys. It is just a matter of getting them back when they are ready. I don't think it is a long-term situation. I always say that I think it is better when you see those guys on the side – see them working. I think exactly where they are. They are on the side. Usually, when you see guys working on the side, it means they are close to come backing back."

(On what he has seen from the offensive line) "I think like anything, it was a nice start. It is a very good situation for them because I really think, obviously with our defensive line, I think those guys play at a high level and both sides of the ball are really competing and working extremely hard against each other. From a coach's standpoint, that is what you want to see because you see guys get better. Some guys have gotten off … It is the first day, so you always say the same thing. 'Let's not get too excited about someone that played well. Let's not get too down on anything that we have a better expectation for that maybe didn't meet it.' I look at it as, how were you competing against each other? They are getting after it. I thought that one guy, A.J. [Cann], who has not been out there, came out and had a good day."

(On what his early read on Donte Moncrief and Austin Seferian-Jenkins has been) "It is disappointing that Moncrief will obviously be on the side now. I thought he did a good job leading up to here, but the availability part of it is a big thing. Austin been available, so he has been working extremely hard. I thought he did a really good job in the weight room in the offseason. I thought that he had a good connection with the other tight ends and a good connection with the quarterbacks. I think that you see him … He has been able to make plays. I think he has done a very good job. I think he is working his way into playing shape like a lot of players. I think that you can be in great shape, but once you start playing, there is an anxiety about it that you just have to go out there and practice and practice. I always used to laugh at myself because sometimes you train and you feel like you are in the best shape of your life when you come into training camp, then the minute you go on the football field, you start running plays in succession. All of a sudden, you are like, 'Oh my god, I'm so sore. I don't understand. I worked out like hell.' But that is the point. I think that you play football, play football, play football and get into football shape. He has caught the ball really well. He has done a nice job blocking. We are happy and obviously there is still a long way to go. But I think that he is off to a good start."

(On if he is implying that Donte Moncrief's availability may be in question for a while) "No. It is day-to-day, but we have only had three practices and he has practiced twice out of those three with no pads. I put more into the padded practice and the preseason games than the non-padded practices."

(On if he takes injury history into account when deciding when to bring a guy back to practice) "No, I think you bring them back when the doctor is ready for them to go. I think that when the doctor says they are good, they are out there. It is not a point of, 'Let's take it slow.' I am not really involved in those type of discussions, from the standpoint of an injury. A lot of time, at this time [in training camp], we have to see guys play, where in the past, if something is happening and we want to put them out there and there is a little bit of risk, I would be more conservative. Like Myles Jack, I would hold [this past June] in OTAs. In this situation, if it was Myles, Myles is out there going every day. I think in football, this is the most important time because you are out there and you are practicing. You are working to get better and you are working to compete and that goes back to the same thing. I believe that coachability and availability are the two things that if you have those, you're going to become a better football player. Whether you're good enough to make the 53-man roster or not, that depends on your roster level. Coachability and availability are really right there as the two things you need in order to get better."

(On if there is a point that could be reached where Jalen Ramsey would be behind) "I don't think it is going to get to that point, but there is a point like that for every player, whether they are playing or not playing, whether they are here or not here. There is a point where I think you do get behind. We have not reached that with anyone as of right now."

(On his early impressions of D.J. Hayden) "One day [in pads], I think he has done a nice job. I am looking forward to seeing him and getting a better feel with more repetitions. I think those things will be happening, especially this week. I think this week I will probably say … It is the same thing when you get asked these questions. I think this week, I will kind of have a feel and maybe see where someone is going to go at the end of it, but I still won't know until we start playing against a team in another jersey. I think for me, it is very difficult to say, 'This guy is here already. I love it.' I think it is always like, 'This guy is doing a good job, but can he keep it up throughout training camp.' Or [you say], 'This guy is struggling a little bit. We have to get him back on track.' I think those are the things that go on now. Basically from me, I am not really trying to say, 'OK, he is going to make the team. He is going to make the team. He is going to make the team.' I don't really have to do that right now. What I'm doing is [saying], 'Let's get this competition. Let's see who the best players are, and hopefully it shows up on tape.' There is a great difference. Some situations are tough ones, but tough situations and making decisions are good. Meaning that, 'OK, we have a couple good players and which ones are going to make it?' A lot of times people will say, 'You want to see someone rise above and be clearly better,' but then you start worrying about, 'If this person gets hurt, then the next person behind them isn't going to be as close to them.' That is kind of the mentality that I go through during training camp, just looking to push and looking to do a better job focusing on teaching the players the right fundamentals, so we can play the game within the rules."

(On defensive players saying that the next step for them is to close out games better than last year and what he can do to help them achieve that step) "I think that was 2017, so we try to put that in the past and work on it now from the mindset of situationally doing that. Then, you have to go out there when you have an opportunity, when it presents itself, whether it is a preseason game or during the regular season. Then, you have to step up and do it and that will prove that you are able to do those things. I think that until you do that in those situations, there is always going to be a question mark. But having the thought of wanting to do that obviously helps because it keeps you aware of that situation."

(On the competition at the backup running back spot between T.J. Yeldon and Corey Grant and throwing a lot of screen passes to the backup running backs) "I don't know if we are operating a lot of those passes. We are just putting in the installation. I am looking to see how they play. Those guys all have the talent level. They can all do something. They can all help us win. That is the number one thing in my opinion. Now, how are they going to play? What are they going to do? What is going to happen? How do we get them to develop in different areas, maybe where they are not as good to make them more complete? I am happy with that situation back there, I think, with those players. They have shown a lot. Tim Cook and Brandon Wilds have done some good things, too. I am looking forward to seeing those guys play. I think a lot of the time you will see … Right now, it is the tag off, it is thud. When it gets to live tackling, that is the thing. For me, personally, I have always wanted to see ball security in live situations. I have seen it too many times in college and even in the NFL, where everything looks great and all of a sudden, the first hit and the ball comes out. You want to be able to see that. I think that we have guys who have played, so they have shown that they can do that – have the ball security. I am looking at that at receiver and tight end and other positions, too. They seem to come in and be doing a pretty good job."

(On when the team will go live) "There is a live period today. We will throw a period in there today, but it will be more a controlled environment like nine-on-seven."

(On if he evaluated why Austin Seferian-Jenkins' production dropped off at the end of last season) "No, because I think that you cannot really get into the minds of maybe what is going on with other [coaching] staffs and maybe what they are trying to do plan-wise. My background with him is, I remember him coming out [of college] and the film that we watched last year. Knowing that, he is in a good place right now, and I think we can get a lot out of him. I think he has been trying to get a lot out of himself, and he has been doing a good job, as far as all of the things outside."

(On if Tashaun Gipson Sr. is back to where he needs to be health-wise) "The one thing about T-Gip is that from a health standpoint, when he is healthy, he plays extremely well. I think that he has gotten off to a good start, and I think the first day out here, he really looked good. I think that when injuries get to that part of a player, you just have to be careful. He is someone that listens. He has done it for a while. He is able to go out there today or at the practice now and do it at a high level, and we just have to be careful about him with the injury situations."

(On if he has discussed with the Vikings what the team wants to get done in the joint practice sessions and if those are already scripted) "Yes. They are."

(On when he spoke to the Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer about the joint practice sessions) "Before we left on the summer break. In June, that stuff all got settled up then."

(On how much input he got in the discussions about the joint practice) "We both talk and do that and input on how we want to do it. I think it is not really as difficult as some people think, logistically and stuff. We pretty much have it and you look at the situations and the down and distances. It is, 'Hey, let's work on this. Let's work on that.' It is, 'Hey, I need a little bit of this. Let me get a little bit of that.' You put it in there, you script it, you put the personnel and then you go up there and practice. It is really not [difficult]. Maybe because I have done it so many times, but it is not as crazy because I think a lot of people have done it before, so it's not the first time."

(On what he is trying to get a little bit more work in with Minnesota) "I don't know. They are a pretty good team. I think they are one of the best teams in the NFL, so whatever we are going to get it, we are going to be in good shape."

(On where Calais Campbell makes a big difference for Taven Bryan and if it is technique stuff or learning how to be a pro) "I think it is the second point, [learning how to be a pro]. I think players will look, but sometimes, skill levels don't match. Height, weight, leverage, things of that nature. I think you get a little bit from the skill standpoint, the technique, but I think [Calais has helped Taven with] the way you go about your business, meaning how you show up, how you take care of your body, what you are doing to study, how you watch tape. I really think that is probably one of the toughest things that I have learned over the years. The best thing we can do as coaches is teach players how to watch tape. I know when I was a college coach and even in the NFL, they are watching the ball carrier, they are watching the player, they are watching it like a fan would. You have to be detailed of situations and how you watch it and how guys play. I think Calais [Campbell] brings a lot of that, along with Yannick [Ngakoue] and a lot of other guys. Malik [Jackson] has worked extremely hard. Marcell [Dareus] has been around, so we have a lot of veteran guys there that do a good job of making sure they are prepared. I think that we lost that with 'Poz' [Paul Posluszny] not being here. That was an important part. It was always easy to say, 'Hey, if you want to know what to do, [follow Poz].' Now, you have other players that have to step up in that role and be good role models or good examples for some of the younger guys."