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Doug Marrone - Sunday, September 23, 2018

(Opening statement) "Well, obviously we put a lot of effort on division games and we went out there today and obviously didn't perform well, including myself. We tried to be aggressive early with the fake punt. We had the look we wanted; we didn't execute it. That's totally on me. We had the penalty with the turnover and we were able to give them three points. Then obviously we had some penalties that pushed us back a little bit. We were short a yard on the one third down, backed up and had to punt in that situation after a false start. Then we had a couple of drops and we never really got into any type of rhythm. T.J. [Yeldon] was fighting through it so we had to take him out for a little bit and then put him back in. Give credit to Tennessee. They beat us. We know we've got to score points against them and we didn't score, and that's something we've got to work on and do a better job of. We all know we can execute when we do it the right way, but today we didn't execute."

(On if he regrets the decision to call the fake punt or just the execution) "Yeah, I think you always, I always regret decisions that don't work. I just wanted to be aggressive early and had the look. It looked good in practice and we didn't execute it."

(On the challenge of adjusting to Marcus Mariota after Blaine Gabbert left the game) "We prepared for both thinking that both quarterbacks were going to play. Defensively we had plans in for both of them, so that didn't really affect us."

(On how disappointed he was at missed opportunities just outside the red zone) "I think it does a lot of things. One, you miss those opportunities to give yourself a chance to score a touchdown. It puts you in some tough situations from a manageable standpoint and what you can do down there. Obviously the field starts to shrink. The other thing it does is it throws you off base, throws you out of rhythm. That's the one thing you can't do. You get down there, you feel good about the plays that are in there. Then all of a sudden those plays are taken out of the game plan. Now you're backed up in long yardage situations like that where now all of a sudden you want to take shots, but then they take the shots away and you have to try to get as much as you can to make it a higher percentage field goal."

(On if he considered going for it on fourth down in the Jaguars second to last possession) "It did cross my mind. I was thinking about the timeouts. I was thinking, ok, if we stop them I wanted to flip the field. We didn't do a good job of flipping the field when we had a chance. Flip the field, use the time outs, we were going to go fast. So really that was the thought process, and then get the ball back with better field position."

(On if this low-scoring type of game was one he feared the most) "I don't know. We've come away last year and in the past in tough games like this. I know that other times that we've played them since I've been here as head coach that we haven't done a good job in scoring points against them. We have to do a better job of that and that comes with execution."

(On how he would assess the team's energy level) "I don't want to take any credit away from Tennessee. They did a heck of a job. Both teams were out there playing for the same thing."

(On Marcus Mariota's hesitation to throw deep and his thoughts on the amount of cushion the Jaguars gave the Titans receivers and the problems with containment) "I don't know about not throwing it deep. He got in there early and they ran a double move when A.J. [Bouye] got the penalty. He was going to throw it deep to him. We watched him throw in pregame and he was throwing the ball fine. He can escape. He has good escapability, and you've got to do a good job and you've got to not do any fly-bys. That's what he does. He keeps the drive extended, keeps it alive. We know he has good legs. We know he'll keep the ball. We know he'll run a lot of keepers, boots, so we were ready for it, but we didn't do a good enough job."

(On if it's a head scratcher for the offense to look so efficient last week compared to this week) "Is it head scratching? Yeah, of course. Obviously it's not what you expect, so you've got to go back and look at it, figure out ways for us as coaches to put in situations where we can go ahead and execute and give them the plays that they need to be able to make. And when the plays come up they've got to make them. It's on all of us, starting with me, the coaches and then the players. It's not like it's one thing or one set. It was a combination of really not playing well at all."