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Doug Marrone - Sunday, September 30, 2018

(Opening statement) "Obviously it's a win, which enables us to finish the quarter, which was our goal of 3 -1. We were able to do that. Obviously, we had penalties. We had turnovers. Those are the things I told the team, if we keep continuing to play like that, it's going to get us in trouble where we aren't able to come back and win a game. I think they did a nice job of being able to come back and do that. I thought the quarterback did a nice job. He played well. The receivers did an excellent job. People have been mixing up coverages on us. I thought New York did a good job of that. Defensively, early on, I thought we did a really good job. Third downs, we were getting off the field. We were keeping their defense on the field. We converted a bunch of third downs in the first half, which was key, but we didn't really do well in the red zone in the first half of the game. We were 0 for 2. That was disappointing. Then we came back and then we had some of the turnovers and some penalties and that's something that obviously is going to catch us if we don't get it corrected."

(On the team's run defense) "Those guys [the Jets running backs], we were really concerned about them coming into the game and what those guys can do. They are big up front. They are physical. We knew it was going to be a physical game. Both teams played their ass off, as far as that up front. I think at the end of the day, we were able to make some plays. It always helps when you are able to shut down the running game and you can get some type of lead where now all of the sudden there was a little bit more empty [set offense] from New York, which we were obviously prepared for. They do a good job with it."

(On the decision to attempt a two-point conversion at the end) "We had a lot of guys banged up on the PAT and field goal [unit]. On the chart. it just said 19. On the chart it said go for two. I'm one of those guys, I never try to take anything for granted in an NFL game, try to keep going of working the mechanics and doing it, so we just went for two."

(On if the two-point conversion was meant to send a message) "We're not good enough to send a message right now."

(On if this is the type of offense he wants to see: working the defense underneath and waiting for opportunities to take deep shots down the field) "I think [Blake is] doing a nice job, and the receivers were able to get open. They were able to run away. They dropped some coverages on our guys, and we were able to deliver the ball. The line was able to protect. When you are out and we're struggling at running back, you know what I'm saying, with our running backs a little bit, obviously somewhere else you are going to have to pick up in your game. We were able to do that. Yeah, you'd like to be able to get those throws and those passes and open things up a little bit more to keep people from putting all those guys in the box."

(On if he has any more concern about Leonard Fournette's injury now) "I think so. I'd be bullshitting if I said no. Anytime you come back and you're ready to go and then all of the sudden you get injured again, it's not a good sign."

(On when he felt like Blake Bortles was on his game) "I don't know. I try to assume early on when you kind of just know with the progression and where he's going with the football and if he's seeing everything the right way. He was great today on the sideline. There were a couple of things, we got ourselves in tough situations. He knew what was happening. They tried to bait him a couple of times to throw some of the deeper routes and he was right on it, which is important because I think sometimes, maybe in the past when you are young or maybe those guys are good, they know what they are doing. They are baiting you to throw the deep throw, but all of the sudden, they are breaking as soon as they bait you. That happened a couple of times today, and Blake [Bortles] was able to feel like the guy was baiting him and throw it underneath, and we were able to get big plays. Those are probably the little things that people won't see."

(On the choice to kick a field goal early on when it was fourth-and-1) "We talked about if it was fourth-and-1 we were going to go for it. The first thing that came out was fourth-and-2. Once I heard it was 2, then I said let's go take the points. Then when they spotted the ball and I said 'Oh [expletive], it was fourth-and-1, well I'm not going to burn a timeout. We'll take the points and go.'"

(On if this defensive performance was the best of the year) "Our defense, I think they go out there with an expectation of playing extremely well every game. I don't think they actually rank games of how they do. I know that we put them in a tough situation when we had the fumble and they came down there and they wind up getting it. I think we gave up 10 points on turnovers to the Jets. The one credit I will give to all the defensive coaches and the defensive players is even in situations like that, they are just like, 'Hey, listen, let's go stop them.' Sometimes they'll run on the field and you'll see a defense going out there, their heads will be down a little bit, not ours. I give those guys credit. They take a lot of pride. They want to make sure everyone earns it. They've done a nice job."

(On if he feels good coming out of this game because he sounds a little beaten up) "Yeah, I'm beaten up. I am beaten up. I am because I know, like I told the players, you get penalties and turnovers you're not…it's going to…we've got to stop doing [that]. You aren't going to continue to keep playing games if you do that. That's gut, that's analytics, that's everything. Am I happy to win? Absolutely. 3-1 in the first quarter? I'll take it. Now we've got to get ready to go. We've got a lot to do. We've got to get better."

(On the kind of strides Donte Moncrief has made) "Good. I was happy to see the ball, happy to see him run by a guy, happy to see him not break stride, not see him look back early and then just keep running and the ball was on the money and he took it to the end zone. I think he has that type of ability. Dede [Westbrook], we thought underneath we could make some money with him underneath. We were able to get him the ball, deliver him the ball, and he's an exciting guy to watch. I think with [Keelan] Cole and Austin [Seferian-Jenkins], James [O'Shaughnessy], there's a lot of things going on with crossers and things like that where guys might not be getting the ball, but they are running the right routes at the right depth to make sure the reads clean up real quick to go with it, so I thought they did a good job of that today, everybody."