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Doug Marrone - Tuesday, August 20, 2019

(Opening Statement) "A good week, we're just working on what it's going to be during the season. There's a couple of things we'll make some adjustments with schedule-wise, rep-wise, doing that. That worked out well. We're going to go back in tonight just to look at playing time, who we want playing, what we want to look at. Special teams there's still some spots, making sure those players are getting enough reps in there and then obviously the players that can play are obviously going to play. Really the only guys not playing, we're going to hold out Marqise [Lee], hold out Alfred [Blue], Jake Ryan, Quincy Williams, Davis Tull, Charles Jones, Geoff Swaim, [Josh] Oliver and Marcell Dareus. Those guys are just going to be held out for different reasons and then the rest of those guys we're going to see. We're going to make those decisions later today about how much."

(On if Cam Robinson will play against Miami) "[We'll] make a decision later on about how much we want to see."

(On how Robinson has progressed) "He's going to play, so I would say that's pretty good progression."

(On if the game planning approach has been like a regular season week) "You like to be able to say that as far as presentations, time-wise, rep-wise and things of that nature, but when you're going against a team that has different coaches it's just different. You don't have as much information and you kind of just guess on what they're going to play."

(On if Josh Lambo and Logan Cooke have had a good training camp) "Yeah, absolutely. Very good."

(On the progress made by Logan Cooke from his rookie year until now) "Hopefully just like the last game he played. I thought he really played well, really consistent and being able to deliver tough balls, deliver the ball up high, get a good net [yardage] for us of over 40, switch the field position when we need to do that. He's come along well. He came along well during the season and he came along well here in training camp, so now it's just a matter of him going on the field and just keep improving like he has."

(On his philosophy of how much special teams DJ Chark Jr. will play with his increased role in the offense) "The philosophy is whatever we have to do to win, we'll play those guys, so I'm not a guy that because someone's a starter or anything of that nature is not going to be able to play special teams. Special teams to me is always one of the most important parts of the game, and we're going to put our best players out there whether they're starters or not."

(On if he expects to play Leonard Fournette against Miami) "Yes."

(On what he wants to see from the starting offensive line) "I just want to see it how it plays out. Really, I think the same thing. You put a lot of stuff in your mind of what you're looking to see. Just like you guys, I'm anxious and curious to see what we're doing well and there is probably a lot of things that we are going to need to still work on in these next couple weeks before the season starts."

(On what you can get out of seeing players in a game setting that you can't get in practice) "It's just preparation. You want to get their minds right. You want to get them ready to go. You want the butterflies before the game [which] a lot of time it's very hard to get during the practice or anything of that nature. Even the joint practices because they are controlled. You are looking to see that and those players and just making sure they can handle that stuff. There are obviously guys that can handle it better than others. You go out there and you are looking to see how they perform. I think that is what you are always looking for whether it is the exhibition season or during the year. Guys that can perform at the most critical time when the game starts."

(On how Jawaan Taylor has looked coming back from injury) "I wouldn't call it an injury. He missed practice, but he is fine. He is fine, ready to go and we will see how he does. Obviously, we want him to do well, but like I have said before, I'm sure a lot of these guys will go out there and if they play and they go against quality players, Miami has a very good roster, a very good football team. I think it will show us, 'Hey, in these next two weeks, you want to make sure you know what you need to work on and what you are not doing well.'"

(On if Terrelle Pryor Sr. has made the kind of progress he's been hoping to see) "Yes, I mean it's always tough when you're injured and you can't get out there and do that. I think a lot of those guys that have been hurt and are just coming back – there is a short period of time. You have a little bit in this game, but then all of a sudden once this game is behind you, now it's the next phase of who made moves, who didn't, who do we feel we have enough information on, so we don't make mistakes. Then, obviously, a lot of that comes to the players who haven't been participating cause of injury and are now healthy. You want to make sure you get a good look at them in practice as well as the games. It's a little bit tougher in this one for some of those guys, but you have the last preseason game, too."