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Doug Marrone - Tuesday, July 31, 2018

(Opening Statement) "We have a couple of things. Obviously, Jalen [Ramsey] is here. We expect him to be on the field. We will work him back into it. Dante [Fowler Jr.] will be working on the side. He has been doing a good job with his rehab. Then, obviously the roster moves. We brought Michael Dunn in. He spent last season with the Rams. Then, we signed DeAndre Goolsby, an undrafted rookie who spent time with the Lions. [He is] a tight end. Then, obviously we waived Brandon Thomas and we waived Andrew East, the long snapper. Marqise [Lee] and Donte [Moncrief] will be on the side working [through injuries]. Yannick [Ngakoue] got poked in the eye the other day, so it is a little swollen – nothing bad. We are just going to keep him inside, so you won't see him out. Then, obviously [David] Grinnage and Niles Paul – we are trying to see if those guys can go. They are close, but we don't know if they are going to go today. Telvin Smith [Sr.] was excused today. He had to handle something – personal business – so he took care of that. He won't be out there. Everyone else will be out there. That is one of those things. We are looking at the two tight ends not being able to practice. We wanted to bring in a tight end, so we had to wait for him to clear a physical or else we wouldn't have had him for practice. Then, we don't have the two receivers practicing, so I just moved practice back so we can get some extra players on the field. Also, [Offensive Line Coach] Pat Flahtery and [Assistant Offensive Line Coach Tony Sparano Jr.] have personal situations going on, so I'll be working with the [offensive] line today." 

(On if he is excited about working with the offensive line) "I am more excited than they are. I can tell you that. Some of those guys know, but the other guys don't. I am sure the older guys that have been here are getting them schooled up on it." 

(On if it is good to have Jalen Ramsey back) "It is good when everybody is together, everyone is back in and everyone is in a good place, mentally, like we talked about before – just having that balance in your life [and] making sure everyone is good at home, making sure everyone is ok, making sure everything is set. Then you can get here and then you can focus and put your mind on what you need to do. It is always good when you can get everyone back in here, and I am glad everything worked out well." 

(On if it will take a couple practices to get Ramsey acclimated) "We will wait and see how it is. I am sure he is in great shape knowing him. Today, we just want to ease him back in. We don't want to throw him out there on the field and have him do everything off the bat. That is what we would do with everyone." 

(On if Ramsey indicated he would miss four practices) "Yeah. Did he and I talk about that? Yes, we have talked about that from last year. We are in communication. We had a couple of different plans depending on when the baby was due. It was no problem at all. We knew it, we were all prepared for it."

(On if he feels like he is building a relationship with Jalen Ramsey and how the two got together while Marrone was in Tennessee) "I hope I am building a relationship with all of the players in a positive way. If I'm in LA, like I always tell Malik, 'If I come out, I might give you a call and get together.' If I am somewhere and the players are around, why wouldn't I just give them a call and see how they are doing and what is going on? Tennessee – I am right there. I am literally 20 mins from where he [Ramsey] is. It was just easy. But there was more to it than that. His dad, Lamont [Ramsey], works with kids, so I got a chance to speak to a bunch of youth, inner-city type kids, which is one of the things that I try to do a lot of. I am an inner-city kid myself. I think the more you can get out there and if you have some time … You are supposed to be on vacation and everything like that, but I like to go out there and do things when I have a minute. I was fortunate that my family, they had a lot going on, but it was easy for me to get away and do that." 

(On if a player-coach relationship morphs into friends in those types of settings) "I don't have any friends. (laughter)I have enough friends. It is a player-coach relationship. Am I there to support them and do that? Yes. I don't think any of those guys want to hang out with me. Nobody wants to hang out with me."

(On if players are receptive when he reaches out if he is in their area and wants to get together) "Yes, because they know I am going to buy.(laughter)They know I am going to buy the meal. That is why I get invited a lot. [They say] 'Hey coach, you are out here? Come on by. We will grab something [to eat].' [I say], 'Yeah, OK.' [They say], 'Make sure you bring your wallet.' (laughter)It doesn't change. It doesn't change. You guys all know that, right?"

(On if he can gain more insight on the offensive line when working with them closely such as today) "I am not getting that close to those guys. (laughter) I just think it is best for the team [for me to work with the offensive line]. This way, no one has to shuffle and do anything. I could easily go out there and do it. I just hope I don't screw it up. You can't get fired. I can't fire myself." (laughter)

(On his thoughts on the strongside linebacker competition) "I think I am early on it. I think it is early, and we will just work it through until we get out there and start playing and they will start showing themselves more."

(On if Blair Brown will continue to get reps at strongside linebacker) "He could. We like to get him settled in there. We really feel that he is a good off-the-ball linebacker there. I think that we can see what we want to have on the ball. It is the beginning of camp, so it is early. There are injuries and other things that could potentially happen, so we just want to make sure we are putting our players in the best position so if anything happens, we can shuffle it."

(On how Carson Tinker's recovery process has been) "Good. I don't think he is where was at prior to the injury, which is normal. That is nothing. That kind of could be expected. I think he has to continue to keep working hard and then again, a lot of times. [Andrew] East did a nice job. It is just a point of having to bring in players, so we can be able to practice at different positions with other players coming back. I think everyone … I don't think you can go into camp and you can look and go, 'Oh god, I am the only one here. I don't have to worry about competition.' I think that this league shows you that if you don't perform well, if you don't practice well, you will bring guys in, work them out and if you think someone is going to be better, you bring them in. I have told the players that from the beginning. Make no mistake, if you get somebody better that can help your football team, you are going to do that. That is just what the league is. 

(On if there is anything he can do to motivate players) "Yeah, they can get cut. They can get replaced. You are looking for consistency and looking for that player and every time they go out there, it is an opportunity to show us what they have. That is what we are expecting them to be able to do – to go out there and compete. I look at some of our more veteran players – guys that have played before. They are competing their ass off out there. If those guys are doing it, you better believe everybody better be doing it. I think that is really the motivation. You have an opportunity and there are not too many of them, and you have to take advantage of them. When you look at the reps and you break them down, as an individual player, you may only have 30 reps that day. You might have 19 reps. You might have 14. You better make the most out of them if you want to be in the mix and in the competition." 

(On if Blake Bortles has been consistent to start training camp) "He is just working on getting better every day. That is what we have to do. He has gotten off to a good start and you can see where he is a little bit ahead of where he has been in the past, which should be normal. We are looking for him to make great strides, and he is working hard at it. I think that it is the same thing. It is hard for me. I told the team this the other night. One of my deals is, 'Don't confuse effort with results.' It is a results-oriented business. It is very difficult to say, 'Here is where this is. Here is where this is.' It is difficult until they actually start playing, because that is what really counts. That gets weighted more than anything else. For us, we are doing things. We are getting better, working on things, but never lose sight that we have a way to practice. People will say we are relying on this process, but make no mistake about it, it is about winning football games. That is the one thing that we keep saying. Don't think if you just go through the process, you are going to win football games. You have to go out there and perform on that day to win. Just going through the process doesn't mean you are going to be successful. You have to be able to get the results that you need."

(On how effective the artificial crowd noise the team has used in training camp) "Yes, it came in a little earlier this year [with the crowd noise]. We felt a little bit more … It is the second year in the system. Last year, maybe we brought in a little bit later. I just wanted to get it in early. We were able to get that in early – the crowd noise."

(On how Logan Cooke responded to the artificial crowd noise) "I did not do the noise necessarily for the punter. I really did it for the communication up front and to see what happens there. I think he [Cooke] is coming along really well. Obviously, we have a ways to go, but he is working hard. He is doing a nice job."

(On the upcoming officials presentation to the team) "We tend to use them quite a bit. We will have tapes made up of things that have occurred in the last couple of days that maybe we are not sure which way it would go. We will bring the officials in, look at that and get some clarity on that. I think it serves a great purpose for us, because obviously we want to teach our players to play within the rules and know what to do. So, you bring it in to people that are going to do it. I think that they will come in, they will talk about rules, hopefully they will have some tapes to show our players – the helmet use is obviously something that we have talked about. I think that they can give some clarity on that, especially on the players' end. The players ask me questions about officiating. I can tell them the rule, but I can't tell them if that is going to be called or not be called. I think that is something that all players and coaches – that is something we are looking to see. I think that as you are doing that – they are going from room to room and we rotate them around with our [position meeting] rooms and special teams. I think they give great insight to the players and our players have asked great questions in the past. They are the ones that can answer those questions, and I think they do a good job of that. I look forward to it. I am excited about it. We have not had a referee here in a couple of years, so John Parry is coming, who is a referee. I think that was important for us. 

(On how the young receivers responded with Donte Moncrief and Marqise Lee out) "I thought they did a great job – a really good job. All of a sudden, it is like more opportunities. You see [DeAndre] Smelter out there, [Montay] Crockett out there and you are like, 'Oh, OK.' They are starting to make some plays. I think that DJ [Chark Jr.] had a good day. Dede [Westbrook] has been practicing well, so those guys are having opportunities and people are taking notice of it."