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Doug Marrone - Wednesday, November 20, 2019

(Opening statement) "Just talked to the players. Obviously, we learned quite a bit, a few things, from the tape last time about how we played. We have to coach better, we have to play better [and] we understand that. We're upset, it's not good enough [and] it starts with me. Now that we have all that stuff, 'Hey, let's work on the stuff that we need to improve on in practice.' I added a little bit of time [to things that need improvement], took some time away from other things that I think we're doing OK, so we can obviously get that stuff done and make sure we make it a point of emphasis. So, we're going to fight our way out. Like I told the players, take all that 'pissed off', which everyone should be, and don't make it combative, but we have to be competitive. And obviously, we have to play well, and we have to have a lot of energy and we have to practice well."

(On if the linebackers are not doing a good job shedding blocks in the run game) "Really, it's everything. It's not just the linebackers. It starts up front, we have to do a better job up front and then it gives us a better opportunity to do a good job at the second level, and then obviously at the next level. So, we have to attack blocks, we have to get off of blocks. That's what everyone has to do, and then we have to tackle well. So, it's not just one group [or] one unit, we all have to do that better."

(On if he considered making any coaching changes after the Week 11 game at Indianapolis) "No."

(On what he's seen from LB Myles Jack regarding shedding blocks) "Well, I think it's like everything else, there are times that we just have to keep hustling, working, getting off of blocks better. Taking on blocks and getting off of them. I think the one thing you see is that we had guys coming up and guys covering us up last week, and we were unable to get off blocks. So, I don't know if it's a matter of athleticism, or whatever it may be, but I think it's just a matter of, 'Hey, when someone's coming at us, you have to take them on and get off.' And that's the one thing we're not doing very well. The common theme has been when we haven't been able to stop the run, we haven't been able to get off blocks, or we haven't been in the right spot and a lack of tackling."

(On the third and 19 play the Colts converted in the Week 11 game at Indianapolis) "We just got outside. We kicked out two guys on the outside and then our safety got caught, and then all of a sudden it created a seam and we weren't able – we were one, two steps short of getting pressure from the inside. That's how the play worked out."

(On if he would like DE Josh Allen to play more) "Yeah, we'll try to get him on the field more and just make sure his production stays where it is."

(On if LB Quincy Williams is ready to return to a greater role) "Yeah, I think we're going to get him more involved."

(On what they are planning to add time to in practice) "Tackling is something that we do every week, but obviously we have to figure out more ways to do it without beating ourselves up. So technically, we have to do a good job there. We have to have a good plan this week, obviously with Derrick Henry. He's an outstanding running back who breaks a lot of tackles. The other thing is basically what we said before, offensively of getting on blocks, covering people up, and staying on them, and finishing them and straining. That's what we're talking about. And then obviously with defense, taking on blocks, getting off blocks and being able to make plays."

(On where they take away time in practice to work on shedding blocks and tackling) "Seven on seven."

(On if he has talked to RB Leonard Fournette on his frustration with a lack of carries) "The coaches have spoken to him. I think that obviously we want to be more balanced than that, at least when it's whatever point in the game, when it's still going on. It's just something that, like I said before, I made a mistake with."

(On if he has spoken with Leonard) "We've seen each other, but we haven't."

(On how WR DJ Chark Jr. has continued to improve) "He just keeps getting better. He's wherever he is in receptions, and yardage and he has eight touchdowns for us this year, so he's really playing really well. He's big, he's strong, he's fast. He can get the contested balls, he can catch the ball over the middle, run, score. So, he's doing a lot of things very well."

(On watching Chark grow from his rookie year to this year) "It's been great. I think that for as much hard work as he put in, he's not – He's kind of quiet, and he just works his butt off. So, it's always good when you see someone [with] the talent that he has, it's really starting to come out, and he'll get better and [will] continue to get better."

(On if Ryquell Armstead has earned himself more playing time by his practice play) "Yes. He has done a nice job."

(On what specifically he has seen from Ryquell Armstead) "He is just getting better and more comfortable with [the playbook], knowing what to do. I think we still have a long way to go of things to work on from the game. He is taking coaching well; he is paying attention, obviously. He is giving great effort at practice, so he is doing everything that he has to do, and we just have to keep getting him better."

(On his assessment of Nick Foles' performance) "I thought a little bit of a wave. I think when you don't win a game, everyone has to play better. I thought there was a point early on where I thought he got a little hot and all of a sudden, we started forcing some things. There was a little bit of pressure and instead of taking what the defense gave you, trying to make plays. Then, [he] settled down near the end and getting those plays in near the end, I think is really going to help."

(On how Titans QB Ryan Tannehill is playing for Tennessee) "I think he is playing extremely well. I have faced him four times when we were in Buffalo [and he was in Miami]. Right now, I think he is playing better than I have ever seen him play. Percentage, red zone, he can scramble, he can run. He is throwing it into tight windows. He is playing very well."

(On how much the team relies on the tape from Week 3 against the Titans) "I think you kind of just look at it, but I think what you said is right. I think you look at it just to make sure you check that box and cover your bases. You are going to go off heavily how they are playing with the [new] quarterback and people coming back."

(On his confidence in TE Charles Jones) "I think he will have a role for us on Sunday. Obviously, we will see how practice goes, but obviously we expect him to be able to contribute."

(On if he has ever had a longer run of bad luck at a certain position the way this team has had bad luck with the tight end position) "No. Because usually when that happens, you are not going to win a lot of games and you are in trouble. It is tough to have that run and be successful."