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Doug Marrone - Wednesday, November 7, 2018

(Opening statement) "We're excited to get out there. We're starting up again. Players came back. They seem focused which they should be. The message to this team – basically what I told them is just learn from the past, but don't live in the past. In other words, yes, you act upon the things that you learned, but kind of take the anger out of it. Take the selfishness out of it. This way, we can go out there today … I'm expecting them to go out there, I'm expecting them to work hard and give ourselves an opportunity to win a game on Sunday. We all know we have to put the work in. That's what we expect, and we have a couple guys back. Two guys aren't practicing – A.J. Bouye and Quenton Meeks. Those two guys are not practicing. Again, the longer it goes, the status goes down. The other guys that are out there, we will see what they can do. We will take it day by day."

(On A.J. Bouye ruling himself out for Sunday's game) "Did he? That's news to me. I guess I'll have to talk to him about that. That's not what the trainer told me. He did say that? OK, we will take care of that. That's not been told to me by the trainer. That's the truth."

(On if there is danger in calling this game a "must win") "Yes. The first game of the season is a must win. I call them all must wins. For me to say … Until you're mathematically out of it is what some people look at. But for me, every game is a must win. That's the kind of way I've always approached it. I learned that when I first came into this league. I always get a chuckle when people say that, because I wonder what game wasn't a must win when people do that."

(On his confidence level in D.J. Hayden and Tyler Patmon) "I would be guessing … I have not really seen them out there, and we haven't practiced them long enough. We had a short practice on Monday. We will see how it goes Wednesday and Thursday when there are longer practices and different things and doing more and all of that stuff. We will just see how it goes."

(On how much the team has missed D.J. Hayden) "I don't know. He was a starter and you miss him, but guys have to step up and play. What are you going to do? That's part of it. I don't put a lot of time in that. You guys know that. We can go down the list and say, 'How much did you miss this guy? How much did you miss this guy?' Guys are starters and guys get hurt and then they don't play. You obviously are going to miss them. The ones that come in, they obviously have to step up."

(On the drop off from last year in the red zone to this year) "There are a lot of drop-offs when you look at the stuff that we are doing offensively. That is just one of many."

(On when he figures out how much the team is going to use Leonard Fournette) "I think you learn that during the week. You learn the things that the players are doing out there and what they are doing well and where you want to feature them and you kind of personnel it, make sure they get the right players out there doing the right things."

(On if the team will limit Leonard Fournette's carries if he's able to play or if it will be more of a full-bore approach) "You're asking me if he is able to play, are we going to kind of hold back or just kind of work him into it? We are full-boring everybody. Once a guy is ready to play, that has to be our expectation. I think you get into trouble when you put a player on the field and he is not able to live up to the expectation that you have for him meaning that all of a sudden now if something happens, it's kind of like a built-in excuse. That's the way I've always viewed it. I have always told players [if someone says], 'I'm going to go out there, but I don't feel like whatever ...' What does that mean? If they say, 'I'm not 100 percent, I can't do what's expected of me.' Well, then, I can't put him on the field."

(On if it is harder to win in the NFL by playing defense and running the ball and the Jaguars being built differently than some other teams) "That is true [that we are built different], but that's like one of those trick questions. If I said yes it is, then we built a team the wrong way. We built the team on what we believe in philosophy [wise] that we can win. That's kind of one of those trick ones, tough ones. I'm just saying, if I said yes, I'm an idiot. If I say no, then I don't respect the teams that are winning."

(On his relationship with Frank Reich and if the two have a history with each other) "No. He's good friends with Scott Milanovich though if you want to do an article on those guys. I mean that, seriously. They are good friends."

(On if he will make a decision on if the team runs more than passes) "Yes, I will make that call. But I don't know yet. I have to see how the week goes. Is that the question? In other words, am I going into it where a thought crosses my mind? I always try to go into it with let's see what the heck we can do practice-wise and let's see how we feel about things and then try to get those things accomplished."

(On how he views the Colts) "Much improved. I think you look at the guys they drafted the last year and they are all participating and playing. The linebacker [Darius Leonard] is outstanding from South Carolina State. Physical. Up front, they are playing well. Offensively, obviously, everyone knows about the quarterback and how great of a player he is. I think more importantly how well the line is playing for them, how well they are running the football, how well they are distributing the football around and like I said, it's going to be a great challenge for us defensively. It's going to be a great challenge for us offensively as well as special teams. They are a much-improved team. I think they have done a great job with the draft and the acquisitions. They are doing a nice job and they are much, much improved than they were a year ago."

(On the accomplishment of the Colts not giving up a sack in three games) "I was in New Orleans, and we had that going for a while. It takes a lot. It takes a lot out of coaching, guys getting open, the quarterback getting rid of a football, continuity, the backs have to do a good job protecting, the tight ends … Whatever you may use. There is a lot of people involved with that. It is challenging and you always want to take great pride in that. I'm sure those guys do, because obviously they have done a great job."

(On if there is something he is looking for in practice) "I'm looking at it more of coaching. Making sure that we are coaching all the right things, making sure that we are putting them in the right spot, making sure that we're coaching technique. Making sure that we are coaching a lot of different things. I look more at that and then I'll watch the players go out there and go about their business, but I'm a firm believer in my philosophy that you will get out of the players what you do coaching-wise."