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Doug Marrone - Wednesday, October 17, 2018

(On what he's seen from J.J. Watt) "He's back playing like when he was the Defensive Player of the Year. We all know he's a good football player. He's extremely tough, extremely active. He has 7.0 sacks, leads the league. I have a ton of respect for him, especially how he's battled back and then all around. I don't know him personally at all, but in the community what he has done there. He is just an outstanding person and an outstanding football player."

(On what the team has to do better to contain a running quarterback) "We have to do a lot of things better. Right now, I'll get a lot of questions about Houston and the Texans. Like I said, I have a ton of respect for them. Just so we're all on the same page at least with what is going on with me, I'm more focused on what we have to get done in practice and do those things before we can even go the next step and get out there on the field Sunday. We have a lot of time between now and Sunday to correct a lot of bad football that we have been playing. That's one of the things obviously when the game comes that we have to do a better job of."

(On the pass rush and if he anticipates getting a lot of sacks this week because of all of the offensive line struggles the Texans have) "Well if you think of it like that, I think that's a pretty good path to probably get your ass kicked. Our situation is that we have to think about … Fundamentally, we have gotten away from some things and that is on us as coaches. What I have challenged the coaches and I challenged myself with this week is, 'Hey listen, we have to get back to fundamentals. We have to stick with something that we can sink our teeth in and this way we can go out there and just perform.' I think that teams have done a good job with chip [blocks]. Teams have done a good job against us and that's not an excuse. We have to find a better way to get ourselves in good position and we have to find a better way to teach our players to defeat blocks."

(On if he will be more involved in the defensive game plan than normal) "I'm involved in all three [phases]. I have been like that for a while."

(On if the ratio of his involvement in the defensive game plan is remaining the same) "Yes. Now, the ratio stays the same, but the message is different."

(On Leonard Fournette's status) "He is not going to practice today. He will be out there [working out]."

(On if he thinks there is a potential chance for Fournette to play Sunday) "Yes, there is a chance for those three guys [D.J. Hayden, Tre Herndon and Leonard Fournette]. I think you get through today and then tomorrow you give it a shot and you pretty much know by then."

(On what has to change for the team to play better) "Overall, all of us. When I talk about how I look at 'us', me and the coaches have to do a better job of the little things, the fundamentals, technique. Scheme, that will take care of itself, but let's get back to where we can run, block, tackle and function before we start over-scheming and overdoing things."

(On what has to change with the offense) "The offense is a little bit more of a challenge. We have a couple players that haven't been with us. We can't use that as an excuse. We have to go out there and find things that they can do well and we have to do that in a short period of time to be able to go out there and perform well enough or execute well enough to do it. I think that we have to come out there and we have to be sharp in those first couple of third downs and the openings of games. We have been in manageable situations, so it's not even that I can say they have been unmanageable, but we haven't been getting them to keep drives going that gives us an opportunity to go ahead and score. We have to definitely execute better."

(On getting back to the fundamentals) "Hands, foot, we work on it every day."

(On how the team got away from fundamentals) "It's us. We have to do a better job. Is there a part on their [the players] end? Yes, there is a part on their end. But whatever we emphasize, that is usually what a player will take notice of. We have to get back and emphasize the heck out of it. Or the shit out of it. Whatever."

(On how surprised he is at the team's fundamental mistakes) "This may just be my philosophy that anytime you see football being played as poorly as we have been playing then that is what it comes down to [fundamentals]. That is my philosophy. You guys may differ, but you have to do things well fundamentally. Usually when you do that you have a chance to play better."

(On if Blake Bortles is trying to do too much) "He, along with a lot of other players. It is not just him. It is a receiver catching the ball and trying to extend or spin or trying to make these unbelievable plays. I have had that happen with players my whole career. Great players too. Offensive lineman, selling all out, trying to overthink things too much. The quarterback knowing that we need a play trying to make a play and throw it maybe where it shouldn't be thrown. You can go down the line at every position. Defensive lineman, 'I think they are going to pass. I am going to rush up the field,' and they run a run and we get beat in the gap. A linebacker thinking I am going to do this and not read my key and go ahead. A [defensive back] coming across going, if I do it this way I might get a pick. Those are all the things that lead to being exposed. I am not going to say that you can't overcome things or you might not get a pick or you might not make that play. Those things occur. If you continue and you play like that and you force those things and not just go out there and play then bad stuff happens. That is my experience. I am talking only for myself here. That is how I feel."

(On he learned to help a team handle adversity) "Unfortunately, I learned by going through it so much. As far as I have been there. I have been in all these different situations. Clear head and communication. Showing that you care more about others than you care about yourself is important. That is humility. Go out there and like I told you guys before there is no magic pill or magic moment that you can just snap your fingers and go. The only way to start playing better is you have to work your ass off. You have to work hard. You have to go back there. You have to coach better. We have to play better. I have to do a better job. That is how simple it is. It is like that with anything in life, whether it is football, family or work or whatever it may be. You eat some shit and you go out there and you get your act in gear. You pull it up. I like it because it is challenging. What better than hitting adversity and coming back from it. Seeing who people are. It happens all the time. It happens to me my whole entire life. For me, I like it. I don't want to be here, make no mistake about it, but the one thing you don't have to worry about – the one question you are not going to get is are you comfortable? There is no way anyone in this building should be comfortable. We know that. We earned that right to be where we are. We are the ones that put us where we are."

(On if he will know before Sunday if the team is ready to bounce back) "They are focused right on today. Are there going to be mistakes made out there at practice, sure, but how we handle that and we go about that and how we correct that – those are the keys. Our attitude is important. That is the one thing we control. Our attitude and our effort. If we go out there with good attitude and good effort, then we will get work done and feel a whole lot better. Make no mistake about it, if you feel sorry for yourself today, sorry for yourself and then all of a sudden on Sunday you try to pick it up, you are going to get your butt kicked."

(On how the players have dealt with expectations) "I can't speak for them. You have to ask them. You really do."

(On if he senses the team got comfortable) "No, that was my call [to have part of practice in the indoor facility]. They don't come to me with anything like that."

(On if it easier for self-evaluation when you are playing a familiar opponent in a divisional opponent) "No, because it doesn't matter who the hell you are playing. You have to get your ship right. You have to get your stuff in house right."

(On the left tackle position) "I think we are going to see. Like I have said before, we have a couple guys and when you pick someone up it is hard for that player to play. You are talking about players that have played here and been here for a long time, so we have to do a good job of getting those guys ready to go. This week will say a lot of about all those guys."

(On what past experiences of adversity he shared with the team) "I don't like to get into it, but if you look into my background and my career and what I have been through, you will see there has been adversity like this in college and the pros, playing, cut, coming back and trying to make it, winning, losing. I am going to get this right. That is what the challenge is."