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Doug Marrone - Wednesday, October 3, 2018

(Opening statement) "Just a little update – [D.J.] Hayden is going to be out and [Leonard] Fournette is out [against the Chiefs]."

(On what stands out about Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs passing game) "Right now, he is playing better than any quarterback has ever played. He is an MVP quarterback. The question is what he can't do. I don't know. I don't think words can really put in perspective how great he is playing. That is really all there is to it."

(On the challenge of Mahomes moving around the pocket) "He gives you challenges every which way whether you put him in the pocket [or not]. He can make every throw. He makes quick decisions. You get him out of the pocket and he can extend plays. He is athletic enough to run and run for a long way and take it to the house. He has great command, and he has great weapons around him and an outstanding offensive line. Right now, offensively, what you're seeing is that it's kind of unbelievable, which is going to be a great challenge. We have our hands full."

(On if it is even more amazing that he only has five starts) "I think all of that stuff comes into play. You are talking about someone that is a combination of a lot of the greatest players that ever played that position with the way he is playing. That's just on tape."

(On how many starts it takes from an opposing player to be able to scout them and recognize tendencies) "I don't know. But if the question is has he [Mahomes] put enough? Yes. Absolutely."

(On how the talent of the Chiefs offensive tackles) "I think they are the most talented group up front. I think the left guard [Cam Erving] is playing well. The right guard [Laurent Duvernay-Tardif] is playing well. The center [Mitch Morse], I really liked coming out of college. He is a good football player. I think Tyreek Hill is probably the most explosive offensive player in the league right now. You guys can see it. We don't know if Sammy [Watkins] is playing or not, but obviously, I have a great background with him. I have a ton of respect for him. [Chris] Conley is coming off his best game. Obviously, their running backs, both of them are different guys, but they are tough. They are tough."

(On how rare it is to have a young quarterback like Patrick Mahomes stand in the pocket so well) "I have great respect for [Head] Coach [Andy] Reid and the job that he is done over the history with quarterbacks. No one else has done a better job. When you go out there and you see that position and you know the coaches they have, that's a combination of a lot of things. It's a combination of the coaching, a combination of the players skill and it is a level of a confidence that it is how he plays. He has great confidence in himself, his scheme and his players and that shows on tape."

(On how you prepare to not get tired against a running quarterback like Mahomes) "Hopefully your prep work in training camp and your prep work during the season from a conditioning standpoint holds throughout the whole year. My philosophy is that it is a lot of what conditioning you have done before, but still it is an issue. It always is."

(On if he has to be careful about forgetting how good Kareem Hunt is with all the focus on Patrick Mahomes) "I think with the way the questions are going, you would think that. But that is not the case. I'm being honest. That is not the case of how we feel. We understand the running backs. We understand how good this line is. We obviously know the weapons on the outside. We obviously know that the field will be stretched. We're going to have to play well. It will be a challenge for us."

(On if it is a challenge on defense because of the amount of players the Chiefs put in motion) "They do a lot more things than that. Right now, as far as the offenses that we have ever played, right now, they are the best offense that we would have seen to date since I have been here with the statistics and what they have done. They are rolling, plus the environment is tough, too."

(On if the defense will welcome the challenge this week) "I can't answer that for them. I just know that we have a lot of work to do in a short period of time, and we have to do a good job. I don't know what else to say."

(On the Chiefs third down defense being so successful) "23 percent. Every [game] has been under 30 percent. Again, that is the challenge. This team comes out and defensively you look at the stats, obviously they are unbelievable on third down. I think when you look at all the yards and everything – they have a lead for most of their game. They are just preventing touchdowns and getting some yards, but at the end of the day, you come out with a win. I think their defense doesn't get enough credit in what they can do. I do not know if [Dee] Ford has the groin [injury], but both him and the other outside linebacker are excellent football players. They push the quarterback pocket in the middle. They get strip-sacks. They get turnovers. The linebackers are downhill. They will knock the crap out of you. The secondary has done a nice job. It is tough. On special teams, they are outstanding. They really are. It is going to be a challenge from that standpoint. It is not only that you have to watch [Tyreek] Hill, you have to watch De'Anthony Thomas – both of those guys take it to the house, they change field position. They have won the field position battle in almost all of their games. The average start for the offense is like 22 yards [further than the opponent]."

(On the play of Tashaun Gipson and Barry Church) "They are playing well, but obviously they are going to have to play better this game. Everyone is going to have to step it up."

(On the play of Josh Wells) "No one has asked me a question about him after the game, so that is always a good sign. The more you don't ask questions about lineman, the better they are doing. He is doing fine."

(On the challenge Travis Kelce presents) "I have played against him when I was the head coach at Syracuse. He beat us at Syracuse. He is a guy that can run. He can get open against man with his catch radius. He can get open against zone because he has a great feel. The thing that probably gets overlooked in his game is how good he is [running] after the catch. Unfortunately for me, I have seen that a lot, both in college and the pros."

(On if playing against Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski helps prepare the defense to go against Kelce) "I am not comparing those two guys."

(On fixing the penalties) "We preach it all the time. We tell it and eventually if we don't get it fixed it is going to catch us in the ass. We will keep working on it, keep driving it home, keep trying to make sure we have an understanding. It is not fixed until you see it on Sunday."

(On balancing run and pass plays on first down) "I wouldn't look into it too much because we felt that was the best way against that defense. Each individual team presents different issues. This team, they are good against the pass on first down, and they have done a good job of playing. You are talking about a team that is 4-0. We are going to have to play better than we have been playing."

(On Brandon Linder's back) "We will see how it goes during the week. It is always a tough deal. Today is his normal day [off]. I think we will have a better feel tomorrow."

(On the Chiefs offensive versatility being the reason for him calling them the best offense he has seen) "This one or the Rams, who we saw last year. I think these two teams, yes. They are explosive. A lot of it when I say best is also the way they are playing at the time. Right now, those guys are kicking ass."

(On the play of Tyler Patmon) "Defensively, like I said, those guys are doing a nice job. Now we have to step it up. You guys keep mentioning it. In a hostile environment, it is a tough place to play."

(On changing pre-snap communications because of former Jaguars QB Chad Henne being on the Chiefs roster) "I don't think there will be a lot going because it is going to be so damn loud. We will all have to be on the same page. I don't think a lot of people will be able to hear a lot of things when you go there. That is the one thing about Kansas City. It is probably the loudest place I have ever been."

(On the Arrowhead Stadium environment) "It is unique. It is a tough place. I have been there before. I have been there on opening day. This is their second home game. It is a tough place to play. Life in the NFL."