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Gardner Minshew II - Wednesday, December 11, 2019

(On playing in Oakland on Sunday) "It'll be fun. I'd be curious to see what it's like, [I've] never played out there. Obviously, it's a historic venue. They've got great fans over these, so it should be a lot of fun."

(On if his family members will be at the game) "My dad will be there and then maybe he's got a few friends that will also be out there, so it'll be fun."

(On if his dad will wear Jaguars gear to the game) "I'm sure he will. You've seen him, right?"

(On what stands out about Oakland's defense) "They're super disciplined. It's not a ton of big names or anything like that, like some of the guys we've played in the past, but they're very focused in on their job. They're really well-coached and just super disciplined to what they have to do. Any time you play a team like that, they present challenges."

(On if they have discussed keeping their helmets on while on the sideline due to Raiders fans throwing items from the stands) "No. I'm sure that's probably a good idea to do, but we haven't."

(On keeping his helmet on at the end of the game) "Yeah. We have stuff to do before the end of the game, so we're more focused on that."

(On what he has tried to improve on in his game over the past two weeks) "I think the things that help this team win are me taking care of the ball and finding ways to just keep getting first downs and get us in the end zone. I'm going to try to look for those explosive plays that we had earlier in the year, trying to find those while still taking care of the ball."

(On if it's hard to play with confidence during the current five game losing skid) "I don't know. I think each game is just such its own individual thing, individual feel. I really don't think there's a ton of carryover from weeks before, so I think more so it's once you get into the game and getting a feel of that."

(On if he's had experiences of being in a losing skid while at East Carolina) "Yeah, at East Carolina we had a couple tough years. We went 3-9 twice, and that's never fun. But you have to enjoy the guys that you're doing it with. I don't think you need a prize or playoffs to compete. I think you know that there's just a pure joy of beating the guy across from you which should be enough. So, I think we have guys like that in our room, and I'm excited to go and compete with them."

(On if he corrected a specific aspect of his ball security) "Just taking two hands on the ball through the pocket. While you're in the pocket keeping two hands on. That was one of the problems. And then right as I started to leave the pocket, that was when the hand would come off and [the ball] gets swiped. Just having more of a general awareness of what's going on around you."

(On if transferring as a college QB is a hard thing to do) "I think it takes the right kind of guy. I think you have to humble yourself. Whichever new team you're going to, they don't really care about what you did wherever you were. You have to earn that respect and not just demand it. I think you're seeing a lot of those guys who are really good leaders going in and doing it the right way. And when you do it the right way then good things can happen."