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Happy with Goodell

Jaguars Owner Wayne Weaver appeared on tonight's broadcast of 'Jaguars This Week' to discuss the selection of Roger Goodell as the new commissioner of the NFL. Having just returned from Chicago, Weaver was clearly encouraged by the owners' decision.

"We had five very accomplished men who were all qualified to be the Commissioner of the National Football League, but as you would expect, the inside guys who have been around the league, who understands the league, have experience with the league, carried the day," Weaver said. "Obviously Roger's 25 years of growing up as an intern and touching every part of the league and being at the forefront the last half dozen or so years when every major decision has been made in the league, carried the day for Roger."

"Roger has been a great friend to the Jacksonville market, he clearly was a supporter of us getting a franchise, and he clearly was an advocate of helping us bring a Super Bowl here to Jacksonville."

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