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Increased technology at ALLTEL

Along with the renovations to ALLTEL Stadium, the Jaguars are adding more technology to increase their fans' game day experience.

For the upcoming NFL season, the Jaguars are rolling out a stadium-wide access control system, which means there will be no more tearing of tickets at stadium gates. Fans will have their ticket stubs scanned for admittance into the stadium perimeter. This new technology will allow the Jaguars to prevent access to those who hold counterfeit or incorrect game tickets. Also, this technology will allow for the purchase of single-game tickets as an e-ticket (by using a credit card for entry).

The stadium entry points will no longer be at just the four gates of the stadium. The perimeter gates will be extended approximately 100 feet from the stadium and will be around the entire stadium.

The Jaguars will be sending out more information to all multi-year season ticket holders with their Extra Point loyalty cards in late July.

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