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Jags' schedule number three

TeamOpponents' 2007 Pct. & RecordGames vs. teams .500 or betterGames vs. playoff teams
Pittsburgh Steelers.598153103128
Indianapolis Colts.594152104128
Jacksonville Jaguars.559143113106
Baltimore Ravens.551141115128
Minnesota Vikings.55114111597
Cincinnati Bengals.547140116128
Cleveland Browns.547140116108
Houston Texans.547140116108
Detroit Lions.543139117107
Tennessee Titans.543139117106
Chicago Bears.531136120106
Green Bay Packers.53113612096
Dallas Cowboys.523134122128
Washington Redskins.523134122106
New York Giants.520133123116
Philadelphia Eagles.520133123108
St. Louis Rams.48812513196
San Francisco 49ers.48412413296
Seattle Seahawks.47712213496
Tampa Bay Buccaneers.46912013654
Arizona Cardinals.46511913786
Carolina Panthers.46511913775
Miami Dolphins.46511913764
Atlanta Falcons.46111813864
New York Jets.45711713965
Kansas City Chiefs.45311614055
Buffalo Bills.44911514175
New Orleans Saints.44911514165
Denver Broncos.44511414265
Oakland Raiders.43811214454
San Diego Chargers.42210814844
New England Patriots.3879915754
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