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Jaguars and Saints to Practice

The Jaguars and New Orleans Saints will practice against each other for two sessions on Tuesday at Ferrell Fields. Practice times are at 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and are open to the public.

The Jaguars went through two practices on Monday. Afterward, Jaguars coach Tom Coughlin confirmed that offensive tackle Zach Wiegert suffered a hyperextended right elbow in practice on Saturday. "The swelling went down a little bit this morning. He's real sore, but he's much better than yesterday. He won't work today, and probably won't work tomorrow, either."

On how Wiegert's injury affects the team's offensive line, Coughlin said, "There's a lot of people playing multiple positions. The problem that we have is that (Todd) Fordham will not work against the New Orleans Saints, so it limits us a little bit more. We have guys playing a lot of positions. Anthony Cesario had to move out to right tackle today, as you saw. We'll just do the best we can with the guys that are going. But the offensive line isn't going to be an excuse from us. Everybody has to take care of his job. It'll straighten itself out eventually. Right now it's a nicked up position and we'll have to fight our way through it. If we stay healthy from this point out, we'll work our way through it."

The practices against the Saints will come just three days before the Jaguars' preseason opener at Carolina. "It'll be a good preparation for us and them," said Coughlin. "We each have preseason games this weekend, so we're going to go at it. The intensity will be up, without a doubt. (Our players) look forward to working against someone else. Hopefully, we'll get real good work and have a lot of people involved and evaluate people. That's what it's about. It'll be real good for our offensive line - their defensive line is good. And they have got a good offensive line, so that part will be a good test for us. Again, as I said, the objective is to work, to practice - our timing and our speed, our execution, the explosion off the ball, and still try to keep people up."

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