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Jaguars News | Jacksonville Jaguars - RANKED AMONG TOP 100 WEB SITES IN WORLD

The Jacksonville Jaguars' Internet Web site - - has been selected as one of the top 100 web sites in the world by PC Magazine. The site, which features state-of-the art technology and constantly updated information on the team, has been online for just seven weeks.

"This fantastic, Shockwave-intensive site has something for everyone," says PC Magazine's review of the site. "A multimedia history lesson on how the Jaguars came to town; a page just for kids, and an interactive page that lets you vote for the play of the week.

"Watch video clips (complete with Xs and Os) of the three best plays of last week's game," the review continues, "and then pick the one that impressed you the most. The team may not be great yet, but the web site is."

The Jaguars unveiled their web site on August 18 during halftime of their preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers. The unveiling, which took place on the huge JumboTron screens on the North and South scoreboards, included fireworks and a laser show.

The Jaguars are the only sports team to have its Web site honored by PC Magazine as one of the world's 100 best. Among the other Web Sites cited as the world's 100 best are those by The Wall Street Journal, HBO, IBM, Levi's, Microsoft, National Geographic, and the New York Times.

The Jaguars' web site can be accessed at:


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