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The Jacksonville Jaguars completed the second day of their four-day pre-camp today at the Ferrell Fields adjacent to ALLTEL Stadium.

Head coach Tom Coughlin continued to focus on the basics during the four-day camp. "We did a lot of teaching today," said Coughlin. "We worked on short yardage, goal-line, and some four-minute, so they were definitely in a deep-think mode before we went to a team activity. It took a little while to get going - the defense jumped out on it pretty quickly. The offense struggled a little bit but as we got into the practice and we created the competitive drills you saw it pick up. That is the thing that I think was most impressive was when we got to the competition everyone stepped to the front and everyone was involved mentally as well as physically, figuring out what we were doing and what it took to win their particular drill.

"Everybody is out here to get better. You don't stay the same - if you don't get better, you get worse. It is just like anything else in our game - it is a process: The ability to recognize your shortcomings and work on them and be better at them. This is a great opportunity for that, as it is anytime you can get together and spend some quality time in fundamentals and do some team work. There is no question when you take the off-season strength and conditioning program and then you have an opportunity to get on the field, like we are, and make it competitive with the numbers that we have in pre-camp. It is a chance to get better and that is what the focus is always on."

The four-day pre-camp will continue Thursday and Friday, with both practices beginning at 10:10 a.m. Coach Coughlin is available to the media at 12:00 noon on the field, and the locker room is open for media interviews from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. All practices are closed to the general public.


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