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After going through two-a-days on four of the first five days of this

year's training camp, Jaguars players took the afternoon off after a

morning practice in the rain at Ferrell Fields. Players did, however,

have to attend meetings in the evening.

"That was the design for the middle of the week," said Jaguars

head coach Tom Coughlin. "Basically, we're on a

five-practices-a-week routine. It's designed to get the players

motivated for this practice, and also give them some time to get their

legs back."

The team will practice at 8:40 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. on Thursday. On

Friday, the only practice will be at 8:40 a.m., and then the team will

leave after dinner for Greenville, S.C. for Saturday's two practices

against the Atlanta Falcons at Furman University.

Of the practices against the Falcons, Coughlin said, "We'll just be

looking at players, and for organization, discipline, football, blocking,

execution. There will not be any design or strategy involved. It'll just

be what we have prepared for at this point in time. The purpose of

working against Atlanta is to work against another team and to be

able to evaluate personnel. We want to put the players into position

where they know what they're doing so we can see them as

football players and athletes and instinctively reactive."

The Jaguars have nine wide receivers in camp in addition to Pro

Bowlers Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell. Of the rest of the

players, Coughlin commented, "It's an area that we've tried to stock

in different ways. We have some big, strong kids that, I think, will

be performers. I hope we're going to get some push for the third

and the fourth positions. These guys have picked things up a little bit

faster than I thought, and they have done a pretty good job with the

strategy that we've taken on here at the end of our first week -

which is basically throwing an awful lot at them in just our

formations alone. Hopefully, once they feel more comfortable,

they'll have an opportunity to show us exactly what they can do. I'd

like for the competition to be high at that position."

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