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The Jacksonville Jaguars completed two practices today at Ferrell

Fields, with their preseason opener against the Carolina Panthers

only three days away.

"The defensive tempo was good," said head coach Tom Coughlin.

"The offense wasn't as good, tempo-wise. In the goal-line drills,

ones against the ones, the defense clearly stood out. In twos against

the twos, the offense scored on the third play."

Coughlin said he didn't know yet how much playing time No. 1 draft

choice Fernando Bryant - who signed yesterday - would see against

the Panthers. He did say that backup quarterback Jonathan Quinn

would see plenty of action. "I would say that every time Jonathan

Quinn comes out here, it's important for him to continue to make

progress. He needs to continue to make progress and to build his

confidence. To do well on Friday night will be important. It's a safe

assumption that he'll get plenty of snaps."

Other Coughlin comments:

(on if Mark Brunell is a Super Bowl quality quarterback) "From a

learning standpoint, he certainly has the opportunity to grow and

develop. There's no question about that. So, I would say from that

standpoint, yes he is. He's right on track."

(on the battle at middle linebacker between Bryan Schwartz and

Tom McManus) "I hope it's competitive all the way through the

preseason. I think we'll get much better play out of it if it is. These

guys have had their days and have done well and it's been very

close. What I think will happen is that not only will it separate in

terms of playing the run but also being where you are supposed to

be, especially in the area of the play-action pass, where we haven't

been as good in the past. That will be an important aspect of that

evaluation as well."

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