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Jaguars Postgame - Jaguars at Titans: Sunday, November 24, 2019


(opening statement)

Obviously, early on we had a penalty that knocked us out of field goal range. We had two big runs that got called back. Going into halftime 7-3, tight game, same as it's been for a while, and then within the first five minutes of the second half, the two touchdowns, the fumble, the kickoff return, next thing you know it was 28-3 and we tried to stay balanced enough to get ourselves in the game. We weren't able to make plays, big explosive plays on the field offensively, and we gave up a lot of explosive plays on defense, meaning the nakeds to the quarterback, the over routes, the play action pass, and obviously the run. We thought we had a good tack on plan, our three technique got reached and gave up the big run. We still should get them down at the 40, our safeties obviously can do a better job there. But, at the end of the day I told the players the same thing I'm going to tell you – it's going to be the same questions about jobs, switching quarterbacks, changes, players and all of that stuff. I still believe, I don't know what happens in this league but we're going to work our ass off to get this team right, somehow, someway. That's the job. Put your head down. Am I pissed? Yes. Am I embarrassed? Yes, I am that. I'm not speaking for anyone else, you're going to have to tell them, but I promised them that I am going to do a better job and I'm going to work my butt off to get this thing right. Questions.

(on being 'shell-shocked' by surrendering 200 rushing yards per game in the last three games)

Shell-shocked? I would probably say no. I don't think in this profession you can do that and be a good head coach, or be a good coach. Obviously I am not doing a good enough job, but at the end of the day it is disappointing. It is very difficult to win in this league if you can't stop the run.

(on trying different things to stop the run)

At the end of the day, we have got so many people committed to it, we have got so many things going, but that's our job. We have got to figure it out with the guys that we have. You have got to keep trying, that's how I was raised.

Whether people like it or not, you just keep going. You keep fighting, you keep trying. I don't know any other way to put it. I think if you just say we are going to get it corrected, and you keep things the same – I can't live like that. That's not how I live my life. I don't believe in that, so it is very difficult. We are going to back and look again and probably to find something else, because obviously what we have been doing hasn't worked. We have got to get that done.

(on a possible change at quarterback)


(on being worried about losing his job)

I can't speak for all the other head coaches, but I don't worry about it. It is what it is, and if you don't win you will always have a chance to get fired, and if you win, still have a chance to get fired if you don't win well enough. So, you just work your butt off and it's up to other people to handle that. I just leave it up to them. What I am going put my time in (to), is how we can coach them better and how we can play better.

(on quarterback Nick Foles' arm strength)

It's tough when you're getting pressure and you're going away from the opposite direction in the pocket to throw back across your body. I mean, that is tough on anyone. It is a lot easier when you're stepping up and things are over the middle to try to throw it to. I saw it that way. I might be wrong though.

(on considering changing who is coordinating the defense)



(on how he feels following today's game)

Yeah, I mean just plain and simple we got beat. You know, Tennessee came out and really gave it to us. Big thing is obviously it didn't go our way. We did everything we could to keep fighting till the end, but they flat out just beat us and they played a great game tonight.

(on how he feels physically)

Yeah, I'm comfortable out there. I'm comfortable throwing. I'm comfortable playing.

(on missing on a couple of big plays to his wide receivers early in the game)

It's part of the game. Sometimes those fifty-fifty balls where guys make a great catch are made, and sometimes they're not. But, that's why you keep firing away and keep trusting your guys. Ultimately, we kept playing and kept fighting. We didn't give up. It didn't go our way, but this is the tough part about the game. This is where character is built within an organization and a team. I mean, it's like I said last week, you either give up or you keep moving forward. Everyone's going to be negative and everyone's going to ask all these questions because that's you all's job. I get it. I'm not going to sit here and be upset about it, but at the end of the day, my job is to continue to keep a positive attitude within the locker room and continue to lead these guys, and I'm not the only one leading. You have to go through trials to build character, and that's what we're doing right now. It's not fun, it's not fun to go out there and get beat like that. It plainly sucks, but that's the situation we're in right now. We as men, we as people, we as players who care about one another, have to keep moving forward, have to keep working, have to keep loving one another. Because, at the end of this thing, if you can keep growing through these character moments, these tough moments, that's where you build something special. It just does not happen. Everyone wants it just to happen. It just doesn't. That's not part of life. You have to go through these things, and, that'll be my message to the team, is we have to keep moving. I don't know what's going to happen win or lose. We can't worry about that. We just have to keep working and keep believing in one another and we'll see where we're at, at the end of it. But, this is a trial we're going under. It is. And, it's not going to be easy. It's going to be tough for a lot of guys. But, the other guys, we have to pull each other and we have to keep moving in the right direction.

(on the Jaguars third quarter struggles the last two games)

I mean, I've definitely played games like that. My senior year of college was a little bit like that. You know, same thing, didn't go our way, but we kept fighting and that's the message. I look back at that trial that year, and it helped me grow as a human being to continue to go out there and play when we just got smacked in the mouth, when you

keep getting hit, when it's not there. Getting back up and continuing to fight for the man next to you. There's just something about that, that at the end of all this you build something special. Hopefully, someday you can look back once you've had success after going through these trials and you're not going to look at the trophy. You're going to look at the people you did it with, and say, 'Man, this is special because of what we went through to get there.' Not, 'Oh man, this is a shiny trophy that just happened.' No, that comes after a lot of trials and a lot of character-building moments within a locker room, and that's what we're going through.

(on dealing with players or coaches who might not make it to the end of the journey)

That is the tough part, and I think that you can't live life out of fear. You can't live in fear of losing your job, fear of what people are going to say. We're ultimately in a game in the limelight where we're going to be criticized. You do really well, you're going to be praised. You do really bad, you're going to be ridiculed. That's part of it. That's why I always try to tell young players, 'Don't read the articles,' and that's, once again, nothing against you all. That is your job, just like my job is to continue to help this team and continue to build this character. But, it goes back to you can't have fear in anything you do, and it will creep in at times, but you have to learn how to get rid of it, and I think that is a human thing. It is. I mean, everyone's had fear of losing their jobs, and it doesn't do you any good to have that fear, does it?

(on what he missed most when he was forced to miss games with injury earlier this season)

You know, when you're injured, it's a trial. I knew the good Lord, when I fractured my collar bone, it was a trial I was going to have to go through. Because, ultimately you get here, you're excited, you're out there playing, you go through training camp, you go through OTAs, you go through all that and it's (gone) like that. And, the thing you miss is just being in the huddle. Being in moments like this, even ones where you get smacked in the face and you lose. You miss it because this is ultimately what tests your character as a human being. Like, it's easy to complain, and whine, and go put your head down, but it's really hard to continue to keep your head up and continue to love one another and continue to be positive. It's very hard. This is what I miss, moments like this where you just get punched in the face and you have to sit in front of reporters and you have to answer questions, because this is where you get tested, this is where you grow. And that will always be my message, it always has been my message. I'm going to keep pushing forward. These guys are going to keep pushing forward, and we'll see where we're at, at the end of this journey.

(on his motivation to keep pushing forward)

Ultimately, it's my faith in God. It's my relationship with Jesus. But, I understand, like I said before, it's not about prosperity. It's about going through stuff like this. I have to go through things like this and lean on a savior because I can't handle it. It's very difficult. But, at the end of the day it's just simple - love casts out all fear. That's why I always talk about love, loving one another. I know there's going to be negative things said, but quite frankly I don't care, because it doesn't matter. I know what does matter and I'm going to focus on that, and that's my relationship with Christ.


(on the Jaguars defense allowing three straight 200-yard rushing games)

It's very frustrating. We worked hard and prepared like we were supposed to, but it was like we played one half of good football. We haven't played a complete game, and it sucks because I know how good we can be, but it's a matter of results. You can't mix effort with results. Potential and what you can be doesn't mean that's what you are.

(on Jacksonville's three losses in a row)

We can't take back these losses, they happened. It sucks because they are division games. We've had our opportunities to put ourselves in position to have a chance at the big dance, but we lost them. We have to put them behind us and move on to be the best we can be.

(on how the team felt at halftime and how the game got away from them in the third quarter)

We felt really good at halftime. Obviously, we would have preferred to have them at zero, but (Ryan) Tannehill made a great play. He found a way to find the end zone on a boot. It is what it is, you have to tip your hats to them. They fought hard and made more plays than we did.

(on what the teams needs to do to finish the season strong)

I know this team is going to keep fighting, there isn't any quit in us. We don't like losing, especially the way we have, but we are going to keep playing. Hopefully we can play some good ball and have a winning season and get lucky. Right now, it stings a little and the flight home won't be fun, but we will grade the tape and get back to playing ball. We can't let this end our season. We still have a chance at 9-7, and that has gotten you in the playoffs before. I'm going to fight until the end and until there is no zeros left on the clock, and I know my guys will keep fighting too. Don't expect us to lay down and quit.


(on the start of the second half and how the game got away from them)

That was a good job by the Titans and (Mike) Vrabel trusting in the run. At certain times as a corner, the most frustrating thing is to know a route is coming and you are yelling because you know where your help is supposed to be, and it's not there. It's a mix of everything. We aren't doing the things we need to be for 60 minutes. We've been starting off fast in the first halves, but not in the second. I told my DB coach straight up, 'We put up 20 points on offense, that's more than enough.'

(on if the team feels prepared entering games at this point in the season)

I felt prepared. It just frustrates me when you see something in practice and you know somebody is going to be there, and then it doesn't happen in a game. As a defense we did a good job of stopping the run in the first half, but they kept chipping away at it. Adjustments weren't where they needed to be. It's safe to say we didn't win any phase of the game today. They dominated and that's a good job by them. We have to find a way to win here.


(on the disappointment of going losing three straight in the division)

It's very (disappointing). The playoff chances are probably out. Tough loss today. You can't really put it into words. The plays we needed we didn't make on both sides of the football. But like I told the guys, this is a stepping stone for a lot of us. We work our (expletive) off during practice the entire season. We didn't get the results that we wanted or that we needed. But my spirits are kind of high. It's not about the touchdowns or any of that. But the talk I had last week with my dad and Marcus Allen. It always could be worse.

(on the importance of leading by example right now)

It is very important. It is just who I am. Despite everything that I did in past years, I have always been a leader no matter what. I think during this time it is kind of difficult to really exemplify that and show that to the guys, especially being in a losing point like the two games being very frustrated not getting the ball. But the talk I had with those two guys kind of put everything in perspective for me, not just as a football player, but as a human and a father. I have a lot to be grateful for. Number one God keeping me healthy this season. My kids - I have a very supportive family. Everything plays a big part into what I have going on right now.

(on the holding calls in the first half stalling momentum for the offense)

I disagree with a couple of those calls. But like I said, everything doesn't go your way. It's just tough. We were setting ourselves up to be successful with the 40-yard run, or however long it was, and to have it called back. I looked at the replay, and to me it wasn't a hold, but like I said the refs, that's their job to do what they do.

(on what happened in the third quarter)

Derrick (Henry) broke the long run. Probably someone was out of their spot. It happens. Nobody is perfect. I am not going to put it all on Coach Doug (Marrone) because he coaches us. We are out there as a whole with each other each and every week and we should know our assignments and stuff like that. It's tough right now. One of those seasons. Look at the Bears. They were in the playoffs last year. Their record is not too good either. A lot of teams that were top tier last year are struggling right now. It's just one of those seasons, but it happens for a reason.


(on the frustrations following the big third quarter for the Titans)

I think there's just frustration across the board. I can tell you that these guys work extremely hard during the week. I have seen the work that the guys have put in. We have been pushing each other and we just haven't come out here

and translated that. It's extremely frustrating. We did let it get away from us. Coming out in the second half they jumped up. But the thing that I have said is that regardless of what the score was, the guys kept fighting. They kept playing. I am proud of that.

(on the penalties hurting the offensive momentum in the first half)

We had some big penalties. Our penalty yardage at the half was a lot. You don't want that to happen. That is on us. We have to eliminate those penalties so that those big runs like the one Leonard (Fournette) had would stand and we get points out of those drives.

(on where the breakdown is right now)

Self-inflicted wounds I believe is part of it. Some of the penalties and some of the plays that we had picked up and some of the guys not getting to the right spot and not converting. We have to be able to finish when we get down in the red zone when we get those things going. We can't wait until late in the game to do it.