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The Jacksonville Jaguars went through two spirited practices today,

with NFL referees officiating.

"The defense did very well," said head coach Tom Coughlin. "But

the offense was very average and really not as competitive as they

need to be. It was sloppy with fumbles and other things going on.

But intensity definitely came up."

Running back Fred Taylor worked on a limited basis in both

practices because of a stomach virus. Several other players

continue to be limited because they are coming off injuries: LB

Bryce Paup (pectoral), RB James Stewart (knee), DE Renaldo

Wynn (groin), DE Tony Brackens (shoulder), TE Rich Griffith

(knee) and WR Damon Dunn (hamstring).

The Jaguars will practice at 8:40 a.m. Friday, and then the team will

leave after dinner for Greenville, S.C. for Saturday's two practices

against the Atlanta Falcons at Furman University.

Coughlin commented on the following players:

Carnell Lake - "He's not a talker. He's a very knowledgeable guy.

He does teach. He does lead by example. He's good in the

classroom. He just brings an aura of professionalism that is really

good for our secondary, our young secondary, but for the whole

team as well."

Brant Boyer - "He's all football player. He's smart. He has good

instincts. He's an outstanding special teams player. He'll be

effective in the nickel and dime package. Brant's a good football

player, and he's gotten better every year."

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