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Jaguars Report to Training Camp on Thursday

Jaguars players will report to training camp on Thursday, and two-a-day practice sessions will begin on Friday. Jaguars head coach Tom Coughlin addressed the media today, saying, "I'm looking forward to having the players come back. Each season is a new season. Each team is a new team. It's always going to be one step at a time - one meeting, one practice, one day at a time - because the entire process is the ability to build up over time to be in a position to be a championship team. Our players know that we must pay the price, and this is where it all starts."

"It has not been a long offseason; it's been a short offseason," Coughlin continued. "Our players may say that there is remorse for the opportunity lost in 1999 and that atonement is what they're looking for, but I caution against that as well. We have a most difficult schedule, and the team that beat us in the AFC Championship game appears twice. But there are a lot of difficult games in that schedule; we don't simply prepare for Tennessee."

Coughlin talked about competition at several positions, particularly left guard, nickel back and backup running back. But he said the goal remains the same as it has always been. "There's one major goal - you have to win the division first, and I believe after that everything takes care of itself. But the ultimate goal is the Super Bowl, and that's what our goal is and that's what we're after. That's what we chased from the very beginning."

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