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The Boselli series: Mark Brunell

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JACKSONVILLE – The emotion and excitement are real.

Why shouldn't former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell feel those things? His best friend, Tony Boselli, is going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame -- and Brunell will make Boselli's introductory speech.

It will be a fitting, emotional moment for Brunell.

And a cool moment for Jaguars fans.

"It's incredible," Brunell said. "When he gets inducted, it will be one of the best moments in Jaguars history."

Brunell, a Jaguars quarterback from 1995-2003 and Boselli's teammate from 1995-2001, joined senior writer John Oehser as part of a series of podcasts discussing Boselli – who in August will become the first former Jaguars player enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Brunell discussed multiple topics, including how he learned he would be introducing his friend.

"It's funny: You would think with something like that that Tony would ask me," Brunell said with a laugh. "It was more like he told me that I was doing it. If you know Tony, that won't surprise you. He called me and said, 'Hey, by the way: You're going to present me at the Hall of Fame.'

"I said, 'OK, but can you at least ask me? Say please?' He said, 'No, you're going to do it.'''

Brunell, now the quarterbacks coach of the Detroit Lions – and the Jaguars career leader in touchdown passes, yards and completions – was more serious when discussing Boselli's place in franchise history.

"In my opinion he is, and always may be, the best Jaguar ever," Brunell said. "I'm real excited and I know all Jaguars fans and anyone who was part of those early years is thrilled about Tony getting inducted."

Former Jaguars right tackle Leon Searcy, who started opposite Boselli from 1996-1999, also participated in this podcast series. He spoke about a collective pride among Jaguars players from that era regarding Boselli's enshrinement. Brunell agreed.

"There really is," Brunell said. "Those early years were very special. It was unexpected, our early success. We were able to accomplish some things early that kind of came as a surprise to a lot of us. A lot of that happened because of the relationships and guys getting together to form a pretty incredible bond. We worked well together. We got along real well.

"We won early, and it was more than Xs and Os. And he (Boselli) was a big part of it. For us to celebrate this with Tony, it's something that we all are taking part in. The word is special."

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Tony Boselli became the Jaguars' first draft pick in club history on April 22, 1995. On February 10, he became the first Jacksonville Jaguar Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee. Take a look at images of the modern-era inductee named for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

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