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Jalen Ramsey - Sunday, July 28, 2019

(On what he was working on specifically during the offseason) "You all ask me this every year, I give you all the same answer. I don't work on one thing specifically. I work on my full game, and that's key. I can't work on something specific then let something else start to slack a little bit."

(On what he's seeing early on from Nick Foles on his ability to disguise the offense) "I've been impressed with Nick. He's making us better. He's making us kind of be on our—excuse my language—he's making us be on our shit a little bit sooner than we had previously had to, and that's good. We're out there. We're getting in the mindset. We're getting locked in. He's making some good throws and making some plays. We're making some good breaks. We're making some plays. We're in the right position. I think it's been very good and fair battles."

(On how long it took him to put together his training camp entrance) "Not long at all. It was a good collaboration with Uninterrupted, Adidas, HaHa Davis. A lot of people took it way too seriously. HaHa Davis, I don't know if you all know, he's a comedian. He's a pretty funny—[He's] probably my favorite comedian right now. Pretty popping, I thought he was popping, you know what I'm saying? I though he was famous, and everybody was going to catch it off the rip, but yeah I though it was fun. Yeah, it was cool."

(On if he helped HaHa Davis with his entrance script) "Oh hell no—excuse me. We had a little script, and I got content coming on that, you all will see. Tune in. But we did have a script, but once I read the script—I got there a little bit before him, I read the script, and I read his part and I told him to cancel his script. Just let him be him. He's naturally funny, that's what he does, so let him be him. And then I read some things off of the script."

(On if he can clarify what the eight master locks from the script signifies) "You really took it—you're really trying, huh? Really trying. You all are reaching. You all have got to stop that."

(On Leonard Fournette saying he should have had real money in the security truck) "Maybe I did. No, I'm kidding. I had Boosts in there, Adidas Boosts. You all go get those Adidas Ultra Boosts, feel me? Shout out to Adidas."

(On how his partnership with Adidas is going) "It's been going good. They've been everything plus more than I'd ever want. I enjoyed my partnership with the man, but it was time to move on and do what I believe is bigger and better things, and that's no shot at them."

(On if Dede Westbrook's route running has improved this year) "I have to watch more to be honest. I can't just sit here and say, but yeah, I would say Dede is a really good receiver and he's coming along. Of course, he's going to continue improving year-after-year."

(On if his plan is coming in, having fun, and lightening up the mood) "Of course. At this point, I feel like you all know me. I'm serious about my craft. I'm serious about football, of course, but at the same time I'm going to have fun. I'm going to be an entertainer as well as a football player. If I can bring awareness just to the game of football, the game that I love, and have more people watching like people who just watch Haha Davis, like comedy, and they get to crossover and they see, 'Oh, who is this?' And now they're watching training camp and football. I love that. This is the game I love, I want to bring as much attention to it as I can."

(On how closely he watches Yannick Ngakoue's contract situation) "I'm not glued in like, 'Every hour I need some updates on Yan[nick},' but yeah that's my bro. I want him here. Everybody knows I want him here. I talk to him literally every single day. I show my support for him privately and publicly, but that's his situation. I'm not in anybody else's pockets, but I understand him at the same time. I think he is, if not the best, one of the best edge rushers in all of football right now. And he knows his worth, and I respect that. And I hope something gets done sooner rather than later, because I would love to have him out here. I feel like we need him out here, we need that swag, we need that energy, we need that juice, everything that Yan brings. Very supportive of him of course, but that's not my business, stay out of it."

(On if he was disappointed he didn't get a 99 rating on Madden) "No. My nephew messes with me about it. I have to have a higher rating or my nephew will mess with me; him and his little friends. I was cool. I'm grateful to be on that game to be honest. I don't care if I was an 80 this year. I'm happy to be on that game. I used to play that game growing up. I still get it and play it and throw myself on offense and punt return. Coach [John DeFilippo] and Coach Joe [DeCamillis] (laughter) … I feel super grateful and blessed to even be on game."

(On if he's pushed Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo to use him on offense) "For sure. Almost every day, I holler at 'Flip.'"

(On if he can share his feedback from Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo) "Tune in." (laughter)

(On if he likes practicing early) "Hell yeah. [Head Coach] Doug [Marrone] is showing love. Doug is a real one for this schedule. There is a big difference, the body feels better, the energy is better. Everyone is a little bit happier out here. We have some free time and stuff and we don't have to be in the building drained all day. We really appreciate him, so we are going to try and go out there on the field and give him all we got."

(On when the team went to Head Coach Doug Marrone and told him they wanted a little bit different schedule) "It's been a journey. It's been a journey my guy." (laughter)

(Closing comments) "I think you all are done, right? I appreciate it. Stop reaching. Enjoy your life. Stop reaching. I don't know if it was you or who came up with that or whoever [asked the question about the eight locks]. You all are reaching. It's not a hidden message in everything we do. We are humans. We like to have fun at the end of the day. We like to enjoy ourselves. Yes, we are very serious about our crafts of course as we should be, but we enjoy life. We enjoy some of the same things that you all enjoy. Live life. Be light-hearted. Have fun, don't wake up serious. For the haters, don't wake up hating. You can't hate all your life. Just be blessed. There are people who didn't get to wake up this morning, for real. I'm not trying to get all serious, but for real, be blessed and thank God every day and just live your life like that. Dinner on [Public Relations Director] Tad [Dickman] tonight, I appreciate you all."