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Jaxson de Ville, The Roar to Travel to Middle East to Visit U.S. Armed Forces

Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville and 12 members of The Roar - the team's cheerleaders - will travel to the Middle East next week to boost morale and perform for U.S. servicemen and women overseas for 17 days.

They will be part of Armed Forces Entertainment. The contingent will leave next Thursday and fly to Egypt and later to Bahrain. They will meet and greet servicemen and women at U.S. bases and checkpoints, and will also fly on airplanes and helicopters to U.S. warships and other remote locations.

"Because it is war-time, we do not know our itinerary because of the secrecy involved," said Robin Valetutto, manager/choreographer of The Roar. "Our information from Armed Forces Entertainment, is that most flights are not scheduled until a week before or even a day before a visit because of mission priorities."

Jaxson de Ville and mascot coordinator Curtis Dvorak will be joined on the trip by Jaxson's little

brother A.J. (Air Jaxson) and Brad Malaeir. Cheerleaders making the trip are: Heather Butler, Mindy Crews, Melissa George, Jessica Hurckes, Alexandria Jones, Phillipa Jones, Melanie McAlister, Joanna McLean, Sandra Morris, Nicole Rogers, Samantha Schueler and Amy Weakley.

Although cheerleaders from other teams have gone overseas, this will be the first trip for an NFL mascot. The group will return on December 21.

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