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"Just Win Baby" | Jaguars Media Share Their Expectations of QB Trevor Lawrence in 2024

0618 Trevor Expectations Article UPDATED

JACKSONVILLE – Jaguars experts – Frank Frangie, Jeff Lageman, Brent Martineau, John Oehser, Brian Sexton and J.P. Shadrick – are breaking down the Jaguars as the 2024 NFL season approaches; today: What they want to see from quarterback Trevor Lawrence in '24:

Frank Frangie, Radio Voice of the Jaguars

  • What I want to see from Lawrence in '24: I want to see Lawrence continue to grow and to stay healthy – and if he does, I think he will have a big season. I think everything is in place for Lawrence. He has talent. He is a good, hard-working teammate. He has all of it. The big thing for Lawrence is to limit mistakes, to get the ball out a bit quicker, to not force things and to know what plays not to make. But I expect that all to happen. I think it will be a big year for him.

Jeff Lageman, Jaguars Analyst and Former Jaguars Defensive End

  • What I want to see from Lawrence in '24: I want to see Lawrence stay healthy, take a step up and join the elite category. Lawrence has been good in the past, but the great quarterbacks put their teams on their backs and carry them to greatness.

Brent Martineau, Action Sports Jax Sports Director

  • What I want to see from Lawrence in '24: I want to see three things from Lawrence in 2024. The first thing is to eliminate the fumbles. I don't mind the interceptions, but the fumbles are a direct impact of trying to do too much in certain situations. I think part of his growth needs to be living another down without turning the football over. I think it would be a great time for Lawrence to have a really good statistical season. Lawrence was good in 2022, but today's standards are loftier than 25 touchdown passes. I think if he can throw for more than 30 touchdown passes with 12-or-fewer interceptions in 2024, people will be celebrating his play more. Lastly: Just win baby. He's one of the all-time winners in high school and college. He has won in the NFL, but it's time to win bigger. The most important thing Lawrence can do this season is lead the Jaguars back into the playoffs. I think if he accomplishes the first two things on my list, the last one is likely, too.

John Oehser, Senior Writer

  • What I want to see from Lawrence in '24: The simple and obvious answer here is reducing turnovers, and that's unquestionably Lawrence's No. 1 objective in '24. While his interceptions totals could improve a bit, the main focus must be protecting the ball – and avoiding fumbles – when under pressure. It's difficult for a player as talented and dynamic as Lawrence to fight the instinct to make a big play on every play. But in the NFL, there are times a quarterback must accept that a play is over and "live to fight another day." Lawrence also must continue to grow and develop as a decision-maker. Lawrence is entering Year 4 in the NFL and Year 3 in Head Coach Doug Pederson/Offensive Coordinator Press Taylor's offense. Jaguars coaches talked throughout the season about Lawrence's presence and knowledge of the offense. That must reveal itself in 2024 in quicker decisions, fewer turnovers and more consistent results in pressure situations. If it does, the Jaguars should win the AFC South with a chance for a deep postseason run.

Brian Sexton, Senior Correspondent

  • What I want to see from Lawrence in '24: What I want to see from Trevor Lawrence in 2024: Take better care of the football. He has not done a good job of that. Even when the Jaguars were 8-3 last season, turnovers were a problem.

J.P. Shadrick, Reporter/Editor

  • What I want to see from Lawrence in '24: Better protection of the football – as there were too many lost fumbles last season. Also, take more control of in-game situations, improve awareness on third-down and take advantage of defensive lapses. No matter who the Chiefs have on the field on offense, they always have Patrick Mahomes. That means they have a chance. Lawrence should be the same way, a player that has the smarts and ability to overcome almost any level of adversity week after week.

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