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Leonard Fournette - Saturday, August 25, 2018

(On his thoughts on his production tonight) "Coach was telling me how their defense was going to play it and to be patient and trust your run gaps and run scheme and it came open."

(On how he felt about the injury to Marqise Lee) "It definitely hurts, and not just from a football point of view. He's your brother, so I told everyone to send a strong prayer tonight because you hate to see one of your fellow teammates and one of your brothers go down."

(On his comfort level as a receiver) "I've been doing it. It just opens it up for the running game and the passing game."

(On how it felt to keep drives going on third down) "It felt good. It's something we always practice and something I always believed I had in me and Coach is giving us the opportunity and trusting the running backs as a whole and taking shots for us."