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Leonard Fournette - Saturday, July 27, 2019

(On how his daughter is) "She's good. My son too, they're both good.

(On if they did anything fun during the break) "I took them pretty much everywhere. I did enough working out, felt like I was in great shape and I just—probably for the last two weeks, just took them places like the jump place, a waterpark, rode go-carts, stuff like that."

(On how he feels about his performance in the first three days of camp) "It's only been three days, so it's the usual. You're trying to get back into rhythm with the team, trying to get everybody on the same page also. I think Nick (Foles) is doing a great job with communicating with the wide receivers and running backs and the things he wants from everyone. So, we're kind of just following Nick's lead right now."

(On if he will benefit from his relationship with Running Backs Coach Terry Robiskie) "Oh yeah, most definitely. He goes off his past places, the past players he's coached. One of his favorites like Julio (Jones). He tells us how Julio was and I take heed and listen. How he prepared Julio for games, how he would practice him in practice, how he lined him up just to get ready to get the ball during the games. So, I take heed into that a lot."

(On his expectations for himself this season) "I'm not going to say for myself, but for the team, just to win. Anything is better than last year, most definitely."

(On if his hamstring injury in last year's season opener was a surprise to him or if it was a lingering issue) "No, it just happened in the game. I never had a problem with it during camp."

(On if he appreciates the 'lighter' approach to camp this year as opposed to last year) "I think most of us—I think we appreciate last season overall. I feel like a lot of things individually we all could have done just to get ourselves in better shape. Confidence wise, coming off a great season in 2017, I think last year kind of humbles a lot of us in some ways, so last year, it happened for a reason at the same time."

(On if he sees a difference in some guys) "Yeah, in everybody."

(On if they talk openly about seeing differences in one another) "No, no. You see it in the way guys practice. You know some guys who kind of lack in effort, they're not showing it this year. So I think last season kind of woke a lot of guys up."

(On the team's comradery) "It's always been there. That's not going to go anywhere. At the end of the day, we're brothers. Despite of what we all go through, we're brothers, so that's going to be there always."

(On if he learned something from the 2018 season) "Yes, most definitely. Just taking camp and pretty much this whole season to a different approach than last year. Like I said, it's year three. Calais [Campbell] said yesterday year three is when you find out which guys are really like that. I'm hoping for it."

(On his approach this season) "It's not pressure at all. I've been playing this game for 23 or 24 years, so it's something I love to do. I take it serious, but just keep the same attitude, the same personality, just don't change knowing what's at stake and just have a better year than last year."

(On what he thought of Jalen Ramsey's training camp entrance) "I told him he needs to have some real money in the truck. It was cool, though."

(On why the tempo is different this season) "It's not just offensively. I think it's our whole camp. Last year, the leaders of the team kind of talked to [Head Coach Doug Marrone] about how camp was ran. We started off out of the gate full speed, whatever the case may be. I think he took head to that and really listened to us and took his time to really fix our camp schedule."

(On what it is like getting into Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo's scheme) "It's cool man. I love Coach Flip. He loves football. He loves everything about it. He loves his players. He loves coaching. We are just still learning from him and what he expects and what he wants."

(On the offensive installation) "It's pretty much the stuff from OTAs but has kind of thrown one or two wrinkles in there."

(On if the players have the responsibility to accomplish what they hope to accomplish if Coach Marrone listens to their advice on scheduling) "Most definitely, especially on one of our recovery days. It is kind of up to the leaders to make sure everyone follows what he wants, get [the other players] in line, get them intact. Also, whatever he commands, we just go through it and repeat to other players and we expect it to be done."