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Malik Jackson - Saturday, August 25, 2018

(On if he's excited for the regular season to start) "I'm always excited, it doesn't matter if it's the preseason or not, it gives us a chance to go out there against other men, rather than our guys, so it's always a joy. It's a dress rehearsal with this game being the third preseason game. I expect a lot more and I think we had a great showing." 

(On getting off to a fast start in tonight's game) "I just wanted to show up and show these coaches the culmination of camp with learning and bring it all together. This week, we were able to watch more film, so we had a little bit more of an understanding. It was like a real game plan and [I just wanted to] show the coaches that they can trust me and give us more to learn and more to do." 

(On the ability the defense has shown this preseason) "I think that we've shown a lot. We've shown growth and consistency and accountability and think that's the key thing right now. We just finished camp, so you know it's a blessing, but you've got to keep going so we have one more game to go." 

(On if this was a difficult training camp) "I'm starting to get more used to it. The first one, last year, was probably the worst one because we didn't know what to expect, we didn't have an understanding and we couldn't see the end goal so we had some fogginess in our way. This year, we were knowing what to expect and this year I took my time coming to OTA's and it worked out well for me and I may take more time next year"