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Day 2 wrap: Staying put

Day 2 Wrap Up Article

JACKSONVILLE – The Jaguars stayed put Friday.

And if General Manager Trent Baalke was tempted at times to make a move on Day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft, the end result was a day on which the Jaguars accomplished a couple of objectives:

  • They addressed the interior offensive line in a big way
  • They added more value on defense

"We felt like we could get the players that we were targeting where we got them and we were able to do that," Baalke said late Friday night at TIAA Bank Field.

The Jaguars did not have a selection in Round 2 Friday. They opened Round 3 by selecting University of Kentucky offensive lineman Luke Fortner No. 65 overall, then followed that by selecting Wyoming linebacker Chad Muma No. 70 overall.

The Jaguars had selected Georgia outside linebacker Travon Walker No. 1 overall Thursday, then traded three selections – Nos. 33, 107 and 180 – to select Utah linebacker Devin Lloyd No. 27 overall.

Baalke said the Jaguars never seriously considered trading up into Round 2 Friday.

"We didn't look at moving up," Baalke said. "It's not to say that we didn't have any interest in the wide receiver position, but the way the board fell we just weren't there. There are still guys on the board that we really like and if they're in the right round or right spot for us then we will address that."

Baalke said the same approach held in Round 3, where the Jaguars had two of the first six selections and none afterward.

"We just didn't feel like we needed to give up more capital to move up," Baalke said, adding that the Jaguars considered trading back from No. 65 and 70 with decisions "down to the wire."

"We were confident with making the picks at the time that we made them," he said. "I have just always been a firm believer that if there is a guy there that you like, then take them. You never can go wrong if you believe in the player. If you have him on the board in a position you would take him, then you take him. If you don't trust the board then it's hard to be confident during the draft."

Said Head Coach Doug Pederson, "You always pick the best one at the spot for you and you go with that and you trust it. You have to trust what we've done and what the scouts have done and that's how you build it."

Baalke said Muma's value prompted his selection at No. 70 despite having selected Lloyd the night before.

"There is nothing wrong with getting really good in one room," he said. "We always look at value. You're not going to take a player that you had rated three rounds later because you feel like you have a need there. Iron sharpens iron, so it's a lot better than getting average in other rooms and that's how we look at building the 53.

"It's easy to look and say you need somebody, but that person could get hurt and you're back to square one. My experience is to build rooms as strong as you can and get as much competition as you can possibly get because it makes that room that much better."

The Jaguars currently hold six more selections in the '22 draft:

  • No. 157 overall (Round 5)
  • No. 188 overall (Round 6)
  • No. 197 overall (Round 6)
  • No. 198 overall (Round 6)
  • No. 222 overall (Round 7)
  • No. 235 overall (Round 7)

"We obviously feel good about the moves we've made and now we have to put it all together and these guys have to come in and gel," Baalke said. "We're comfortable but there is still work to be done and we're going to continue to try to build these rooms and make them as strong as we possibly can make them."