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Nick Foles - Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tom Coughlin: (Opening Statement) "I was walking down the hall and one of our colleagues said, 'This is a good day.' Yes, this is a real good day. Yesterday, March 13, 2019, it launched the start of the new league year. This is a new day, and we charge ahead. This signing today signals change and a new start for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I am proud to introduce Nick and Tori Foles to you and the Jacksonville community today. Nick is the right person, the right quarterback for our team and our community and here are three reasons why. Nick is a winner. He has faced adversity early in his career, but through hard work and perseverance, he led his team to a Super Bowl championship in 2017 and in so doing, he was selected as the coveted Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. The next season – 2018 – Nick stormed back with his team again and very nearly brought his team to the NFC Championship game. Nick has earned the respect of his teammates, coaches, ownership and fans wherever he has been. We look forward to his building of relationships here in Jacksonville beginning today. People Nick has worked with from coaches to office personnel to video people to equipment all speak highly of his professionalism and his humility. We welcome Nick, his wife Tori, his daughter Lily and we look forward to calling them our neighbors. While this is certainly Nick's day, make no mistake, today, this is a team building day. Adding Nick to our roster has made our team better. Everything we do going forward will be with the intent of improving our team and preparing for the 2019 season. With singleness of purpose and with the concept of team above self, our goal is to bring a Super Bowl Championship here to Jacksonville. Now, I do have one request of Nick before I introduce them. That is that I hope every game in 2019 is like the Oakland game of 2013 where he threw seven touchdowns, no interceptions and a had a perfect 158.3 quarterback rating. It is my pleasure to introduce our quarterback, Nick Foles."

Nick Foles:(Opening Statement) "I'm really excited to be here. My heart is pounding in my chest just to be a part of Jacksonville and this community … First off, I want to thank Shad Khan and the Khan family for allowing me to be a part of this family, be a part of the Jaguars family. I want to thank [General Manager] Dave Caldwell, [EVP of Football Operations] Coach [Tom] Coughlin, [Head] Coach [Doug] Marrone, [Special Assistant to the GM] John Idzik for just working this last week to make this happen and just believing in me. This is where I wanted to be, and I couldn't be more thrilled. My wife and I as we were driving in today, we have been talking about all week, we couldn't believe that we get to be a part of such an amazing organization. We truly are blessed. The thing that I'm most excited about honestly is just getting to know my teammates. Being in the locker room, getting to know their personalities. That is why I play this game, to step in the huddle and play with the guys that I love, brothers. Those are the guys that I lean on. That's what makes a great team, that's what makes a great organization – that brotherhood. Honestly, that starts with getting to know one another. That all starts in April when we get together, and it will carry on into training camp and then to the season. I'm really blessed to be able to play this game. The good Lord has allowed me to go on Year 8 and be a part of Jacksonville. We are putting down roots. We are going to go look today and find a home. We have a daughter, Lily, that we are going to bring here and a dog, Henry. We couldn't be more thrilled to be in this community, be a part of it and get it going. I want to thank my agent, Justin [Schulman] for everything he has done. We have been through so much these last couple years, through the ups and downs of my career. He's been there every step of the way. Most importantly, I want to thank my wife, Tori. She has been there with me every step of the way. Once again, we have gone through so much. From her getting sick in 2013 and her battle every single day. She still battles like a champ every day with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. We're both very blessed, but I'm so grateful for you. This is going to be special."

Nick Foles: (On how gratifying it is to be cemented as the franchise's starting quarterback and why he will be wearing No. 7) "It's a really special moment in my career and my life to have a franchise like this believe in me and make me the franchise quarterback. Fortunately, throughout my career, I have learned so much about who I am as a person and a player. I am just going to be myself – nothing changes. Like I said, relationships … the team comes first. To do that, you have to know your teammates and get to know them and believe in one another. It takes every side of the ball to win. We are very blessed, very excited. No. 7 has actually always been my number. Since I was a kid, I always wore No. 7. I went to Michigan State and [Brian] Hoyer was No. 7, I went to Arizona, Willie Tuitama was No. 7. Philadelphia – Mike Vick [was No. 7]. It was retired in St. Louis. Kansas City – that was an interesting year. I was really coming back to football. Aaron Murray was No. 7 at the time, but I wore No. 4 to honor my wife. She was No. 4 in college when she played football. When I went back to Philadelphia, I wore No. 9. This was the first opportunity where I could go back to my roots – my high school and my childhood and I was just playing free like that and wear my No. 7. I'm very honored to wear No. 7."

Tom Coughlin:(On balancing the idea of wanting to be a run-centric offense versus also wanting to play to Nick Foles' strengths) "I don't think Nick will have any trouble handing the ball off. We believe in balance. I think it's the factor which allows and helps the quarterback to be able to run the ball, to be able to keep defenses off balance, to not know whether you are going to run or throw. To bring Nick in here and have the ability to open up when you have to and the two-minute offense for example, which has been something he's done well. What we truly believe is that this quarterback, this young man gives us the best chance to win."

Nick Foles:(On when he knew Jacksonville was the team he wanted to play for and on his relationship with Jaguars Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo) "Ever since I become a free agent and we gave the buy back to Philadelphia and knew we were going to be free, Jacksonville was always on top of the list of the teams that I was looking at as a potential [team to sign with]. You really don't know throughout the process because it just opened up this week. Early on this week, as we were talking and negotiating, I knew right then that this was going to be the place that my family and I would be and we would be able to be a part of this community and this team. Coach [John] DeFilippo over here is someone that I've been on the biggest stage with. We have gone through so much together. We know each other's personalities. He knows how I like to play the game, what my tendencies are. We know how to work together, so that is something that is great. When you go into a new team, it is not always that way where you are familiar with someone. I am really familiar with 'Flip,' so I'm excited about that."

Tom Coughlin: (On what he saw from Nick Foles when he coached for the Giants) "He was 2-0. That's it. He made the plays when he had to make them. Of course, their defense played well against us also. His stature, the way he carries himself, the way his teammates believe in him – those were all things taken into consideration."

Nick Foles: (On how the many twists and turns in his career have prepared him for this moment) "I think through all the ups and downs, I just sort of figured out who I am. I think a lot of times, especially in the NFL, you sort of lose your identity or this [football] just becomes who you are and deep down there is something more inside of you than that. I think the greatest year of football I had was St. Louis (2015) because I lost the joy of football and I was going to step away. Without that season, I wouldn't be the player I am today or the person I am. That's through the trials of life. I have talked about the trials and the ups and downs and it's all come down to that I'm not afraid to speak on what's really going on in my life or my heart and how to overcome it. I'm not afraid to speak that way with my teammates, so they know. Because the more transparent and real I can be, it's important. When I step on the field, I want my teammates to know that this is who I am. I'm not this way on the field and then I leave the stadium or I leave the facility, and I'm one way. This is who I am as a person. It's those ups and downs through football and through life that have made me equipped to handle this. Again, this is a new challenge for me. This is something that I look forward to because it is a challenge. It takes faith."

Nick Foles: (On what he sees as the No. 1 challenge and area that this team has to grow in and that he can help with) "I think the big thing for me in any team sport and especially football is the locker room and just getting to know one another. It's a cohesive unit, the teams I've been on. Obviously, there is so much talent here. There are great coaches, great players. It's just bonding in the locker room and getting to know one other and going out there and creating that brotherhood. Like I said, I know it's already begun here, and I'm a new player here, so I have to get to know everyone. That's really it. We want to complicate football with Xs and Os and that is such an important part of the game, but the most important part is the locker room and that relationship thing. That is where my focus has always been and always will be."

Nick Foles: (On how he is a different person as a result of his struggles in St. Louis) "I think at that time I was going to a new place, a new team. Something like this – you are going to a new team, but you are still trying to figure yourself out as a player and as a person. I was going into Year 4. I had been injured the year before, and I didn't know how I really wanted to play the game. It really wasn't until going to Kansas City and coming back to Philly before the Super Bowl run where I was able to sit down and watch film. I know it's been talked about a lot about – the 150-play cutup that the staff made to where I could watch and see myself read and react in 2013 and 2014 and how I was playing. It was pure. It was like I played in high school – just pure. It was gut reaction. Read and react. I obviously was prepared. At that point, I realized I was having so much fun. I wasn't thinking. I was making throws I had not made in a while. I had guys around me, the ball was being spread and it was just a different energy about it. From there, I just sort of carried on. It was really just going back to who I am. That was a big reason I wanted to wear No. 7 – that is back to my roots. That in a nutshell is what it is."

Nick Foles: (On how his wide range of experiences in his career has shaped him) "It shaped me in to who I am as a person and football player. The thing I realized throughout all of that is that it is about the team. It is about the locker room. It is about playing with one another. There are so many games that I have played in that our defense comes up big at the end, our special teams does. That is why I believe in great team football. That is how you win in this league. With that, you have to have a cohesive unit. Teams I have played on, including last year, know that when the offense has the ball at the end of the game in the playoffs, two-minute drill, they are going to go out and watch [with] popcorn because they know we can go down and score. They can't wait to watch us. They are going to get us the ball, we are going to go score. That is the belief system that you have to create by going out there and doing it every single day, by your personality. That is how you can win games – the belief. The defense believes in the offense, the offense believes in the defense and the special teams holds everything together. That is why I love this game because it literally takes every single person every single game."

Doug Marrone:(On how comforting it is as a coach to know what you are going to get out of a guy at the QB position and how he thinks the offense will evolve) "First of all, I think that is what a coach is looking for in all players – the consistency that you can get week in and week out and the process that you have to go through to create that consistency. It changes week to week because there are going to be different challenges. Obviously going through all the background and watching Nick, you were able to see everything. With John [DeFilippo] being here, it's a big plus for us, too and knowing how to prepare. Like I said before, we feel very comfortable with where we are now. Now, it's just a matter of Nick going into the locker room with the other players and getting that chemistry and knowing them and knowing your teammates. As far as for us on offense, we have a good feel for what he likes, what he likes to do and we are able to build that and put the installation in and have everyone on offense learn and go. It's always important – the consistency. You want that from everyone. Obviously the quarterback position is extremely important – the most important position. But you need that in all the players for consistency. As far as the offense, now we feel very comfortable with knowing what Nick can do. There will be some things that we are both challenged with that we want to do better, that we are going to get to work on. But at the same time, getting our players used to the way we want to play, how we want to play and what we want to do from the passing game standpoint …"

Nick Foles: (On when the dots started connecting with him and the Jaguars) "It's a very unique situation with Philadelphia. My wife and I loved Philadelphia like we said. That is why we sent thank you letters. That city will always mean so much to us and they know that. But the Saints game happened and you sort of take a step back and you take a breath and for me and my family, it was so important that we get away [after the season] and don't really think about much. Shortly after, I was talking to Justin [Schulman], my agent, and my wife and I wanted to know where I was going to be and what was going to happen. Ultimately, we bought back our right to free agency by paying back the bonus because we wanted to be free. We felt like it was that time in our life to pursue leading a team. Jacksonville was always right there. I was intrigued. You never know what a team is going to do, but it is always a team that I always watched from afar and always thought highly of. Obviously, this organization has had a lot of success the last couple of years. Right off the bat."

Nick Foles: (On if he pinches himself and reflects on the fact that he's an icon in Philadelphia) "I think the big thing is that we have been very blessed. We have been able to do this with a lot of amazing people and have a platform to do a lot of good. To continue this on with Jacksonville, this is where I want to finish my career and this is ultimately like I said, where we are going to put down roots. I don't know if it is ever something I'm going to be able to sit back and realize, 'Wow, that really happened.' It's been a wild ride, but we are so grateful for everything that happened, and we are looking forward to it continuing on."

Dave Caldwell: (On at what point he realized it was a possibility that the Jaguars would acquire Foles and how far he was willing to go if Philadelphia wouldn't let Foles go) "First off, we felt like it would be a possibility that he would hit the market. We thought Philadelphia had the opportunity to franchise [tag] him. We were not sure, but we thought that would be tough for them to do considering their current cap. Once they decided not to franchise him at the [NFL] Combine, we heard immediately reports that he was going to Jacksonville. I don't know if you guys saw that. (laughter) After the combine, [Foles agent] Justin [Schulman] called me on Monday night and he was like, 'Are you guys interested?' I said, 'Hey, we will call you next Monday and do the appropriate thing.' I think through the whole process as you know, we looked to upgrade our team. We felt like Nick was the guy that could do that for us and I talked to Coach Coughlin, Coach Marrone, Coach DeFilippo and went through our end of season evaluations and free agent reports and unanimously decided that he was the guy we would go for."

Dave Caldwell: (On if there was ever a point that the Jaguars thought about trading for Foles) "We didn't get to that point because we were going to wait to see how it all played out. If they did franchise that, we would have discussed that at that point and time."

Nick Foles:(On if there is a different preparation approaching the challenge of preparing as a 16-game starter) "I think the big thing is that routine is so important. Throughout my years in the NFL and playing with different guys and being in different quarterback rooms, I sort of found a rhythm that works for me during the week whether it is film prep or recovering the body, recovery after games. I think the thing that I have to really focus on is staying in the moment, being present in that moment. It is a long season, especially with the preseason and then you go to the playoffs. There is a lot of work that goes into it. Really, just focusing on the moment, the task at the hand. I already know a rhythm that I've done and obviously I will adjust as it goes here, but knowing that I know that is really important."

Tom Coughlin: (On how much of a factor Nick Foles' body of work was when signing him) "Obviously, you do your due diligence. You go back to when he was drafted, what he did in college and you analyze all of those things. You think through each year, how things happened to him, how he progressed, but it is very difficult not to recognize under what circumstances he came into play in both [the last two] seasons and how he responded. In order to be able to do that, you have to be on your game because you never know as backup quarterback when you are going to get your chance. When the opportunity came, obviously his teammates believed in him. They didn't skip a beat. They just kept playing and playing and did some amazing things and the same thing happened this year. All of that was taken into consideration."