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O-Zone: All four quarters

JACKSONVILLE – Victory Friday.

Let's get to it … Tom from Section 141 and the Mean Streets of Nocatee:
I'm starting to feel it, Zone ... I mean, I'm really starting to feel it ... do you feel it, Zone? #Spiritof96
John: In a day, I probably will re-think this answer, because in a day, I will have had time to think about all of the reasons this isn't 1996. I also will have had time to realize that doing what the Jaguars did that season is once-in-a-lifetime stuff. I'll probably realize, too, that this version of this team is making too many mistakes and not playing consistently enough to realistically think of going on that sort of run. But you know what? That's tomorrow. This is Friday, and as Friday dawns in Duval the Jaguars are 4-6 and a half-game out of first place in mid-to-late November. So, do I feel it? Yeah … why the heck not?
Jason from Da'Hass:
Could you please not post any "angry-we-won" questions today? I'd like to just enjoy a day-after-win O-Zone without all of the Debbie Downers. Thanks.
John: Nah. I like the angry-we-won questions. They're kinda cute.
Dylan from Houston, TX:
Dear, John … I know the Jags won but when are we going to see a game that we don't rely on LUCK?
John: See? Isn't that cute?
Ryan from as Vegas, NV:
On this Bold Rush night I have a bold prediction for you: the Jaguars will have a Sunday or Monday night game next season. I base that on having young offensive talent; offense sells.
John: So do playoff teams … whoa!! Who said that?! What!?
Jeremy from South Korea :
You said "building process." Gus said "it's built." Which one is it?
John: I assumed from the start that when Gus Bradley said "it's built" in September he meant the Jaguars had enough talent at all positions to be competitive. I didn't think he meant that the Jaguars had enough front-line talent to be a dominant, close-the-door Super Bowl contender. I believe the Jaguars for the first time under Bradley and David Caldwell have starting-level players at pretty much every position. I also believe they're several playmakers and some added maturity from being a double-digit victory team. But they're getting there, and that's why I think the process is still progressing.
Michael from Newport News, VA:
I think I have aged a few years this season. The stress is getting to me. But it is better than the last few years of total dissatisfaction.
John: Get ready to age some more. These close games aren't going away.
Greg from Section122 and Jacksonville:
Great, they won. They also struggled against a team they should have beaten with ease. Even the commentators were stating the entire secondary of the Titans was backup players due to injuries. So yeah … we got the win, but to say we were good is stretching it. BTW, the Cardiac Cats thing has been around a long time. Nothing new.
John: (Yawn)
Richard from Las Vegas, NV:
One thing I will say about my Jags this game...much, much improved tackling from early in the season.
John: Your email was the first I'd thought about tackling in a while, and there's a reason – that the Jaguars indeed do seem to be tackling better than early in the season. Safety Johnathan Cyprien, in particular, appears to be improved in the areas. That's one reason they're playing consistently well against the run. For the most part, when the Jaguars have a chance to get a guy down they have been getting him down.
Chick from Summerville, SC:
One way I see improvement is when one phase of our game struggles, another steps it up. Here's to the defense and special teams Friday.
John: And here's to the offense between the 20s.
Brett from Seattle, WA:
So how 'bout that Telvin Smith dude?!
John: That Telvin Smith dude is turning into a special player right before our eyes – maybe a future Pro Bowl players. Here's the thing about Smith: once a game he's going to make a mistake of effort and exuberance that makes you go, "Huh?" And three or four other times a game he's going to make a play of effort, exuberance and athleticism that makes you go, "Oh, golly, golly, golly gee … that was better than Christmas!" You'll accept the one mistake because anything that's better than Christmas is awesome.
Paul from Jacksonville:
How do you feel about A-Rob for the Pro Bowl? Who else on this team do you feel deserves to be in that conversation?
John: I'm all for it. Telvin Smith and Roy Miller.
Mark from High Springs:
Did Bradley appear to go for it on fourth down to draw the Titans into using a timeout, or did the timeout give Bradley time to consider the field goal?
John: I can't speak for Titans interim head coach Mike Mularkey's decision-making, though I did think the Titans' conservative approach in the fourth quarter helped the Jaguars. I can tell you that the Titans using their final timeout helped Bradley to decide to kick the field goal. Once the Titans used it, that made the task of going the length of the field to score a touchdown all the more difficult.
Gae from Washington, DC:
Shout out to special teams this week. Myers had five touchbacks on six kickoffs (with the one being returned to the 19) and hit all four of his field goals. Anger punted well. And Rashad Greene's return was turning point we needed. In another ugly game where we lost the turnover battle, special teams was probably the difference.
TJ from Loretto, KY:
John, you can't help but like Blake's honesty and respect he showed in his postgame interview, saying he needs to limit picks for the team to take a leap forward, but I'll say what he wouldn't: he also needs more time to throw consistently.
John: I haven't had a chance to watch the game again, so I'll say this knowing that the view from the press box is often incorrect: but I thought Bortles held the ball a bit too long in a lot of situations on Thursday. The Titans have a good defensive front and this is the NFL: defensive linemen are going to get pressure. Quarterbacks have to have a feel for the rush and know when to get rid of the ball at times. Bortles has had some issues there this season, and he seemed to have them again Thursday. At first glance.
Steve from Hudson, FL:
How does the protocol for concussions work? I watched the independent observers review tape and made Hoyer of the Texans take tests after a sack on Sunday, but did nothing after Walker slammed his head off the turf and then into the wall. Gus had to tell the officials Walker had to come out for a play per rule. It is kind of confusing to me.
John: It's sort of confusing to a lot of people, and there are a lot of levels to the protocol – in game, out of game, etc. What you're talking about is the in-game. Independent observers are indeed supposed to check players for symptoms, but it's a fast game with a lot of moving parts. They do the best they possibly can, but it's difficult to monitor all players on every play.
Tom from Orlando, FL:
I gotta tell you: obviously the win was the priority, but the dirtier those uniforms got, the better they looked. Way to win one with some grit.
John: Grit means gold. Grrrrrrrrr.
Kyle from Palm Harbor, FL:
John, isn't it funny how the hosts of a certain postgame show talk about the Jags as if they're a joke, yet they will talk non-stop about the Cowboys with the utmost respect, even though they have half the wins the Jags do? Feel free to share your opinion.
John: I think gambling jokes are funny. And Lewis C.K. And Larry David. And Bill Burr. Postgame NFL talk shows? Meh.
Mike from Elberton, GA:
I know of your intense dislike of Boselli, but the guy was All-Pro out of the box and might even be the best left tackle in the game during the seasons he actually played. Period. Every tackle doesn't have to be considered horrible just because they don't attain such a high level. Ok. Speaking of, do you think Boselli google searches his own name just to read about himself?
John: You're right. And yes.
Brian from Greenwood, IN:
I have been watching football for close to 40 years, and I can honestly say I have no idea what is considered a catch. Douglas, caught the ball, secured it, and made a football move. Further, how that play was not even reviewed is a complete mystery. When will the NFL stop the nonsense?
John: I have nothing to add to that …
Morgan from Jacksonville:
That stadium was LOUD. All four quarters. Holy crap that was awesome.
John: … or that.

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