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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Marc from Jacksonville:
Regarding the roster predictions that circulate this time of year, do you see the Jags finding a way to keep the top four running backs on their depth chart as well as a fullback? Or does that No. 4 back lose his spot to the fullback? Perhaps they make room for all five by whittling the offensive-line numbers and stashing some young big guys on the practice squad?
John: I wrestled with this on my analysis that will run on this week. There's a chance the Jaguars keep four running backs – Leonard Fournette, Chris Ivory, T.J. Yeldon and Corey Grant – in addition to a fullback. Grant has shown enough ability to make this worthwhile, and Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell earlier this offseason said it was possible. But when trying to get the roster to 53, keeping four running backs and a fullback is tricky – especially if you're trying to keep three quarterbacks, nine offensive linemen and six wide receivers. Special teams seem likely to play a huge factor in the decision-making on this front, and Grant probably needs to have a big role there to make the roster.
Marc from Oceanway:
Had a great day in the park sitting in the SUN, PASSing time listening to music, feeling the rays of the SUN, PASSing a football to and fro. Oh, and we got to the park very quickly because we have a SUNPASS. #sunpass
John: #Sunpass #Forever #Neverforget
John from Jacksonville:
I am curious what you observed of Tom Coughlin in the few OTAs and minicamp practices you saw. Was he on the field coaching them up? Was he following behind Coach Marrone every step? Or was he on the sidelines with the other execs?
John: Tom Coughlin now is the executive vice president of football operations and not a head coach – and people seem to think he will he struggle with that reality. This did not appear the case during OTAs or minicamp, during which Coughlin was on the field observing drills but in no way appearing intrusive or overbearing on Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone or other coaches.
Matt from MATTcave (stop changing it to Man cave!):
You and I are feuding now, O-man. I challenge you to a duel.
John: Who is this?
Scotty from Points North:
John, would you compare arm strength, foot work, leadership styles, body size, and decision-making between Blake Bortles and backup quarterback Brandon Allen? I know there isn't much to go on so early in the process, but surely you have some insight. How do Allen's teammates respond to him in the huddle and at practice? Have you ever heard anyone behind the scenes say this may be his time this year? Thanks.
John: Arm strength for Bortles and Allen seem relatively similar, and I'm not enough of a quarterbacking expert to know which guy had the superior footwork. You can't tell much about leadership style or decision-making in the offseason. I have seen nothing either last preseason or the offseason that just ended to make me think Allen is a better or equal option to start at quarterback than Bortles.
Mike from Navarre, OH:
In his recent interview, Todd Wash seemed as annoyed with the OTTO and LEO terms as we, the fans, were. Does this imply it was actually something Gus Bradley insisted on?
John: I think Wash by last season was ready to move on from the Otto/Leo terms because I think he thought the terms "linebacker" and defensive end were just as effective. I also think Wash was ready to make adjustments to the defense, which he did this offseason. Did Bradley insist on using the terms? I don't know that there was a conversation in which Bradley said "We must use these terms," but it was his defense brought from Seattle, so using the terms made sense.
Rob from Brunswick, GA:
Jason Isbell is playing St. Augustine Amphitheater July 22 in case you missed it somehow. Looks like you get to cross something off your bucket list.
John: I do know Isbell's in St. Augustine that weekend. I also know I'm out of town. I also know I've seen Isbell once, so I know what I'm missing.
Kevin from Jennings:
Will Cam be playing Tackle or Guard?
John: This remains to be seen. Cam Robinson was drafted in the second round from Alabama in April, and he will compete with Branden Albert in training camp at left tackle. I anticipate Albert will be the left tackle next season with Robinson playing guard. I anticipate that Robinson will play tackle for the Jaguars relatively soon after that and that he will most likely be a left tackle for the long term.
Glen from Orange Park, FL:
How long does it take for a college player to reach the NFL level in regards to strength, stamina, technique, etc.? In other words, when can we safely know what we have in a player? I ask this with the offensive line in mind and wonder if our own players aren't still young enough to improve significantly run blocking?
John: Different players take different amounts of time to reach their potential in terms of strength and size, but it can take about three years for rookie linemen to reach NFL-man size and strength. Some reach it earlier while some never do. I do think some Jaguars offensive linemen can still benefit from this type of maturity. I also think the line will benefit from some offseason personnel changes and improved health.
John from Lake Alger, NC:
I haven't heard much about the big guy, Marquez Williams. And I know it's hard to report about fullbacks in non-padded practices. But, how does he look? Athletic? Big? Overwhelmed?
John: Good. Yes. Yes. No.
Herbert from MidState Office Supply Accountz Receevables :
Is James Sample still on the team? If so, why?
John: Why wouldn't he be? He was a fourth-round selection in the 2015 NFL Draft, and has good size and athleticism for the safety position. He has spent much of his first two seasons on injured reserve, and probably needs to stay healthy and play very well in training camp and preseason to make the roster. But for now, there are 90 players on the Jaguars' offseason roster. There's no reason not to have a player with Sample's potential on the team in the offseason.
Travis from High Springs, FL:
John, I just wanted to say something about a recent answer you gave about team loyalty. I grew up a diehard Florida Gators fan and Jacksonville got the Jaguars when I was really young, so I've been a diehard fan of them as well. I remember Peyton Manning playing for Tennessee; I was 18 years old when he got drafted by the Colts, and not long after that he was dominating my favorite NFL team. I used to think, "Man, I can't get rid of this guy … I hate him." As I got older and he got closer to the end of his career, I realized what a privilege it had been for me to watch his career and see him play live so many times when I was a season-ticket holder. When he finished with the Broncos, I was pulling for him so hard every year to win the Super Bowl. He ended up being one of my favorite players of all-time, and I'll stand toe-to-toe with anyone who thinks I'm not a Jags fan. Loyalty for team aside, you have to realize greatness when you see it. And I think Peyton Manning is about as great as we'll ever see.
John: I had much the same experience growing up following the NBA. For much of his career, I rooted against Magic Johnson. This was because I was a Seattle SuperSonics fan and the ascendency of Johnson's Lakers marked the demise of the late 1970s/early 1980s Sonics. I "hated" Johnson through much of the 1980s, then found myself admiring his greatness and pulling for the Lakers in the latter part of the decade. It happens. It didn't make me less of a Sonics fan. I'd like to think it just made me a basketball fan and a marginally mature human being. OK, probably just the former.
Admando from Vacaville, CA:
Do any of our rushers have Tony Brackens-like potential?
John: Both Yannick Ngakoue and Dante Fowler Jr. have potential to be impact players at or near the level of Brackens. They perhaps could even be better than Brackens. Ngakoue has the ability to push for double-digit sacks on a regular basis, something Brackens had the ability to do. Fowler has the athleticism and suddenness to make impact plays the way Brackens did. Can either player fulfill that potential and have the game-changing impact of Brackens? We'll see.
Geoff from Jacksonville:
Heading to Vegas in a week. Going to put some money on the Jags winning the AFC South. Don't try to talk me out of it.
John: Go big or go home.

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