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O-Zone: Deep discussion

Believe it or not, logo fever continues. We'll keep it going for now – not through the weekend, most likely – but for now. And just think. The uniforms aren't out yet. Fun, fun, fun.

Let's get to it . . .

Brian from Greenwood, IN:
Wow! Who would have thought that a freaking logo would matter so much to so many people?
John: Shad Khan, most likely.
Michael from Jacksonville:
I'm starting to hate logo questions as much as I hate Tebow questions.
John: Mm-hmm.
Scott from Kings Bay, GA:
Obviously, Gene Smith made horrible decisions in choosing free agents, as with everything else, and especially with Clint Session and Laurent Robinson. Why did he not, for example, have the thickness of their skulls ultrasonically measured to assess risk of concussions? Or heck, just cut around the circumference of the skull, pop off the top, take some measurements, then just sew it back on? We could've changed the team name to the Munsters! I hope this Caldwell guy is more knowledgeable in the ways of neuroscience that that Gene guy was.
John: Your sarcasm was perhaps a bit lost in your tangenting email, but your point in one sense is well-taken. It also goes beyond how Jaguars fans now perceive the regime of Gene Smith. The risk of concussions has thrown a new element into roster management, increasing the possibility that players' careers could end in an untimely manner. The risk, of course, always existed, but cases where two players being acquired in back-to-back seasons face immediate career situations are likely to be more common now.
Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville:
One thing I think gets missed is that unlike other cities, our stadium is used very little outside football season. The new, improved large screens could attract more acts to Jacksonville. Concerts would sound/look better with the improvements.
John: Mark Lamping and Shad Khan certainly don't miss your point. A big part of the push for the new video boards is exactly what you say – raising the profile of Jacksonville by not only having the biggest, boldest, baddest video boards, but by using them to attract bigger games – such as the national college football championship games – and other high-profile acts. This bunch is committed to new ways to promote and build Jacksonville, and this is one possibility.
Joseph from Statesboro, GA:
Maybe teams that commit to running quarterbacks will have a stable of them on the team and constantly refresh it every year through the draft in later rounds; in a way, it would deemphasize the hardest position in football to draft and let you select from a pool of talent that other teams may not be interested in – like 3-4 linebackers. Teams can win with a stable of running backs, right?
John: This is a sound theory on paper – in practice, probably not so much. Remember, the offenses with running quarterbacks typically work with quarterbacks of special skill and arm talent. It's hard enough to find one of those. You might have a stable, but if you have a stable of sub-par horses, you're still not going to win a lot of races.
Howard from Homestead, FL:
What was it like kissing Bar Refaeli?
John: I may have been in that bar that night, but I was not to the point where I was kissing it. At the very least I won't admit it in this forum.
Fred from Naples, FL:
I have seen many videos of you. If you jumped out of any box you'd probably tear an ACL. The good news for us is that you could still do your column lying down.....sort of like you do now.
John: Shh.
Dennis from Duval County, FL:
Just a question regarding team writers like yourself: Vic went from Pittsburgh, to here, to Green Bay; you went from Indy to here; and Ganguli left here and went to Houston. Why all the turnover? Is it money, the team decides, change of scenery??
John: Actually, the media covering the Jaguars here in Jacksonville hasn't had an incredible amount of turnover. This industry is like any other, meaning people come and go for different reasons. Ganguli went to a bigger newspaper. I can't speak for my predecessor, but I believe he was on record something to the effect that it's about the money. As for me, this is home and I love Jacksonville and Duval County. I am obviously completely unmotivated by money, as the people handling my paycheck no doubt can attest.
Joe from Jefferson City, MO:
Hey O, there is an argument going in the comments section about how the biggest two plays of the "pro" Gabbert games were all Cecil Shorts. Now, I don't want to detract from what Shorts did, because he made a great catch in Minnesota and ran most of the 80 yards with the ball in his hands in Indianapolis, but how can Gabbert not get any credit on his good plays? We are supposed to tear a man down with every bad play we see, but any good play is all someone else overcoming Gabbert's horrible play. The big one I have a problem with is the touchdown at the end of the Vikings game. That ball had to be thrown to the outside, the defender had perfect coverage on the inside, but people call it a "hideous" throw because Shorts didn't stay on his feet?
John: You know why it was a good throw? Because it was a touchdown. But you're right – Gabbert does deserve credit for the throw against Minnesota. He put the ball in the only place Shorts could have caught it, and made a clutch throw in a clutch situation. He also played well most of the rest of that game, leading a very good drive in a pressure situation that ended with the throw to Shorts. Those moments undoubtedly are the ones on which the staff will try to build with Gabbert in the offseason. Now, the question must be asked, "What happened to Gabbert after that?" He had had a good preseason, then was effective in the opener. Too often after that the offense struggled too much. This will be a fascinating storyline because the Jaguars' receivers improved significantly it the second half of the season. Perhaps that improvement can benefit Gabbert if he's starting next preseason and regular season. We'll find out.
Jim from Villages, FL:
Starting our 19th year with the Jags and probably more excited now than the immediate past. Got tickets for London. What hotel are the Jags staying at? If the O-man goes we'll definitely share a pub crawl.
John: What worries me most about your idea is the potential for redefining "crawl."
Christian from Titusville, FL:
On running quarterbacks, I heard an interview with Joe Montana recently where he talked about running backs tapping their helmet to come out after a long gain (Gore in the Super Bowl), and at quarterback you can't do that. You take a lick, and you might have to thread one on the next play which is very hard to do. Thought it was interesting.
John: It's more than interesting. It's a fundamental reason many believe building with a running quarterback is very difficult to do. Credit Joe Montana here for rationally adding an element to the discussion that many analysts choose to forget.
Chris from Jacksonville:
I don't recall seeing this, but what was the length and value of Gus Bradley's contract?
John: Four years. The money has not been disclosed.
Bill from Jacksonville:
Hey, John: Thank you. Enough said.
John: Actually, that's not enough.
Duran from Rapid City, SD:
Do you think the early success of this franchise was/is the ultimate reason many fans are overly critical of decisions made by the organization? Maybe we got spoiled by such early success that we took it for granted. Are people aware that it took the New Orleans Saints over 10 years to finish above .500, let alone a playoff appearance(20 years). I feel good things are on the horizon, we just need to "Stand United", whether we as fans either agree or disagree.
John: Fans are overly critical of decisions made by the organization because they are fans. They always have been overly critical. It's just that now the internet, comments sections, twitter and blogs have given them a much more immediate and high-profile forum.
Sal from Jersey:
IN YOUR OWN OPINION and not what the Jaguar management may be hinting towards, please share with us what you think the top three player positions are that the Jaguars need to focus on.
John: Defensive end, defensive tackle and cornerback.
Houston from Aiken, SC:
John: Dude!?

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