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O-Zone: Draft-day surprise

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Will from Birmingham, AL:
As draft day is now here, the one thing that has become apparent is the Jags will not draft at No. 3. The Lions and Bills are looking to get into the Top 5. If Clowney is not taken No. 1 overall, the Jags likely will move up to No. 2. The dream scenario for the Jags really is that Watkins, Manziel and Mack are all on the board at No. 3 and a bidding war ensues for their pick. What say you?
John: What say me? I'd say it's a testament to the uncertain nature of this year's draft that I really don't see your certainties as being all that … well, certain. I think there's a fairly good chance the Jaguars do use the No. 3 overall selection and I don't think it's likely the Jaguars move up to No. 2 whoever goes No. 1. I do think your dream scenario is pretty accurate, though – if you're the Jaguars, you want as many coveted players available at No. 3 to drive up the price for the pick. That's not to say they would necessarily trade, but the more options the better.
Freddie from Stuart, FL:
Do you think we will trade down with the No. 3 pick?
John: If the Jaguars get the right offer, yes.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
What do you think of the broadcasting changes and not having Brian Sexton as the Voice of the Jaguars? I always thought he was excellent and a big part of the Jaguars' tradition. He will be truly missed, in my opinion.
John: Brian Sexton is indeed a huge part of the Jaguars' tradition, and he certainly be missed by many. I "have two dogs in the hunt" on this one, because I consider Sexton and new play-by-play man Frank Frangie friends. I have known Sexton since 1995 and I worked with Frank and we have remained close since I started at the Florida Times-Union in 1988. Sexton was the Voice for 19 years and he now has a role in Jaguars digital media; Frangie is a prominent radio voice in Jacksonville and I'm confident he'll do a great job as play-by-play guy. Best wishes to them both.
Mitch from Fleming Island, FL:
Bravo to the Jags' organization for sending the Bold City Brigade off in style Thursday morning at JIA to the draft. There is something special about this organization and its fans.
John: You're talking about members of the Jaguars' organization meeting the Bold City Brigade at Jacksonville International Airport Wednesday as the BCB headed for New York for the draft. You're right: there is something special about the organization and its fans. When the BCB folks in New York find their way back to their hotel sometime Thursday afternoon, perhaps they'll read this.
Jess from Section 106:
One fer not thinking anymore and drinking deep in the last-minute suspense and anticipation. And then, when that name is called, drinking deep into an I-10 and waiting for Round 2. It's here John; by God it's here!
John: Wait! What?
James from Atlantic Beach, FL:
I was doing a little reading and I noticed that Andre Branch only had one sack as a rookie but he had six sacks last year. It sure would be nice to see him show a similar progression this year.
John: I was doing a little math and noticed that if he makes similar progression this year he'll have 11 sacks. I'm very clever when it comes to analytics.
Tyler from Oradell, NJ:
No question here, just a quick story. I grew up, and live in, New Jersey. I have been a Jaguars fan since the team's inception; when I was seven years old. There aren't many Jaguars fans around here. But thanks to the power of this website, and #JaguarsTwitter, I've been able to become a part of something so much larger, which really makes a long-distance fan feel a lot more connected. Now that I'm working in NYC, and just 3 blocks away from Radio City Music Hall, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience the draft, and meet 100 new friends that have made the trip up. I may be from New Jersey, but I'm #DTWD.
John: Very cool. Have a great weekend.
Joseph from Jacksonville:
I was the first one-fer Johnny back in January or February. Now it's the day of the draft and I am going to stick with my guns and make this bold prediction: They still indeed take Manziel with their first pick (even if trading up to two or down) AND they take another quarterback with one of the fourth-round picks. As of right now Henne is the only viable quarterback on the roster. They are definitely drafting one in the first and fourth rounds. Manziel is the only player you can draft in the first round that if he turns out to be a bust, ANY GM deserves a free pass. It's worth finding out.
John: Hey, one last one fer Johnny – but as far as any definites or guarantees … well, apparently some people know a lot more than me.
Chris from Green River, WY:
Why is it that David Caldwell's comments regarding Justin Blackmon were front-page news? Didn't he say the same exact thing a few months back? Is the media THAT desperate for a story?
John: Caldwell did say pretty much the same thing about Blackmon a few months back – that the Jaguars were essentially approaching the offseason as if they wouldn't have Blackmon and that they would welcome him back if they did have him. Caldwell's comments Friday at the pre-draft luncheon that he would be "relatively surprised" if the team had Blackmon were a bit stronger and therefore worth a story, but they don't change the Jaguars' offseason strategy at receiver.
Ed from Jacksonville:
Is Sexton replacing you?
John: What's a "Sexton?"
Bill from Jacksonville:
I've seen it written a few times the last few weeks that the Jaguars are not an option as a trade partner if the Texans want to move down because they are in the same division. Maybe this made sense 20 or 30 years ago, but that way of thinking is archaic. If the Jags offered the Texans a third- and fourth-round selection for the No. 1 pick to select Clowney, why are the Texans wrong for accepting the trade, simply because they are in the same division as the Jaguars? The Texans could move down just a couple spots, get extra picks, and continue to build. The Jags could deal a couple extra picks and get the top player in the draft. If each team likes the deal they are getting, why does them being in the same division matter? Thanks! Go Jags!
John: David Caldwell said Friday trading within the division doesn't bother him, so yes, an in-division trade could happen. I never have understood why it's so taboo within the NFL, but apparently that's one taboo that doesn't bother Caldwell.
Josh from Springfield, KY:
Do you think taking Watkins and Tajh Boyd would be something to think about if you were Jacksonville?
John: I'm sure the Jaguars have thought about many, many scenarios and this is likely one of them. I doubt they have thought about taking Watkins in the first round and Boyd in the second; that would seem too high for Boyd. But could Boyd join the Jaguars as a later-round selection … yeah, I'm sure that's something the Jaguars have considered – as well as countless other possibilities.
Wayne from Jacksonville:
Now that Brian Sexton is joining - what will his responsibility be versus yours?
John: He'll start off getting me coffee. We'll work things out from there.
Dan from Jacksonville:
John, with all of the information you have seen, in your opinion, who do you think the Jags will draft in Round 1 if they don't trade down? Also, if you were the Jaguars' general manager, who would you draft? Thanks and keep up the good work.
John: Sammy Watkins and Sammy Watkins, but it is the nature of this year's draft that there's a very real chance neither me nor anyone else projecting this thing has the first clue.
Hogfish from Mayport, FL:
So... who're we taking?
John: I'll tell you tomorrow. Or tonight, actually. Check back then.
Trae from Jacksonville:
I would really like your opinion on this. Tampa reportedly wants a second-round selection for Glennon. Henne's time is limited and Glennon wasn't terrible. Instead of drafting two quarterbacks how about a fourth for Glennon and one quarterback draft pick? We know Gus and Dave want to encourage competition. Wouldn't this be a nice mix? Your thoughts? Also assuming Tampa Bay accepted a fourth.
John: If Tampa Bay wants a second-round pick I don't think it's safe to assume they would accept a fourth. Also remember: David Caldwell passed on Glennon three times in the 2013 NFL Draft, so it's possible he doesn't believe Glennon is worth a fourth-round selection.
@DUVAL DOOM from Kingsland:
Geez I really hope you're surprised on Thursday. #DTWD
John: I'm sure I will be.

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