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O-Zone: Fine dining

JACKSONVILLE -- Fourth of July O-Zone Jody from Fort Pierce, FL:
Did we cut or are we going to cut Paul Posluszny? My wife ordered the new white jersey for me for Father's Day. It did not show up, and then yesterday we are told: sorry, that it isn't coming. Please tell me he is just so popular it is sold out and I still get to watch him play for the Jags. Oh, and tell them to make some more darn jerseys. I want mine – not a refund. Ugh...
John: Fear not, though I'm sorry you're frustrated enough to be saying, "Ugh." I mean that sincerely. "Ugh" is a difficult emotional state. I don't honestly know what went on with your order, but I do know you don't have to worry much about not watching Posluszny next season. He had a solid offseason, and he is what you want from a veteran during a regime change – a quality, intelligent leader capable of picking up the defense and passing it along to others. Besides, merchandising wouldn't know about a player transaction such as that, and that's certainly not the way such news would become known.
Josh from Neptune Beach, FL:
Coach Mularkey took away the entertaining Oklahoma Drill; any chance we get that back for training camp, or is it a thing of the past?
John: In terms of the Oklahoma Drill returning, I wouldn't worry about that.
Mike from Middleburg, FL:
I am now a season-ticket owner in The Jungle, mainly because of you, Mr. John O. I just like your style here in the O-Zone. You have pumped me up for the team this year.
John: Note to self. 1. Forward email to Mark Lamping. 2. Request raise. 3. Incur verbal reprimand. 4. Pack desk. 5. Contact Mike from Middleburg to see if he knows of "any openings."
Sam from Jacksonville:
So the Jaguars best friend in the media, Jason La Canfora, "reported" today that the city of Jacksonville won't be contributing the $44 million towards the new scoreboards as the mayor initially promised. Where does he come up with this garbage? What did Jax ever do to him to cause him to have such hate for this town and team?
John: I don't know La Canfora particularly well, but my experience is that national media members typically don't have a particularly like or dislike for cities. They report what they are told and/or what they believe after connecting dots accurately or inaccurately. La Canfora was foremost among those reporting recently that the Jaguars were a favorite to move to London. It's very likely La Canfora heard this from someone. People without intimate knowledge of Jacksonville and the Jaguars' organization tend to think this way – perhaps even some within league circles. Remember: what they think doesn't matter. Only what Jaguars Owner Shad Khan thinks and does matters with this story. I looked for a report by La Canfora on this matter in recent days. I didn't see one, so I assume he's referencing a recent report about the city not currently knowing where funds are coming from for the video boards. That's the sort of report you often hear between proposals and decisions, and it's the sort of report that national media tends to reference as evidence of things they believe. I wouldn't worry much about it beyond that.
Phil from Woodmere, NY:
Are we ever going to get to the point where we have archived game footage on If I wanted to watch a video of the '99 Jaguars against the Miami Dolphins in the playoffs from start to finish, how would I even go about doing that right now? Can I buy a copy from the NFL somehow?
John: The NFL owns the rights to old games, and limits their use pretty strictly. There's really no site that broadcasts these things, and teams are restricted with what they can streak on their website. To my knowledge, they don't sell old games, either. Tough answer, but the league is very protective of its properties.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Thanks for your answer- you have made me "football smarter"
John: Giddy-up.
Yazji from Jacksonville:
How much of an impact will the new rule have for MJD, who likes to bulldozer through opposing defenders for extra yards?
John: You're referring to the crown-of-the-helmet rule. I've said before and I'll again – like most rules, it will be an adjustment and there likely will be a period of outrage early in the season when there are a few penalties against head-lowering running backs and talk of a league gone soft. This rule might affect Jones-Drew early, but as great athletes tend to do, I expect him and other running backs to adapt accordingly.
Thomas from Jagsonville:
Please ask Khan to forbid Jags fans from chanting the "Move Those Chains" cheer after every first down. Frankly, it is stupid, lame and even embarrassing, but I'm afraid it will never go away unless someone puts a stop to it! New uniforms, new chant, please!!
John: Sorry, Thomas. I can't see Khan worrying too much about that. Besides, if fans like it and they keep chanting it, I don't know that I see the harm and I don't find it all that embarrassing. And believe me Thomas, I know all about embarrassing.
Lawrence from Jacksonville:
When is the first padded training camp practice?
John: It is scheduled for Wednesday, July 31.
Mikey from Tallahassee, FL:
So did Earny submit the same question twice, or was that you making jokes again?
John: What?
Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
I fail to see how "I have it wrong." Gabbert was drafted with the goal of him sitting behind Garrard for his first year and learning. Thought they had "lightning in a bottle?" No. Garrard played poorly in preseason, and was already semi-injured. The Jags realized he was on his way out and cut him. What happened a month later? His back blew out. I'm not sure any team would start Luke McCown if they thought they had "lightning in a bottle." Gabbert played 2011 because Garrard and McCown dropped the ball (no pun intended).
John: Easy there, big fella . . . If you read my answer, I think I said pretty much what you said. Now, hug it out. C'mon. Hug it out. Good . . . there? . . . good.
Mikey from Tallahassee:
So did Earny submit the same question twice, or was that you making jokes again?
John: What?
Awesome Bill from Dawsonville:
Jordan Rodgers' injury is very unfortunate. I was really looking forward to him showing some promise as a developmental player. Is it likely we'll see him healthy in training camp? I haven't heard much on his recovery lately.
John: Rodgers sports hernia injury indeed was unfortunate. It occurred in rookie minicamp, which kept him out of the rest of the offseason. Without question that puts him at a bit of a disadvantage with fellow rookie free agent Matt Scott participating in pretty much the entire offseason. Rodgers is expected to be healthy for training camp, and even though he may be a bit behind, he will have time to show the Jaguars he indeed has promise as a developing player.
Ryan from Duval:
Sbarro's? Really? I'd rather eat a Totino's pizza at 2 a.m. because they are actually good then.
John: Ryan, if you're telling me that you don't think a good Sbarro's is absolutely, positively the most authentic, best-tasting, delightful Italian dining experience . . . well, by Giuseppe, then I just don't know what to think.
Nick from Jacksonville:
You can't honestly lay there and tell me the Jags will have "home-field" advantage against the 49ers, who may have one of the hottest young quarterbacks in the league and are coming off a Super Bowl run. Not seriously.
John: Home-field advantage has nothing to do with one team or the other having a hot young quarterback, just as it has nothing to do with how either team did last year. Now, can I honestly tell you that the Jaguars will have a distinct home-field advantage in the London game next year? No. But I can tell that over time the Jaguars can develop a London fan base, and that's an objective right now.
Debbie from Savannah, GA:
Great job with the O-Zone! Why don't you "tweak" it a little and add some much-needed excitement during the Dead Zone. Be creative and I'm sure you'll come up with something great. What do you think Mr. Oehser?
John: Debbie, if I was going to get creative and come up with something great, I would have done it long ago. One thing I will tell you is it's awesome to write for an audience that knows so much about what I do, and has so much to offer. Just awesome.
Ian from Leeds, UK:
I'm sad to report a distinct lack of Sbarro's. I also think it should be mentioned that the Jags had fans here long before the prospect of playing in London!
John: I stopped reading after your first sentence. It's not a lack of respect for your email. I just had to take some time and rethink some things.

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