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O-Zone: Five more days

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Dave from Ada, OK:
A talented writer once said, 'I turn 47 soon, so I have no idea what you are talking about.' My phone says that day is Sunday, so, here's to hoping it is right, and you have yourself a great day, a cold case and a hella #Moodachay.
John: I'm unsure if I should feel gratitude or be very, very uncomfortable right now. I think I'll stay somewhere in between. But yeah, I'm 47 today – thanks for bringing it up.
Corey from Jacksonville:
Moodachay is a stupid word, but every time I get a glass of brown water in me I can't stop saying it. It's really driving me nuts. Please stop it. MOOOOOOODDAAAACCHAAAYY
John: #Moodachay
Troy from York, PA:
I watch shows on the NFL Network about great teams in the '90s and not one word is said about the '99 Jaguars. They had the best record in the NFL that year and almost broke all kinds of records. I believe if they would've made it to the Super Bowl instead of Tennessee they would've beaten St. Louis. #Moodachay.
John: I covered that team, and have a great deal of respect for Head Coach Tom Coughlin and many of the players. There are several reasons they're not remembered with other great teams of that decade, some of which are fair and many of which probably aren't. One is they didn't win the Super Bowl, and whatever the record, if you don't win it, you're not placed among the great teams. I was a huge fan of the 1983 Washington Redskins, and personally think it was one of the best teams of the 1980s. Their dominance that regular season was mind-blowing and record-setting. Yet, they lost to the Raiders in the Super Bowl following that season and therefore they are not remembered in a similar light to their three Super Bowl-winning teams of that era. The same is true of the 2005 Colts team I covered. That team won its first 13 games that season by at least a touchdown, the first team ever to do so. Many around that franchise believed it the best of the Tony Dungy-Peyton Manning era, yet it lost in the playoffs, so it's largely forgotten. That Jaguars' '99 team also lost to one team three times, and played a relatively soft schedule outside those three games against Tennessee. The team also fell off quickly after that, making it easy for that season to slip from the national football consciousness. It was almost certainly the best Jaguars team of all-time and was better than most people nationally remember. And absolutely it's probably deserving of more recognition, but those are some of the reasons that's not the case.
Keith from Summerville, SC:
Dear Judy, I'm in love with a Steelers fan. Can it work?
John: No, but not because she's a Steelers fan.
Robert from Orange Park, FL:
Brainstorm: If the Jags put Blackmon on the PUP list for his groin injury, could he serve his four-game suspension during that time? Or would it be accessed when he got back? Loophole?
John: My understanding of the rule is a player can serve a suspension while on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, but I don't expect the Jaguars to do that with Blackmon. Putting a player on PUP means he cannot practice during that time, and it also means the player being out longer than four games. The Jaguars expect Blackmon to be back after a four-game suspension, so putting him on PUP would extend that penalty more than necessary.
Sean from Jacksonville:
I guess Mr. Khan really likes football, huh?
John: About a billion dollars' worth, apparently.
Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I think Mark Lamping may be the best free agent the team has ever signed! Mighty good hire!
John: Good point. The franchise has made significant strides in many areas in the year and a half of Lamping's tenure as president. His reputation as one of the nation's leading sports executives preceded him, and I think it's safe to say he has shown why. Although I must admit: until today, I had no idea he had relatives in Ponte Vedra.
David from the Island:
Our friends in England supposedly like their beer warm. Some snobs over here think good IPAs should be about 48 degrees. Good grief, O-man, I think all beer should be cold, and even better in a frosty glass. What say you?
John: What say me? I say all beer should be consumed, the great majority of it by me. Beyond that, why sweat details?
Trent from Fernandina Beach, FL:
I haven't heard much about Mohamed Massaquoi this offseason despite his remarkable talent, especially which which he displayed at Cleveland. Wouldn't he be an ideal temporary replacement for Blackmon on the outside over Shorts, or even just a starter on the outside?
John: I assume you mean "opposite" Cecil Shorts III. If so, then yes, I think he will be an ideal temporary replacement for Blackmon. I don't see Massaquoi starting if Blackmon and Shorts are healthy, though it's possible you could see some packages with all three on the field at once.
Houston from Aiken, SC:
Ok, now I am confused. Was it MTM or Marlo Thomas who threw the hat up?
John: MTM. And I'm confused: is it Aiken from Houston or Houston from Aiken?
John from Section 105:
Has David Caldwell ever given examples of Jaguar players that Gene Smith drafted who turned out to be good players whom Caldwell would not have graded well when he was in Atlanta?
John: No, and I wouldn't expect him to do so – just as I wouldn't expect Caldwell to spend a lot of time bashing Smith's selections, either. General managers know full well that all personnel people have hits and all have misses and that many circumstances often lead to each occurrence. Caldwell is busy trying to improve and build the Jaguars' roster based on the reality of what is here, now. He really doesn't gain from trying to look back and give examples of what he might have done differently, good or bad.
Parks from Port Orange, FL and Section 412:
Russ is depressed because he feels he won't be able to attract girls after you made him wear a hat with "#Moodachay" written on it.
John: I had the same problem, though it was real, not a feeling. And it had nothing to do with my hat.
Roger from Valdosta, GA:
Hey John, most people have a take on things. I was just curious as to what your take is on things.
John: I dunno.
Micah from Jacksonville:
Mr. Oehser, I need your opinion: I have two personal plates in reserve right now. One being, "MODACHY," and the other is, "MODACHA." They are as close as the state of Virginia will let me get, so which one do you think is closer? #Moodachay
John: Go with "Modacha." It's not "Moodachay," but it sounds cool, and if anyone asks, you can tell them you're experimenting with variations of Spanish drinking songs. This is an explanation J.P. Shadrick gives in many situations, and thus far it has gotten him out of quite a few . . . well, let's just call them "pinches."
Ian from Boston and Section 410:
Look kids, Big Ben and Parlament!!
John: And look, Dad, over there! A homeless guy drinking cheap ale out of an old boot on the shore of the Thames! And that homeless guy!? He can spell "Parliament!!"
Etheric from Boise, Idaho:
John when I think of you I picture the closing scene of "Life Stinks": When Mel Brooks is chasing the hobo, who yells "THAT GUY'S CRAZY!"
John: When I think of me, I think of a muscular Norseman, downhill skiing shirtless after a fresh snow, golden locks flowing and sun glistening off the white powder, rippled pecs and biceps casting a warm, safe glow of confidence and hope to all those fortunate enough to see. Then I realize that's a Pro wrestler, and realize, too, that I'm just the guy off the side, stumbling along on the beginner slope, trying futility not to twist a knee.
Trey from Jacksonville:
Who's Russ? I'll tell you about Russ. #Moodachay. He was the most dedicated, loyal, and talkative tee retriever the league has ever known. Prior to the days when teams would have a cute little kid run out and retrieve the tee from the opening kickoff, Russ was there. A little known fact is that he was paid by the league by the tee retrieved. He would work for both teams during a game and the occasional referee prior to games when they would see whether the back judge could, in fact, outkick the side judge. Anyway, Russ had seen it all in his day. Immaculate Reception? Ice Bowl? Greatest Game Ever Played? He was THERE! And, wouldn't hesitate to tell you all about it, at length. He retired from tee retrieval and now records instructional DVDs on the proper use and retrieval of tees for youth football programs. THAT, Gary from DeBary, is who the heck Russ is.
John: Five days until training camp.

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