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O-Zone: Going live

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Rob from Gainesville, FL :
Even if the Browns just offer the 12th and 19th, would you take it? Some mocks have Kevin White slipping to 12 and the Jaguars could get Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley with the 19th. What are your thoughts?
John: I actually have a couple of thoughts. First, I probably would need a little more than that. If you go based off the standard NFL trade-value charts, the Browns would "win" your proposed trade by just a bit. That "bit" could be alleviated by a fourth- or fifth-round selection. In terms of how the Jaguars might be thinking in real life, there are also a few concerns with your scenario. One is while "a few mocks" may have White slipping to No. 12, that doesn't guarantee White or any other potential No. 1 receiver – Amari Cooper or, say, DeVante Parker – actually being there at that spot. Another is while they "could" get Gurley or Gordon at No. 19, that again is no guarantee. In fact, pretty much all of the concerns with the trade-back scenario center on that problem. There are no guarantees in the draft, particularly guarantees about what will happen in front of you. Because of that, you need to be absolutely sure there's going to be a player you want available when you trade back to a certain spot. From listening to Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell and Head Coach Gus Bradley on Friday at the pre-draft luncheon, it sounds as if they would be reluctant to trade out of No. 3 to go so far back. How much of what they said Friday was pre-draft posturing? We'll see in two days.
Terrence from Jacksonville:
What are the chances of Amari Cooper to the Jags if Leonard Williams is off the board at Pick No. 2?
John: Pretty good, and a whole lot better than I might have thought two or three months ago.
Andrew from Toledo, OH:
What bothers you more? When someone says surely? When someone uses exclamation points or capital letters? Or when someone says "what say you?" I vote for what say you. Can't stand it. I like Kevin White for the Jags pick by the way.
John: Those things are all irksome. What bothers me the most, though, is when writers use obvious, tired techniques and ploys to try to be clever, funny or cute when answering a question. I hate it. It's lazy, dull and just sort of SAD. But surely, you knew this already! If you didn't, you almost certainly wouldn't have asked the question. I like Amari Cooper or Leonard Williams. But that's just what me say.
Tom from Katy, TX:
Gus seemed like seven picks this year wasn't enough when he spoke at the luncheon. In the past two years, it was a certainty every draft pick would make the team. Do you think that's still the case this year or has our roster improved enough where you see it differently?
John: Every coach and general manager would love to have more than seven selections entering a draft. Does that mean the Jaguars will give up draft positioning early to get more selections? Time will tell, though a trade back in the first round could glean more selections. As far as draft selections making the team, most teams gear toward finding a way to keep seven, eight or nine draft selections/rookie undrafted free agents every year. It keeps the roster young and helps greatly in managing the salary cap. So, yeah: if the Jaguars draft seven or eight players, I'd say all make the team. That wouldn't be in any way unusual.
Michael from Jacksonville and the University of Florida:
Instead of Jags of the Round table, why Not Duval Discussion? Every Sunday from here until season starts: week in review and summarize all the things Jags. This will allow a show that becomes a little longer, because it's addicting!
John: Shadrick don't work no Sundays.
Ray from Jacksonville:
If a 100-percent accurate crystal ball (no, not you Pete Prisco) told you that Todd Gurley would have the same career as Frank Gore (actually had two knee injuries in college), is such a running back worth a Top Five pick in today's NFL?
John: Yes. That's the one-word response. Unfortunately, this is not a one-word answer. You have to take into account that a running back's productivity often depends on those around and in front of him. Is the Jaguars' offensive line as good as the 49ers'? Will it be as good over a 10-year period? Will Gurley stay healthy and durable? Those are unanswerable questions, particularly Health and Durability, which is the primary question around most elite running backs entering the draft. But if you knew Gurley was going to be as productive as Gore with the same impact on the offense and the organization … yes, he would very definitely be worth a Top 5 selection.
Paul from Lohrville, IA:
I had a thought, Ozone. Hypothetically, say the Chiefs were in love with a wide receiver or defensive lineman … Justin Houston is unhappy. Do you take Justin Houston and pick No. 8 for pick No. 3? Or do you pick the guy you think is the next great pass rusher and grow him in your system?
John: Hypothetically, I'd take that trade. Justin Houston is really good and really proven. Still, to get out of the hypothetical and into what's realistic: Houston can be as unhappy as he wants … if I'm the Chiefs, no way do I trade him.
Paul from St. Johns, FL:
My vote for best rock-'n-roll line is still "Barefoot girl, sittin' on the hood of a Dodge, drinkin' warm beer in the soft summer rain . . . "
John: Only if the midnight gang assembles and picks a rendezvous for the night.
Jim from the Villages:
You're on the clock. Leonard Williams is available at No. 3. Both the Jets and Redskins call and ask what you want for the third pick. And you say?
John: I say, 'Gimme your first-round selection next year and we got a deal.' I say, 'Gimme your second-, third- and fourth-round selections next year and we got a deal.' I think I might get hung up on, but whatever.
Boone from Tallahassee, FL:
With the third overall pick the Jaguars select ... Vic Beasley. He doesn't need to be good against the run to play LEO. He just needs to get after the quarterback, which he does better than Fowler/Gregory/Ray/whoever. The kid is the next Von Miller ... Cooper is good too, might be the next Antonio Brown, but I'd take Miller over Brown, especially since we have Julius and ARob and Hurns and Lee at WR and at edge rusher just a 100-year-old Clemons and no one else (love Ryan Davis but he plays inside more than outside I believe) ... TAKE BEASLEY.
John: Hey, one 'fer Beasley!
Eric from Jacksonville:
This year's draft isn't unlike last year's. Although there is plenty of talent, there are no stand outs. I keep reading about positions the Jags need to address except running back. I believe we need a "work horse" back to take pressure off Bortles. The pool has plenty of offensive linemen, defensive linemen, defensive backs … and we're not skinny on wide receivers as we have been in previous seasons. But there are only a couple of quality backs in this year's draft. My question is, do you think David Caldwell and Gus Bradley will address the position early?
John: As much as I like Todd Gurley, my gut tells me the Jaguars won't take a running back at No. 3 overall. Will Gurley or Melvin Gordon be available at No. 36? Likely not. One thing to remember: while you say there are only a couple of quality backs in this year's draft, that doesn't appear to be Caldwell's assessment. At the Jaguars' pre-draft luncheon on Friday, he said he believed you could find a good running back this year in the third or perhaps the fourth round. A running back sometime later in the draft is really possible. In the Top 5? I just don't know.
John from Jacksonville:
Any coincidence that the chatter about the Jags franchise moving out of Jacksonville has become a thing of the past after our owner planted a stake in London (for many benefits for the team and city)? For all of the fans complaining about London, sure - how about us non-billionaires lobby for our billionaire owner to pull out and stop the one home game a season in London so that we can become unstable again and be on the list of teams that might move elsewhere. Sound like a good idea? I'm thinking not. Yes, the short-term reward isn't evident but the long-term reward will be in front of us in 5-10 years. I would rather watch one home game each season in London than all 16 games each season as road games as the "fill-in-the-blank city" Jaguars.
John: #DTWD
Mike from Jagsonville:
O-Zone, what's your best guesstimate of the time that elapses between, "At No. 3 the Jacksonville Jaguars select..." and a talking head telling us what it means?
John: Well, we at are going live immediately after every selection, so here on the answer will be, "Hardly any time at all."

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