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O-Zone: Hanging on the telephone

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Marcus from Jacksonville:
I read a report basically saying the Jaguars are using gimmicks (Robinson and Sanders, to be specific) to cover the fact they don't have a strong quarterback. I'm sure the Jags will have to get creative on offense because they don't have an All-Pro quarterback, but I think it's a bit ridiculous to make those claims. That's basically saying that the Jags wasted two draft picks just to gimmick their way until they find a true franchise QB. What say you?
John: I didn't see the report because I don't see everything written about the Jaguars, but situations can be interpreted many different ways. Since the team drafted Robinson and Sanders, it has been made pretty clear that Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch is planning to use their quickness and playmaking ability in unique ways. There has been talk of getting Robinson double-digit touches a game. That's the Jaguars trying to add creativity to the offense. Everyone knows the Jaguars are trying to develop their quarterback play. Using Robinson and Sanders is more about using potential weapons than it is reaching for gimmicks.
Hunter from Orlando, FL:
My three-year-old son just saw your picture on the computer. He pointed and said, "Look at that guy." When I asked him what he meant, he was already on to the next thing.
John: You tell your three-year-old son he knows where to find me. I'm 11-0-1 versus toddlers. As far as the tie, I'd rather not talk about it.
Todd from Detroit, MI:
I apologize if you have answered this before; I'm not the Ozone reader I used to be. Does Henne have a chance to start on day one (without a Gabbert injury)? My feeling is that the back office is sold on another rebuilding season and figures to throw Gabbert out there no matter what.
John: No need to apologize; I don't want to read you every day, either. Yes, Henne has a chance to start if he wins the job. I believe Gabbert will start, but that's not saying Henne can't. A lot of that will be decided in training camp. As for your feeling that the Jaguars are sold on rebuilding and that that's the motivation for starting Gabbert "no matter what," no, that's not the mode of operation. The Jaguars do need to find out what they have in Gabbert, and if he wins the job, they'll get their chance. But they're not sitting around saying, "We want to lose, so let's keep rolling Gabbert out there."
Jeff from Wake Forest, NC:
Sure, Boselli and Jaxson and JP or PJ or whoever he is know where to find you, but does Mrs. O? THAT is the question.
John: Does she want to find me? That is the question.
Scott from Jacksonville:
Do you think with the new zone-blocking scheme acquiring a veteran running back is less of a need? When you see what Shanahan and Kubiak have done with undrafted free agents and late draft picks in the past, it would seem that finding a "one-cut" guy (which I am sure that's what they have on the roster now) is more important than a "name running back." See Albert Morris, Arian Foster, Mike Anderson, Terrell Davis, etc...
John: It absolutely could be less of a need, and not just because of the zone-blocking scheme. Running back historically is a position that can be found later in drafts and even in collegiate free agency. It happens a lot with zone-blocking teams, but it happens in other schemes, too.
Cody from Jacksonville:
Wait. There's treasure at the bottom of the St. Johns River?
John: There's treasure anywhere you look. Every day is a wonderful thing.
Keith from Palatka, FL:
I am old enough to have seen several NFL Hall of Fame quarterbacks struggle early in their careers. Terry Bradshaw and John Elway took years to develop. I'm not saying that Blaine Gabbert will be a Hall-of-Fame quarterback, but 1 ½ seasons (he missed half of last year on injured reserve) seems premature to write the kid off. The early success of recent NFL rookies is an anomaly. Gabbert has not had a stellar offensive line to play behind, which makes it hard to judge how good or bad he really is. He also has not had a lot of weapons to work with on offense. Do you think we have rushed to judgment too soon on Gabbert? How do you think he will do this year?
John: Indeed, that is the question. Honestly? I don't have a good feel for how Gabbert will do this season. There are times I watch him in practice and see the player coaches see – a player capable of making every throw and one deserving of another chance to earn the position. I also see the player detractors see – a player who has struggled and not given fans much reason to believe in him. I'd like to see Gabbert healthy an entire season in a functioning offense with a coaching staff fully behind him. I think if he gets that, I think he can throw significantly more touchdown passes than interceptions. That's a start.
Jordan from Jacksonville:
What are your thoughts on the new season of Arrested Development?
John: I haven't seen it. I will at some point, but I make senior writer money, and haven't had the chance to move funds around for Netflix yet.
Marc from Hudson, CO:
Off topic a bit, but do you think Los Angeles can come from behind in the Kings-Hawks series?
John: What I know about hockey you can fit into this Styrofoam Daily's Grind coffee cup on my desk, but I have been watching Kings-Blackhawks. Los Angeles has a lot of trouble scoring and getting good goal opportunities, so it looks like it will be tough. Whatever happened to the two-line pass, anyway?
Dwayne from Jacksonville:
So, what if Sling WASN'T real, but he was never consciously AWARE of it until you made him think on it? What then, huh?
John: There are a thousand stories in the naked city, and mine's one of them.
JB from Jacksonville:
Although I love the NFL, I am not a huge college football fan. I didn't know much about Denard Robinson before we drafted him. He seems to be getting a bit of national acclaim. How does his size and speed compare to that of someone like Chris Johnson? He looks slightly smaller.
John: There's not a significant difference in size. Robinson measured 5-feet-10, 199 pounds at the combine, and Johnson measured 5-11, 195. In terms of pure speed, Johnson may be a touch faster. He still holds the 40-yard dash record at the combine. Johnson also had a bit more experience as a running back coming out of college, and it's not realistic to think that Robinson can play a pure feature-back role immediately. The Jaguars didn't draft him with that in mind. They drafted him thinking he has a chance to provide a big-play element given a certain amount of touches. They're spending part of the offseason trying to figure how best to do that.
Bill from Jacksonville:
If Blaine doesn't make the strides this year most feel he needs to and MJD is not franchised or given a new contract at the end of the season, then the Jags could be looking for a new franchise quarterback as well as a new franchise running back. Also, Justin Blackmon is one more "mistake" away from being gone for a year. This rebuild is going to take a looonnnggg time.
John: Bill! Welcome back! Sure, it miiiiiiiiight. One thing to remember is teams don't need "franchise" running backs to compete for Super Bowls. Another thing to remember is Blackmon won't necessarily make that "one more" mistake. But do the Jaguars need another offseason or two to acquire the needed talent? Yes, David Caldwell has been pretty clear about that.
Charles from Midlothian, VA and Section 410:
Wouldn't that be Sigh (Sigh)... Just curious (curious).
John: Maybe (maybe).
Jamers from Lawai Beach, HI:
Three billion dollars got me thinking, "What is it like meeting a billionaire?" It must be pretty nerve-wracking. I was happy to find $20 in some shorts the other day; Shad Khan probably uses $100 bills as napkins.
John: Actually, Shad Khan isn't that way at all. He is humble and a notably good listener. In fact, meeting him is strikingly not nerve-wracking. Usually, when I meet new people my knees sweat, I yelp at regular intervals and I confess to crimes I didn't commit. When I met Shad, I just yelped.
Michael from Port Orange, FL:
If you review the tapes in the three games we lost close last year, my least favorite player, Eugene Monroe, had a drive-killing error or penalty in each. Since we seem to be completely getting rid of last year's team, why can't Gus Bradley trade Monroe for a right tackle and put Luke Joeckel at left tackle now and let him grow in the position as the team builds for the future?
John: First, David Caldwell would make such a decision more so than Bradley. Second, while you may not be a fan of Monroe – and while he may have committed a penalty in crucial situations at times – quality offensive tackles aren't easy to find. Third, if Monroe would happen to not be around in 2014, Joeckel likely will have little trouble playing left tackle. He's a natural at the position. He shouldn't need to grow back into it.
James from Phoenix, AZ:
John: I believe you're trying to reach J.P. Shadrick. Please hold.

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