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O-Zone: Here to stay

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Jerry from Orange Park, FL:
With OTAs starting next week, what surprises do you expect by the time minicamp wraps up next month? A.J. Cann beats out Beadles? Anything?
John: If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? On a serious note, the Jaguars hold organized team activities the next three weeks and a minicamp the week after that – and it would be a major surprise if any roster battles are decided during that span. I'll be watching quarterback Blake Bortles' fundamentals and how the wide receivers, tight ends and defensive backs are playing; you see more from skill players than linemen during OTAs and minicamp. You won't see a whole lot from the offensive or defensive lines – or a whole lot in terms of any position battles – until the pads go on in July.
Adrian from Inglewood, CA:
I love the Jags, but would not like them to win a Super Bowl with those helmets; that might encourage the front office to keep them.
John: OK.
Tyler from Jacksonville:
Over/under: two-point conversion attempt percentage (as opposed to 33-yard PAT) … 25 percent … I'm taking the over. Chip Kelly was close to making the switch to full-time conversion attempts with the PAT back at the 1. You could see the percentage skyrocket depending on game flow; it definitely will make this year interesting.
John: Maybe I'm not smart enough to understand your question (That's certainly possible). It appears you're saying that turning PAT kicks into what equates to a 33-yard field goal is going to encourage teams to go for two a lot more and make the game – and the season – significantly more interesting. The opinion here is most coaches aren't going to go for two significantly more with this change than they were before; I certainly don't anticipate any "skyrocketing." I know that the move makes it statistically more tempting to go for two as opposed to going for one, but the guess here is that most coaches will have a tough time implementing that statistic in a game situation. That answer would be different had they moved the two-point try to the one-yard line, but they didn't. Either way, I don't know that changing the point-after rule is going to make anything that much more interesting. Maybe I'm just dim that way (That's certainly possible, too).
Sam from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Whenever I see #DTWD I think Duval till we Drop. Could this be a new dance move performed at all Jaguars games?
John: Shadrick implemented a version of Duval 'Til We Drop at the last wedding he attended. It was late, after the photographer had left. It created quite a scene – and he hurt his hip.
John from Elizabeth City, NC:
Just a thought/question about the new spot of extra points. Was the goal to encourage more two-point-conversion attempts or to change extra points to make them more relevant? It seems like the former. If so, it's going to be really sad to see games won or lost for a playoff spot at the end of the year in terrible weather in New England or another north venue. Seems like it's a slow direction towards just making the extra point obsolete. The idea of wins and losses coming down to two-point conversions after every score seems to cheapen the game to me.
John: I'm on record saying I'm not a fan of the change, either. It felt like change for the sake of change, but while I don't know how much it will add to the game, I'll withhold final judgment until it plays out this season (I'm sure Roger Goodell can't WAIT to learn my final judgment). As for the goal of the rule change, if the idea was to encourage two-point conversion I'm skeptical about its impact. Coaches expect kickers to make 33-yard field goals. Kickers expect kickers to make 33-yard field goals. Heck, who doesn't expects kickers to make 33-yard field goals? Are coaches really going to stand on the sidelines and say, "Hey, the kicker can't put it through from 33; let's go for two!" We'll see, but I doubt it.
Sam from San Marco:
Is it December yet? Time to clinch a playoff berth in Louisiana against the Saints. What better holiday cheer than seeing drunk nuns with beards crying after Bortles lights up the Superdome?
John: No, it's not December.
David from Orlando, FL:
O-man, does Tom Coughlin deserve to be in the "Pride of the Jaguars/Ring of Honor" and/or the NFL Hall of Fame?
John: Yes and yes.
John from Orlando, FL:
Well, they officially said the Jacksonville Jaguars have the worst sports uniform of all time. No one has worse uniforms. All because of the terrible helmet and cartoon logo. This is an all-time low. Not only can we not win games ... we can't even win a beauty pageant.
John: First, this isn't an all-time low. Second, a story on a website isn't "official," John … and are we really this worked up about this? Can I get you an aspirin? Drink of water? Cold compress? Steak sandwich?
Bill from St. Petersburg, FL:
John, not a football question but a sports question: are you following the Stanley Cup playoffs? And who do you like if you're a hockey fan? Was at the Lightning game recently and ran into people from Duval. They noticed my Jags hat and had to ask if I lost a bet to wear the hat.
John: I am following the Stanley Cup playoffs. I'm on the verge of cutting the cord on cable, but I'm holding on for a few more weeks because I need it for the NHL. That's how good the Stanley Cup playoffs are. I don't pretend to know enough about the sport to speak intelligently about it, but that never stopped me from talking football. I pull for the Rangers in part because my mother is a Rangers fan and in part because I like the uniforms and in part because why not?
Cory from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:
AAAAL All the way from Edmonton, Alberta!!! #DTWD
John: I've read a couple of emails that indicate people are tired of me posting people saying, "Duuuvvalll!!!" I'm not tired of it.
Joseph from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia:
DUVAAAAAAAL from halfway around the world. You'll have to strain your ears a little to hear it. I might be the only person to wear a Jaguars jersey here (not many NFL jerseys here in general, actually).
John: What?
Chris from Mandarin:
I like this "Duuuuvaaaal" thing. Although, I'm not exactly sure how many "u"s and "a"s are necessary when making my sign. Any suggestions? I think the above looks pretty cool - a "u" and an "a" for each quarter of the game.
John: I prefer one "u" and one "a" with a whole bunch of "D"s and "v"s and "l"s, but then again, I spit when I talk. Ask Sexton.
MARI from Mingman, AZ:
Duval born, but AZ raised. Here is another one for the desert cheap seats! Duuuuvvvaall all the way! Go Jags.
John: #cheapseats
Daniel from Jersey City, NJ:
In Duvaaaaaal, the earth doesn't revolve around the sun, the sun revolves around Duvaaaaallll!
John: #Dddddddddduvvvvvvvvalllllll!
Joe from Port Charlotte, FL:
Is the two-point conversion getting easier than the PAT? How about do the PATs drop kicks?
John: I'm in favor of anything that brings back the drop kicks, but no – as of now, a two-yard play from scrimmage is not easier than a 33-yard field goal.
Bo from Dresden, NC:
Let's say Cann pushes Beadles out … What is the financial loss in the signing and do you think there is trade value there?
John: The trade value for Zane Beadles would be very low; if any. That's not as much a knock on Beadles as the reality of trying to trade a veteran player who's not an All-Pro guy or a quarterback. It's difficult to quantify financial loss, but he would be a $2 million cap hit if released before this season and none after that. We're way ahead of ourselves here, though. Beadles is the starter entering OTAs and I imagine he'll be the starter entering training camp. If that changes, there's no reason to release him. There's no rule against having former starters as backups.
Aaron from Fairfax, VA:
I don't see why we keep changing the rules … really. It's really out of control. I think they should make a rule not to change anything for at least five years. I know that's a rule … but yeah, that's where I stand … you in?
John: The NFL obviously wouldn't make such a rule, nor should it. You have to be able to tweak and modify rules – for player safety if nothing else. But in the grand scheme there's part of me that sides with you on this. This is a pretty good game. If it doesn't make the game markedly better or keep players safe why change?
Camron from Orlando, FL:
Unis are Top 10. The helmets are … they're here to stay. #DuvalTilWeDie #Moodachay
John: #Moodachay

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