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O-Zone: #hottakes

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Dave from Duval:
You try to belittle anyone who criticizes the handling of quarterbacks by this organization, but four years ago when the brass drafted BB5 we were told Chad Henne was going to start and play that season. Henne played so poorly that plan was scrapped after six quarters. Then, it was sold to us that "Well, Henne's not a very good starter, but he's a great mentor for Blake." Now, we see that had no effect on BB5 – or not enough to matter. BB5 plays so poorly that Henne gets another shot to show us he's not an effective NFL quarterback. No, you can't draft quarterbacks every year, but you can draft one-to-two (not counting your starter) who have upside and are hungry to keep around developing and competing for the backup and starter's job until you have "the man." And taking a seventh-round stab on Brandon Allen is a very feeble attempt.
John: I actually rarely "try" to belittle anyone, Dave; belittling in this forum usually happens when I set about answering a question and somewhere along the line … Voila! As if by magic … and with scant effort … belittlement!! As far as the Jaguars' approach at quarterback, it hasn't been perfect. If their approach had been perfect, they would have a quarterback situation with a front-line starter. My approach when people criticize the organization's handling of quarterbacks has been to try to answer questions when asked. I have answered honestly about Bortles over the years, and have said since his 2015 season he had significant areas he needed to improve to reach the status many less belittlement-prone observers once believed he already had attained. The organization absolutely could have drafted more quarterbacks; at the same time, there have been reasons along the way for how they have approached things – and it's my job to explain their decision-making as clearly as possible. If the tone of the answers is not always to your liking, and if sometimes it hurts a feeling or two, for that I apologize. Also, Brandon Allen was a sixth-round selection. Wait … making that about Allen was a bit belittling. See? Voila!
Gary from Centerville, OH:
So, fans are upset that the front office didn't make enough moves to improve the offensive line. Then a player, who isn't good enough to be a starter (on that so-called horrible offensive line), gets traded and they get upset. Hmmm.
John: Yeah, it's quite a scene here.
Tom from Charleston, SC:
I read a "comment" a few days ago that seemed to hit the nail on the head. It said something like, "With all of the attention and changes that have been directed to the defense and the relative ignoring of the offense one point has shown: The best hope for the season is for the defense to hold the opponent scoreless for five quarters and play for 16 ties." Looking at the reality of the situation, that comment seems pretty accurate. John, other than the stock answer about waiting until the season plays out before making judgement; what can you tell us that would disprove this theory?
John: I don't know about proving or disproving theories, but it never has been a secret the Jaguars' approach this season will be to run, play defense and win low-scoring games. Not to belittle the comments' section, but that has been obvious for months.
Carlos from Mexico City, Mexico:
I thought I'd chime in with some unbridled enthusiasm to change the tune a bit. I for one am feeling very excited for the season. We have an ascending team with potential stars at wide receiver, running back and frankly all over the defense. We have a tough, young quarterback with his career on the line, a proven winner running the show from the press box, an awesome owner and an equally awesome fan base. Nobody knows anything about how an NFL season might play out – not the analysts, pundits, players and certainly not us fans. This is the sole reason why we watch this game. The beauty of it is everybody is doing their very best to rise above everyone else and win – every team, every coach, every executive and every player, to a man. Even you, O-Man. We'll keep reading, and watching, and hoping, because, you know what? The baloney stops now, except I won't be saying baloney. #DTWD from way south of the border!!
John: #DTWD
Doug from Section 104 and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Logan from Wichita might be a lineman expert, but trading Luke Bowanko to a team where he might be a better fix is not waving a white flag. He just claimed two more offensive line guys off the waiver wire. Which of the five new guys intrigues you most, O-dude?
John: Early-September waiver-wire claims don't actually intrigue me all that much. You're realistically talking about releasing players who were going to play sparingly or in emergencies and signing players to replace them who are going to play sparingly or in emergencies. This is not to disparage the player involved, or to diminish the time and energy spent acquiring them, but the odds of the players acquired Sunday making immediate, franchise-altering impact are pretty long. Oh, and the Wichita lineman thing? Well done. Obviously.
Stephen from Glorieta:
To heck with watching the games with Dave or Daniel. I want to watch the games with Jerell! Can you please give him my email and ... on second thought, never mind.
John: Yeah, you're not ready for that.
Charles from Midlothian, VA:
Remind me again what is the most important position on a NFL team? Quarterback, isn't it? My condemnation of cutting Brandon Allen isn't about preseason; it's about the future. So, are we to assume that they felt Brandon Allen is no longer worth developing? Also, Dave has effectively doubled down on Bortles for 2018 since now we have no developmental quarterback. If it was about not keeping a third quarterback, why not cut Henne? He has no future as a starter; Bortles shouldn't need any mentoring and Allen possibly could be a starter. That's why I question the front office more now than ever. Not due to the preseason.
John: I Googled it, and quarterback indeed is the most important position on an NFL team. And yes: if the Jaguars or any other team release a quarterback or any other position and do not reacquire that player, it means they do not plan to develop that player any further. As for "doubling down" on Bortles for 2018, Allen's release has so little to do with the Jaguars' 2018 quarterback situation as to not belong in the same conversation. If Bortles doesn't develop this season into a quarterback the team believes can lead the franchise, they will almost certainly be pursuing quarterback – or quarterbacks – from outside the organization next offseason. There's little in life that's set in stone, but that's as close as I can imagine.
Jesse from Layton:
Most of the time the fans are right and the Jaguars' organization are the ones looking like fools." Just wow. Selective memory much? The Jags have not done very well building talent compared to the rest of the league, sure... But this just seems like a complete denial of reality. The thing about fanning is you can criticize every move and say they should have done this or that, and you won't get a couple thousand people pointing out when you are incorrect. When you are a professional at it, you don't have that luxury.
John: Well, of course no one's going to point out when fans make mistakes. Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Being wrong is not cool. People don't like it. Heck, I don't like it. I'm used to it. But I certainly don't like it.
Jimmy Greek from Greece:
Zonio, here is how I see it against Houston. We give up one touchdown and one field goal defensively. Probably another touchdown opportunity on a turnover or sudden-change short field. That's 17 points. We just need 18 points to win and I bet our defense gets us seven or sets the Jags up for an inside-the-10 possession. So, we just need to score more than 18. Let's go out and score 21 and it's all good. Shirley, we can do that. #1-0 #Letskickthispig
John: #DTWD #kickthispig
Steve from Upper Tract, WV:
Here we go again with a quarterback that admitted to Rich Gannon last season that he is not a "natural passer." With this offensive line, he will be running for his life. So will Brandon Allen be good enough to be the backup when the train wreck finally wrecks? By the way does all of the Jacksonville media work for the Jaguars? They sure are afraid to call the front office out when they do stupid stuff seemingly all the time!!!
John: Not to be belittling, but "hot takes" are hotter when you know who's on the roster.

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