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O-Zone: Keep it coming

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Brian from Dunwoody, GA:
Two days in a row with Dante not getting pressure against the Bucs' offensive line in one-on-ones. Makes me worried about how he was dominating ours.
John: This has become a common inbox concern in recent days, with angst over Dante Fowler Jr. beginning after the preseason opener against the Jets last Thursday and continuing after the two practices against Tampa Bay this week. Fowler started strong in training camp and he hasn't been as strong in recent days. Does some of that have to do with the competition? Perhaps, but it more likely has to do with Fowler hitting a point where he looks a bit more like your normal, very-talented NFL rookie than a player destined for Hall-of-Fame induction following his first season. It wasn't realistic to think he was going to have a Vine-worthy play in every practice. Fowler is going to have to improve his pass-rushing technique and he's going to have to continue learning about the NFL game before he becomes a dominant, franchise-changing force. That's not unusual and it doesn't mean he won't be effective this season. It just might mean he goes through a learning curve that isn't at all uncommon for really good young NFL players. As far as the Jaguars' offensive line, the group looked OK against the Jets. It should look better with Brandon Linder and Kelvin Beachum in the lineup. Stay tuned.
Adam from St. Johns, FL:
Waaaah! WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Poor wittle babies get deir feewings hurt because Papa O won't answer deir questions. Do they need deir bottle warmed up? Man, you'd think these children would grow up and realize that that receives millions upon millions of emails daily. Amiright? Seriously, how many daily questions does average?
John: Four hundred thousand, seven hundred thirty seven … no, wait. That's wrong.
Marc from US Assure Club:
First, we have too many defensive tackles and someone will have to go, then we sign another defensive tackle. Does this have anything to do with Sheldon Day and Michael Bennett being hurt? Are their injuries that serious?
John: I don't know that the Jaguars or any NFL team truly has too many of anything, particularly considering the nature of injuries in the NFL. As far as the signing of T.J. Barnes this week, I would read it as the Jaguars needing defensive tackles in the short term rather than the long term.
Anthony from Madison, WI:
Which Jags players do you believe have a legitimate shot at a Pro Bowl bid this season – as in, good enough to potentially be Top 10 at their position (if you consider the possibility of alternates going)?
John: Under your criterion: Quarterback Blake Bortles, running backs Chris Ivory/T.J. Yeldon, wide receivers Allen Hurns/Allen Robinson, center Brandon Linder, tight end Julius Thomas, linebacker Telvin Smith, defensive tackle Malik Jackson and safety Tashaun Gipson. Others could make it and the list doesn't include rookies because it's difficult for rookies to make the Pro Bowl. I also don't think all of the above-mentioned players will make the Pro Bowl, but if you're asking for Jaguars players with a legitimate Pro Bowl chance … hey, that's my list. It's probably as good as any.
Rob from Pittsburgh, PA:
John, you are beyond the pale. I can't believe you have the nerve to "OK" people with such wonton disregard for the fragility of people's egos. That's what hurts the most. Well, that and not posting every question we send you. Well, the wonton disregard, the not posting, and not accurately predicting everything that happens with the team each season … THAT is what hurts the most. And oh yeah, YOU STINK!
John: If you think I stink this morning, you should have been around me after Thursday's practice in 92-degree temperatures that felt like 101.
Zach from Baltimore, MD:
If it had to come down between Grant or Denard making the roster, who are you inclined to keep?
John: I don't think it will come down to Corey Grant or Denard Robinson making the roster because I think both players will make the roster. If I had to choose one, I suppose I would say Grant because of kickoff returns, but I'm less convinced Grant is ahead of Robinson than I was in the offseason.
Rob from the Duuu:
Zone, could Poz possibly play the Otto? That's one way to get Paul Posluszny, Myles Jack and Telvin Smith in a package. Any chance of us seeing that?
John: The chances are slim to none – with heavy emphasis on none. The Otto needs to have edge-rushing ability. Posluszny has been effective as a blitzer from the middle, but he's not an edge rusher.
Stephen from Jacksonville:
Who will benefit more this season from the other's presence on the defensive line: Malik Jackson on the inside or Dante Fowler Jr. on the outside? In your training camp observations, have you noticed any Jaguars defensive lineman who will likely command frequent double teams this season and free up the other pass rushers for one-on-one matchups? If so, who is that lineman?
John: I think Fowler will benefit more from Jackson early because I think Jackson will command double teams and dictate matchups in the middle of the line. He's the one Jaguars defensive lineman with the experience, reputation and ability to do so immediately.
Jon from Duval:
John, so much has been made recently about Jalen Ramsey's "standoffish" tone with the media. However, if I recall correctly, Fred Taylor wasn't exactly a media darling in his first few seasons here. Nor was Tony Brackens. I'm sure quite a few players who have been through the locker room at the 'Bank over 22 seasons turned out to be pretty good players despite their media savvy or lack thereof. Is this really such a big deal?
John: It's so not a big deal that I actually hesitate to keep discussing this. Just to clarify: Taylor wasn't standoffish; his initial media reticence was more shyness than anything else. I suppose I would compare Ramsey's reticence more to Brackens, the latter of whom didn't like dealing with the media. But honestly, this whole discussion isn't really fair and it's way premature. Ramsey has been here less than three months. He apparently doesn't like discussing his knee injury. Maybe he enjoys speaking to the media and maybe he doesn't. Maybe he'll get more comfortable with it. Maybe he won't. Whatever.
Andrew from Sampson, FL:
Now that Jaguars' roster has improved, how many of the current 90 players do you think will be on another team after the Jaguars get down to final 53 plus 10 practice-squad players?
John: A few. More than two. Less than six or seven.
Logan from Wichita, KS:
Well, I think it is time to stop being so hyped that Fowler is back. He looks like a rookie. Go figure. I don't see him making any impact this year at all. He missed a full season and he just looks lost. Against the Jets Thursday, he got zero pressure because he just takes five steps, get blocked and just turns and run the other way. Where is this "extra gear of effort" everyone keeps talking about? I just see him speed rushing off the edge and when he gets touched he surrenders. That will not lead to pressure or sacks. I like his intensity, but that means nothing if he can't be effective.
John: I don't know that Fowler will be an All-Pro player this season. I do know he – like many pass rushers – will need to learn a little about the professional game to be effective at this level. I also know that there's a huge difference between not being an All-Pro player and not making any impact at all. We're a game into the preseason. Slow down.
Silly from Baltimore, MD:
What would your thoughts be if we traded Luke Joeckel for Joe Thomas or we gave a second-rounder for Joe Thomas?
John: My reaction would be surprise, because I don't believe the Browns want to trade Thomas. I also would be surprised because the Jaguars believe whoever starts at left tackle and left guard – the combination of n Beachum and Luke Joeckel – can man that side of the line fine. I don't get the sense that the team is nearly as anxious about that side of the line as some fans and observers. That's because there was an awareness that Beachum might not be full strength at the start of training camp. There seems every chance he will be ready for the regular-season opener. As long as that's the case, there seems little reason to panic over the left side of the line.
Mason from Palm Bay, FL:
Sir O-Zone: I feel the pain of the readers that wrote in about you never answering their questions. Every morning when I open the O-Zone, I CTRL F and type my name in, hoping that my brilliant question/comment was responded to. However, it never is. Add me to the list of people you've disappointed in your life.
John: This guy's going to be so angry that I changed his name and address before posting the question and answer. #keepthedisappointmentcoming

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