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O-Zone Late Night: A big bowl of wrong

JACKSONVILLE – O-Zone Late Night, three-victories-in-four-games edition. Whaddaya know?

Let's get to it …

William from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I'll admit: I wasn't fired up before, and I didn't believe in this team. Not much. Now, I believe – at least a little. Does that make sense?
John: You know what? It does make sense. Thursday's 19-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans wasn't pretty and it probably won't go down as one of the most memorable games in Jaguars history except for one pretty important fact: they WON what could end up being a really important game. So, does it make some sense for you to be excited? Sure … why not?
Nick from Fort Polk, LA:
John: Good point.
Andrew from Tehachapi, CA:
How you heard this new nickname going around? They're calling us the Cardiac Cats.
John: For a while on Thursday my Twitter timeline was calling them a lot of other things, but after the finish on Thursday … yeah, Cardiac Cats fits. I've said over and over again in recent weeks that we know what this team is going to be. It's going to play close games. It probably doesn't have the experience, pass rush or elite-level mature talent to make enough plays to be well ahead very often. The team is probably going to frustrate fans and thrill them from drive to drive – maybe even on the same drive. That's the mark of a young, improving team and that certainly is the mark of this team. So far, being that team has gotten the Jaguars to 4-6 and a half game out of first place in the AFC South. That's not a terrible pace to be 10 games in, is it?
Toad from Orlando, FL:
Bold Rush: hideous, very ugly or disgusting. Why do we continue to give ourselves up for national funmakers? Oh yeah, $$$$$$$$.
John: My 19-year old son loved the uniforms from the time he saw it. My (deleted)-year-old wife disliked them. They grew on me after a while, and I actually thought they were cool. I liked them.
David from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Hey John, I get tired of others questioning our abilities to make the playoffs. If you can't see the golden ring, you can't reach for it! Any motivator will tell you to take a picture of your goals and tape them on your bathroom mirror. The only limitations our team has are the ones they place upon themselves! Our team is very talented and when it all clicks, LOOK OUT!
John: I wouldn't say it clicked a whole lot Thursday and I won't say there weren't moments when that game looked like … well, like a 2-7 team playing a 3-6 team. And it's fair after seeing the Jaguars to openly wonder if this team can win enough games to get to the playoffs. There's also an argument to be made that this team does have certain limitations, albeit ones that are understandable at this point in the building process. But you know what? Those are points for another day. In the NFL, you get points for winning. The Jaguars won Thursday and now they have to figure out how to win the next one. Take it, enjoy it, chalk it up in the 'W' column and move on.
Andrew from Samson, FL:
Is help coming for the defensive line? Signing from someone else's practice squad? I know that wouldn't help right away but...
John: It not only wouldn't help right away, it probably wouldn't help too much in the long term. It's really difficult to adequately replace injured front-line players midseason. In fact, it's impossible unless you get phenomenally lucky with an unknown, under-scouted player developing to the surprise of everyone involved. The Jaguars' defensive line actually surprised me with how well they played the run on Thursday without defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks and the effort rushing the passer in the fourth quarter wasn't bad at all at first glance.
Kyle from Noblesville, IN:
Great, great, win !!! But I still can't get over the play calling in the red zone. The Jags have so many weapons spread them out. Three plays up the gut is not this team. We saw it in the Thomas touchdown. When are they going to learn?
John: I didn't have a problem with the first couple of runs by Denard Robinson when the Jaguars drove to the six-yard line in t third quarter. Now, three runs? That may have been a bit much. The Jaguars are struggling to find an identity in the red zone. That's not shocking because the red zone is almost always the last thing that comes together for a young offense/quarterback. It it was a tough night for about 55 minutes, but hey … credit to Bortles/Julius Thomas for making that last play when it mattered.
Mark from Middleton, NJ:
I'm sending you this question now John, before the game, before the inevitable loss. I want to show you what I'm thinking about this game beforehand so you see the prior let down. Why the Jaguars will lose this game? Because they …
John: You went on for a while. You were wrong.

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