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O-Zone Late Night: Colts 30, Jaguars 10

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it . . . Austin from Atlanta, GA:
Yowww. Finished the season like we started. Progress.#standunited
John: I must admit I was a little amazed at the reaction to Sunday's loss. The vehemence from some in the inbox matched many had during October. Let's have some perspective, please. Sunday's loss was ugly, but it shouldn't be viewed in any way as a microcosm of the season or anything of the sort. The Jaguars by any measure were a better team through the second half of the season than the first. They played with intensity and did a significantly better job playing through adverse situations. There was talk among fans of playoffs – albeit unrealistic talk – and there was a definite atmosphere of improvement. That was all real, and that atmosphere within the locker room didn't change in the last few weeks. The same positives going on in November and early December were going on in late December. One huge difference was injuries. You can't discount what losing Roy Miller, Russell Allen and Geno Hayes meant, and without Cecil Shorts III the offense was limited. But mostly there was reality: the Jaguars aren't an elite team yet in terms of talent. They will be better in that area next season and they will be better than that the year after that. The direction and foundation have been set. Now, it's time to keep building.
San Jags Fan:
Our fans don't deserve this. My season tickets will not be renewed.
John: Really? Because of that game? Not to discount what you're feeling, but … I don't know … Wow?
Caroline from Orlando, FL:
Pathetic game and the Texans will get Teddy Bridgewater. Andrew Luck and Teddy Bridgewater in the same division? No hope :(
John: Sunday's loss wasn't pretty, but don't let that result – or the hype over Bridgewater – discourage you. The Jaguars are on the right course. There is hope. There was plenty of hope over the last half of the regular season, and an injury-plagued finish doesn't change that.
AP from Section 410:
All season long, the Jaguars offense seemed to perform better when they were "up tempo." Is there any particular reason for this?
John: Some of this may have been a chicken-egg scenario. It's difficult to go up-tempo as an offense when you're not getting first downs. In that scenario, you run a couple of plays and you're off the field. When the team is getting first downs, you're on the field and it appears that you're better up-tempo. Now, that being said, offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch would like to be more up-tempo and as the offense improves, you'll see more of that going forward.
Cory from Philadelphia, PA:
I'm not sure what I expected to see from this, the final game of the season. But I was very disappointed. A win might have been too much to ask, but perhaps for the first time in the last eight games it seems like we reverted back to the Jaguars of old – the 0-8 Jaguars that started the season. That troubled me. Not a good way to end the season after so many positive signs the last several weeks.
John: Am I the only one who sees the irony here. Many, many fans wanted the Jaguars to lose to secure a better draft position. They lost, and many, many fans are upset that they lost. Look, the Jaguars weren't thrilled with Sunday, either. But this was one game, and the Jaguars were waylaid by injuries. Maintain perspective.
Scott from Gilbert, AZ:
If the plan was to suffer through the year with undrafted rookie free agents and castoffs nobody else wanted to better identify a core group to move forward with, I'm wondering who those guys are? I guess they found an above average defensive tackle for what they want to do, and drafted a couple guys that will be able to contribute if they can stay on the field, but was that really worth being completely embarrassed the first half of the season, only beating three teams with a total of 12-wins between them for the entire year, and looking like we had no business even being on the same field with Indy on Sunday?
John: Welcome back, Scott. You don't build the foundation with free agents, but you're not in the mood to hear that today. We'll talk soon.
Daniel from Jacksonville:
Yes John, you should get a contract extension ASAP, if just for tolerating me. But would you quit being so snide when you print my questions asking why anyone (YOU) thinks Caldwell shouldn't be fired?
John: I probably won't stop, partly because I think being snide is funny and partly because I can't imagine why anyone would think Caldwell shouldn't be the Jaguars' general manager.

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