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📧 O-Zone Late Night: Colts 34, Jaguars 27


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – This is what the Jaguars are right now.

They lost to the Indianapolis Colts, 34-27, Sunday. It was a game the Jaguars could have won. It was a game they maybe should have won – and for much of three quarters at Lucas Oil Stadium, it indeed appeared the Jaguars would win.

Instead, they lost a one-score game for the fourth time this season.

They're 2-4 with a three-game losing streak and the good feeling of a two-game September winning streak seems long ago. The reality is right now the Jaguars are a team that loses close, winnable games. It's what they did a week ago against the Houston Texans and it's what they did in a very different – though equally frustrating – loss Sunday.

The good news for the Jaguars: Quarterback Trevor Lawrence played well for the most part and played damned well on a late drive to take the lead. The bad news: The defense allowed a struggling Colts offense to score four touchdowns and a field goal on their final five possessions. Ugh.

Let's get to it …

Mark from Crescent Beach

I thought TL was going to learn from last week? I guess not!

This was the much-ballyhooed, sometimes-pertinent, oft-ill-advised First Email of the Game. The specifics of Mark's unhappiness were unclear. But it appeared through much of the game that Lawrence did learn from last week's loss to Houston. He was more patient, took underneath throws and didn't make costly mistakes. He finished 20 of 22 passing for 163 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions and two touchdowns rushing. It was fine. The Jaguars lost because the defense couldn't stop what had been a subpar Colts offense, not because of Lawrence.

Nate from Southside

On a scale 1-10, with 10 being Generational and 1 being Tim Couch. Where would you rate TL at this point in his career? I have him at a 3.

Incomplete. He's much better this season than he was as a rookie. If you look at this season – just this season – there's a lot about his development to like. If you look at the complete body of work – all 23 NFL games – it's easy to criticize.

Mitch from Jacksonville

After six games, my assessment is the Jags are better but remain a substandard team.


Matt from Lafayette, IN

We should have known better than to think this team was good. They aren't.

They were very good for a couple of games. They have not been very good the last two weeks. I thought this was a six-to-seven victory team. I thought maybe it was a bit better than that for a while. I still see six or seven as possible. Their losses are all within a score. They're young. They feel like their close. Sometimes, a lot of times, it feels like they're right. It's just as true that it's a league of close games and if you can't win them, you're not very good. Stay tuned.

Kang from Duval

True or false. Josh Allen is on the Jaguars.


Glenn from Tampa

John, for twenty-seven years I've been faithful to this team. Twenty-seven years, but far too few of those have been mediocre, much less good. Far too many have been outright terrible. I wanted to give Urban a chance. I wanted old Doug to be good. I really thought things might finally be turning around.

I understand your frustration and I empathize. But remember: Head Coach Doug Pederson took over a team that won four games in two seasons. Ten losses last season were by double digits. The Jaguars are 2-4 and have been in every loss in the fourth quarter. Losing sucks, but there's far more reason for hope now than a season ago.

Don from Norfolk, VA

J. Hasty touchdown! I've never seen such imaginative play calling by a Jacksonville Jaguars coach, have you?

It's always coaching in the NFL.

Pdub from Miami

Big O, We have a better coach and supposedly a generational quarterback. Being patient, but it looks like the two wins for the season came early this year. Do you think there may be another? It does not look promising.

I expect there to be four or five more victories. All four losses have been by a score or less. A play or two on way or the other and they easily would have won at least two more. I don't expect this team to quit. I have no reason to think it won't improve. And I expect some situations that have gone against the Jaguars a couple of times to go their way. They're a team right now that loses close games. I think the late drive Sunday may be a step toward them becoming a team that wins them.

Michael from Jacksonville

Does Doug hate to run the ball or is he just a moron?

The Jaguars had 377 yards offense Sunday and 422 a week ago. They have had at least 330 yards in all but one game this season.

James from Titusville, NJ

Please don't say, "This one hurt." They all hurt.


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